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THE BLACK DEATH a.k.a The Black Plague a.k.a. The Bubonic Plague


a.k.a The Black Plague a.k.a. The Bubonic Plague Where did the Black Death come from? What were the symptoms of the plague? How was the plague transmitted? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: THE BLACK DEATH a.k.a The Black Plague a.k.a. The Bubonic Plague

THE BLACK DEATHa.k.a The Black Plaguea.k.a. The
Bubonic Plague
Where did the Black Death come from?
What were the symptoms of the plague?
How was the plague transmitted?
  1. A bite from fleas of the black rat that had
    sucked plague infested blood.
  2. Exposure to bodily fluids of an infected human

The Final Death Count
  • From 1347-1351 the Plague killed an estimated 25
    million people, or about 1/3 to 1/2 of Europes
  • What kind of effects do you think this had on

Panic and Disorder
  • The Italian poet, Boccaccio, described how people
  • "Some shut themselves away and waited for death,
    others rioted from tavern to tavern. The sickness
    fell upon all classes without distinction. The
    rich passed out of this world without a single
    person to comfort them. The poor fell sick by the
    thousand and most of them died. The terror was
    such that brother even fled from brother, wife
    from husband, yea the mother from her own child."

Panic and Disorder
  • People simply panicked, thousands of people were
    dying EVERY DAY
  • People hid in their houses

Panic and Disorder
  • Doctors and the Clergy were dying the most
    because they were exposed to the plague the most
  • Some doctors stopped tending the sick

Panic and Disorder
  • Some Medieval Solutions for stopping the spread
    of the disease
  • Burn down house with plague victims
  • Dont allow outsiders to enter your town or kill
  • Flee into the countryside

Panic and Disorder
  • People flee cities, in doing so they spread the
  • Children were left with no parents
  • People come up with cures that cause more
  • 1/3 of the population dies. Up to 3/4 of people
    die in some areas. All these deaths occurred in
    just 3 years!

Mass Burials of Plague Victims
Religious Effects of the Black Plague
  • People seriously believed that god was angry at
    them and the world was coming to an end
  • The Church lost credibility because people could
    not understand Gods Anger
  • The Clergy died in the largest numbers because
    they cared for the dead and took final confessions

Its the end of the world as we know it
Long term effects of the Black Plague
  • Economic Changes
  • Political Changes
  • Social Changes
  • Cultural Changes

Economic Changes
  • So many were dying that there was a shortage in
    labor that leads to an increase in wages
  • Food shortages as farmers are dying before they
    can plant or harvest

Political Changes
  • Many lords and vassals die
  • Allows for Kings to gain more power
  • Leads to a gradual breakdown of Feudalism

Cultural Changes
  • Death becomes a main focus of Medieval Art
  • Many believe that the plague is a punishment from
  • Many nobles commission (pay for) Cathedrals to

Social Changes
  • Death of lords and vassals, as well as labor
    shortages lead to a decline of feudalism
  • Roman Catholic Church loses power as many lose
    faith, and many members of the clergy die

So what happened to the plague?
  • The plague strikes again several times over the
    next 300 years
  • No major outbreaks since the 1700s
  • Modern medicine (antibiotics) are capable of
    treating the bubonic plague