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Unit 6 Sports and Health


Unit 6 Sports and Health What we have talked about The significance of health The benefits of doing sports Sports and health All you need in life is good health, a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Unit 6 Sports and Health

Unit 6 Sports and Health
Unit Tasks
  • first listen, and then talk about sports and
  • read about a famous athlete and the way of
    keeping fit
  • learn new words and expressions
  • practice the use of participles

What we have talked about
  • The significance of health
  • The benefits of doing sports
  • Sports and health

  • All you need in life is good health, a bit of
    luck and a sense of humor. The rest is easy.
  • ---
    Clark Gable

Unit 6 Sports and Health
Directions Listen to the following passage and
try to fill the missing words. Click here to
Physical activity improves our bodies
health. A recent study 1. ______ in The New
England Journal of Medicine, suggests that
maintaining a healthy level of physical 2. ______
through exercise can help people live longer and
the findings provide updated 3. ______ to Charles
Darwin's survival of the fittest theory. But
repetitive exercise can become boring, 4. _______
discouragement, frustration, even quitting.
Selecting an activity that provides 5. _______ as
well as physical exercise, however, can be the
answer. Many people have turned to sports. Sports
can provide a 6. _______ physically as well as
mentally and increase ones physical activity
while providing social interaction, a sense of
accomplishment and enjoyment.
  • First held as part of the 1896 Olympics in
    Athens, Greece, and then brought to Boston,
    Massachusetts in 1897, the Marathon is now an
    important part of 7. ______ in many cities across
    America. Marathon running, usually a 40k (26.2
    miles) race, is becoming increasingly popular
    with both men and women for its challenge of
    perseverance, requiring both 8. ______ and mental
    endurance, and its feat of accomplishment. For
    first-time runners it is the culmination of a
    dream a personal 9. _______ obtained after
    months of physical and psychological 10. _______
    and training. For veteran marathoners its an
    opportunity to improve their Personal Best
    competing their own fastest time

Reference Keys
  • 1. published
  • 2. fitness
  • 3. support
  • 4. leading to
  • 5. enjoyment
  • 6. challenge
  • 7. culture
  • 8. physical
  • 9. goal
  • 10. preparation

  • Read and Explore
  • Passage A
  • Never Give Up

  • Think about It
  • Text awareness
  • What to focus on
  • Language focus
  • (Exercises from the textbook)

Think about it
  • The right attitude toward difficulty

Text Awareness
Paul Wylie (a figure skater)
previous performance
In 1992
Never give up
What to Focus On
Words and Expressions
  • 1. quit stop (doing something)

quit ones job quit smoking I quit.
Washington, D.C.
1. Jefferson Memorial 2. Washington
Monument 3. Statue of Lincoln 4. Marine Corps
War Memorial 5. White House
  • Washington, D.C., a city as well as a
    district, is the capital of the United States of
    America. The city of Washington is coextensive
    with the District of Columbia (D.C.), the federal
    district of the United States. Washington is
    today the core of one of the largest metropolitan
    areas in the country and serves as a center of
    both national and international politics and

1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville
  • The 1992 Albertville Olympic Games were the
    last Winter Games to be staged in the same year
    as the Summer Games. Only 18 of the 57 events
    were held in Albertville itself, while nearby
    resorts hosted the rest.

  • terminal
  • computer terminal
  • air terminal
  • terminal stage of a disease

Important Sentences
  • 1. The silver medal he earned in Albertville,
    France, ushered the 27-year-old figure skater
    into a new existence. (para. 2)

The second-place he earned in Albertville,
France, gave the 27-year-old figure skater a new
status and reputation.
an usher usher(into)
Important Sentences
  • 2. He was no longer a nobody who choked at big
    events, like the 1988 Calgary Olympics, where he
    finished an unimpressive 10th. No longer the
    recipient of advice from judges who, after Pauls
    performance in the 91 World Championships,
    suggested that he quit Make room for the
    younger skaters. (Para. 2)

?? .
1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary
Short Track Speed Skating
Female Hockey
Long Track Speed Skating
Calgary's dream to host the Olympics finally came
true on its fourth candidacy. The term of the
winter games was extended from 12 days to 16
days, the same as the summer games, as from the
Calgary Olympics.
Important Sentences
  • 3. No longer the target of loaded questions from
    reporters covering the '91 Olympic Trials ("What
    are you doing here?"). (Para. 3)

(He was) no longer asked embarrassing and
irritating questions (such as "Why are you
here?") by the reporters reporting on the 1991
Olympic Trials.
a loaded question
loaded adj.
Heavy with meaning
Harvard University
Ivy League
Ivy League, eight long-established colleges and
universities in the United States with
prestigious academic and social reputations.
Members of the Ivy League are Brown University in
Providence, Rhode Island Columbia University in
New York City Cornell University in Ithaca, New
York Dartmouth College in Hanover, New
Hampshire Harvard University in Cambridge,
Massachusetts University of Pennsylvania in
Philadelphia Princeton University in Princeton,
New Jersey and Yale University in New Haven,
Connecticut. The members of the Ivy League
compete in intercollegiate athletics.
  • fantasize
  • fantasy
  • fantastic

  • gruel (v.)
  • grueling hours (of training)

  • persevere continue firmly in spite of

  • Despite the failure of his early experiments,
  • the scientist persevered in his research.

Words and Expressions
  • 3. in the way
  • on the way
  • on the way out
  • The chair is in the way. Youd better move it
  • On the/ones way to Xian
  • Roman Empire was on the way out then.
  • (declining)

  • unfold
  • to fold one's arms
  • fold it in half
  • fold it in a piece of paper

  • 4. count out
  • count in
  • count on

  • If you want to play football now, you can count
    me out/in.
  • count on his father for help

Words and Expressions
  • 5. at times sometimes

  • I do feel a little nervous at times.

occasionally now and then sometimes at times
from tome to time
Important Sentences
  • 4. But I just decided, I'm going to persevere and
    hang in there, because I have a shot. (Para. 7)

But I just decided I'd keep practicing and
competing, because I really had a chance to win.

  • 7. have a shot (at) try

  • I don't know if I can do that, but I'll have a
  • shot (at it).
  • Have a shot at solving the problem.

Important Sentences
  • 5. Things definitely changed in 1992 in
    Albertville. To have my story be one that
    brought tears to peoples eyes, because of the
    way it turned around---that changed my life as
    well,Paul says. I looked at my skating career
    and saw it rewritten and beautiful, as opposed to
    a big disappointment and many years struggling
    toward some goal but not reaching it. (Para 8)

Words and Expressions
  • 8. as opposed to in contrast to

  • It happened in the day as opposed to the
  • evening.
  • This is a book about business as opposed
  • to theory.

Important Sentences
  • 6. With medal in hand, Paul was suddenly ushered
    into a world of lucrative endorsements and
    figure-skating world tours, of exclusive events
    and autograph seekers. (para. 9)
  • lucrative
  • endorsement
  • autograph

  • 17. merit (v.) to earn deserve
  • His work merits a prize.
  • He merited all the praise which had been given to

Important Sentences
  • 7.Heroism, Paul has observed, requires daily
    maintenance. (para. 11)

  • 10. crisis a turning point in the course of
  • crises (p.l.)

  • I was on the verge of a terrible crisis in my
  • life.

Important Sentences
  • 8. As an Olympic medal loses its luster after
    years of storage, a hero will lose his
    credibility if he stops looking to the needs of
    others. (Para. 12)

Over the years the public may forget about an
Olympic medal winner and stop trusting him if he
does not pay attention to what other people want
or need.
2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City
  • Salt Lake City, Utah hosts the 2002 Winter
    Olympic Games starting February 8, 2002. The
    games lasted 17 days and featured more than 180
    events in 15 different sports.

Words and Expressions
  • 11. behind the scenes out of sight,secretly,
    without public knowledge

  • He is the boss behind the scenes.

Language Focus
  • Exercise 4
  • 1. clapped
  • 2. defend
  • 3. quit
  • 4. perfection
  • 5. interview???
  • 6. survey
  • 7. exclusive
  • 8. storage
  • 9. observed
  • 10. cover

  • Exercise 5
  • 1. count ... out
  • 2. be unaware of
  • 3. stopped in his tracks
  • 4. At times
  • 5. turn ... around                  

Exercise in Passage A
  • 1. ???????,????????
  • (have a shot)
  • 2. ?????????????????
  • (as opposed to)
  • 3. ?????????????(in the way)
  • 4. ??1911????????????(vitamin)?(melt away)
  • 5. ???,???????????????????(crisis)

Reference Keys
  • 1. Its a difficult job, but Id like to have a
  • 2. This is a book about business practice as
    opposed to theory.
  • 3. Social activities never get in the way of her
  • 4. It was not until 1911 that the first of the
    vitamins was identified.
  • 5. Natural disasters have obviously contributed
    to the countrys economic crisis.

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
-ing participles -ed participles
  • ???
  • ??-ing???????
  • 1. ??-ing??(?????)???????
  • a. ????????????????????????????????
  • 1) with the picture, Mary tore it to pieces.
  • A Dissatisfying thoroughly
  • B To dissatisfy thoroughly
  • C Being thoroughly dissatisfied
  • D To be thoroughly dissatisfied
  • 2) Realizing that he hadnt enough money and
    to borrow from his father, he decided to sell his
  • A not wanted B not to want
  • C not wanting D wanting to

  • 3) This crop has similar qualities to the
    previous one, both wind-resistant and
    adapted to the same type of soil.
  • A being B been
  • C to be D having been
  • 4) This programme will examine the writers books
    in detail, an introduction to his life.
  • A following B having followed
  • C being followed D to be
  • 5) Some passengers are reading the morning paper,
    others are talking with one another,___ nervously
    for the train.
  • A to wait B waiting
  • C are waiting D being waited

  • b. ???
  • 6) If I correct someone, I will do it with as
    much good humor and self-restraint as if I were
    the one .
  • A to correct B correcting
  • C having corrected D being corrected
  • 7) As early as 1647 Ohio made a decision that
    free, tax-supported schools must be established
    in every town 50 households or more.
  • A having B to have
  • C to have had D having had

  • c. ???
  • 8) When I caught him me, I stopped buying
    things there and started dealing with another
  • A cheat B cheating
  • C to cheat D to be cheating
  • 9) Mrs. Douglas unknowingly left a package on
    the shop counter.
  • A laying B to lie
  • C laid D lying
  • 10) His remarks left me about his real
  • A wondered B wonder
  • C to wonder D wondering

  • 2. ?????????????????????????,?????????????????,???

11) the earth to be flat, many feared that
Columbus would fall off the edge of the earth.
A Having believed B Believing C
Believed D Being believed
  • 12) such a good chance, he planned to learn
  • A To be given B Having been given
  • C Having given D giving
  • 13) Homework on time will lead to better
  • A done B be done
  • C having done D to have been done

  • 1. ???????????have, keep, make,
  • 1) Dont get your schedule stay with us in
    this class.
  • A to change B changing
  • C changed D change
  • 2) The manager promised to keep me of how our
    business was going on.
  • A to be informed B on informing
  • C informed D informing
  • 3) In Australia the Asians make their influence
    in businesses large and small.
  • A feeling B feel C felt D to be felt

  • 2. ??????-ing?????????????see, hear, feel,
    smell, listen to, notice, watch?find??????????????

4) The children went there to watch the iron
tower . A to erect B be erected
C erecting D being erected
  • 5) The man said he had seen the robbery on
    the previous day.
  • A took place B take place
  • C has taken place D was taking place
  • 6) Corn originated in the New World and thus was
    not known in Europe until Columbus found it
    ___ in Cuba.
  • A being cultivated B been cultivated
  • C having cultivated D cultivating

  • 1. ?????????????,???????????????????(??)??????????

1) Weather , the picnic will be held as
scheduled. A permits B should permit
C will permit D permitting 2) Silver is the
best conductor of electricity, copper it
closely. A followed B following C
to follow D being followed
  • 2. ??????????????with??,?with ??(??)
  • 3) After the Arab states won independence, great
    emphasis was laid on expanding education, with
    girls as well as boys to go to school.
  • A to be encouraged B being encouraged
  • C been encouraged D be encouraged
  • 4) the temperature falling so rapidly, we
    couldnt go on with the experiment.
  • A since B for C As D With

Assignment1 Finish the exercises on participles
in P127
Unit 6 Sports and Health
  • June 6, 2005

Unit Tasks
  • first listen, and then talk about sports
  • read about a famous athlete and the way of
    keeping fit
  • learn new words and expressions
  • practice the use of participles

  • Passage B
  • Finding a Balance

  • Think about It
  • Text awareness
  • What to focus on
  • Language focus
  • (Exercises from the textbook)

Think about it
  • About their figure
  • Unhealthy figures

  • What is on a diet?
  • Have you ever had a diet? Is it hard for you?
  • What is a balanced diet?

Text Awareness
  • What does the balance in the title refer to?
  • Two factors led to my over weight
  • born to be chubby unsuccessful diets
  • love for cooking

Turning point (at a New Years Eve arty)
Two big challenges
Fit cooking into healthier lifestyle Vow to keep
my goal in mind
What to focus on
Notes to the Text
  • 1. I was a chubby kid who grew into an overweight
    adult. I was constantly teased for being heavier
    than the other kids, leaving me feeling shy and
    self-conscious. (Para. 1)

self-conscious Introverted / extroverted
  • a self-conscious teenager
  • a young, self-conscious executive

chubby overweight round fat obese
  • instead of in place of
  • If I hadn't got a cold, I'd be working instead
  • of lying here in bed.
  • If I were you, I would not stay here. I would
    go to help them instead.
  • Rather than

in ones stead stand sb. in good stead
  • miserable very unhappy

  • Her face had a miserable expression.

miserable/wretched pitiful/pitiable/pathetic
Notes to the Text
  • 2. I caught my reflection in a mirror and the
    truth hit me. (Para. 3)

I saw my image in the mirror and it became very
obvious (that I was fat).
reflect hit
Notes to the Text
  • 3. If I took a common-sense approach and ate
    smaller portions of all foods, I would be able to
    satisfy my hunger and not feel deprived.
  • (Para. 4)

  • deprive (of) take away from, prevent from

  • She has been deprived of sight for some
  • years.
  • These children are deprived of equal
  • educational opportunities.

Notes to the Text
  • 4. My biggest challenge was finding a way to fit
    my passion for cooking into my healthier

It was very difficult to keep enjoying cooking
while eating healthy food.
fit into
  • trial and error a method of discovery, solving
    problems, etc. based on practical
    experiment and experience rather than on

  • He found the best way of driving through
  • London by trial and error.
  • He learned how to cook by trial and error.

  • modify change (something) slightly esp. to
    improve it or make it less

  • You'll have to modify the height of the table
  • to make it fit.
  • These plans must be modified if they are to
  • be used successfully.

Notes to the Text
  • 5. I didn't feel deprived, and I felt free to
    give my body the care and attention it deserved.
    (para. 6)

I didn't feel hungry or ignored, and I was eager
to give my body the exercise and other care that
it needed.
  • ups and downs good and bad periods

  • Life is full of ups and downs.
  • Their marriage has gone through ups and
  • downs.

  • Plateau
  • Loess Plateau
  • Interest rates declined, then reached a plateau.

Notes to the Text
  • 6. Another challenge was not to beat myself up if
    I ate something that was unhealthy and to take it
    as a sign to abandon my healthful habits. (Para.

Another difficulty was not to feel guilty or
inferior if I ate something unhealthy, and not to
believe I have stopped dieting or exercising
because of one small failure.
  • in tune
  • out of tune

Low-fat Recipes
  • Our goal at Low Fat Recipes is to help you
    replace your old eating habits with nutritious,
    good-tasting recipes. By using the low-fat
    recipes on this site, we will help you achieve
    your goal of a trimmer, healthier body. Here's
    your chance to choose healthy, low-fat food in
    just seconds. The recipes on this site will help
    keep cooking fun, which is how it should be!

Notes to the Text
  • 7. Now that I know what I can achieve when I set
    my mind to it, my dreams are no longer out of
    reach. (para. 8)

Since I know what I can do if I really want to, I
can reach goals I once thought were very unlikely.
  • set one's mind to give all one's
    attention to doing (something)
  • If she sets her mind to finishing the work
  • today, she can certainly do so.
  • After hearing the sad news, John could not
  • set his mind to his work that afternoon.

  • out of reach can't be touched
  • Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Notes to the Text
  • I have finally found myself. (Para. 8)

I have finally discovered my value and who I am.
  • priority the state, quality, position, or
    right of being first in position or
    earlier in time
  • They insist that the right to live should take
  • priority over all other considerations.
  • Fire engines and ambulances have priority
  • over other traffic.
  • No. 1 priority

  • inclined likely tending (to)
  • are inclined to talk too much.
  • He did not seem inclined to work.

incline tend
Language Focus
  • Exercise 12
  • 1. deprived 2. healthful
  • 3. combine 4. determined
  • 5. lifestyle 6. balance
  • 7. approach 8. solutions
  • 9. miserable 10. deserves

  • Exercise 13
  • 1. out of reach
  • 2. in tune with
  • 3. set your mind to
  • 4. come off
  • 5. trail and error

1. ????????,??????????????(ups and downs) 2.
????????????????? (be inclined to) 3.
?????????????????????(work out) 4.
????????,????????(melt away) 5.
??????????(vacancy),?????????????(keep in mind)
Reference Keys
  • 1. Our marriage is happy but weve had many ups
    and downs.
  • 2. Many teachers of foreign languages are
    inclined to talk too much themselves in class.
  • 3. The famous actor keeps fit by working out for
    an hour every morning.
  • 4. After a long heart-to-heart talk with him, her
    suspicion melted away.
  • 5. We have no vacancies now, but well keep your
    application in mind.

Up and down
  • Come down in the world
  • Go up in the world

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