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DFAS at War Expeditionary Support


DFAS at War Expeditionary Support – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: DFAS at War Expeditionary Support

DFAS at WarExpeditionary Support
  • Tim Kuhl
  • Director, Expeditionary Support Organization
  • DFAS-Indianapolis

  • Single Point of Entry into DFAS
  • ESO Org Structure Staff Theater Experience
  • Expeditionary Support Organization (ESO) Mission
  • Targets of Opportunity
  • Phased Approach
  • DFAS Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
  • Scope of Support for Theater
  • Summary of DFAS In-Theater Support
  • Spectrum of Military Operations
  • What to Expect if Deployed as a DoD Civilian

Single Point of Entry
  • Jan 08 Request from Army that DFAS establish a
    single point of entry for all contingency /
    expeditionary operations
  • Align theater liaison and finance support efforts
    within DFAS
  • Coordinate efforts with Army to supplement
    sustainment training and tactical initiatives
  • 2 Governance Structures
  • Overseas Contingency Operations (formally known
    as GWOT) Senior Steering Group (SSG)
  • Expeditionary Finance Advisory Board (FAB)
  • Members consist of former and current Theater
    Commanders at the Colonel and General officer
  • Representation from military services
  • Sep 08 ESO structure approved operational

Mission Statement
  • The DFAS Expeditionary Support Organization
    (ESO) provides deployable general finance and
    accounting expertise to Military Components
    during contingency operations while delivering
    critical human, accurate, real-time pay account
    support/education to Wounded Warriors and their
    family members

Single Point of Entry
  • Responsible for coordinating and leading DFAS
    theater support liaison capabilities in
    coordination with components and US government
  • Responsible for coordinating within DFAS on
    theater initiatives

ESO Staff Theater Experience
  • Permanent ESO staff possesses valuable working
    knowledge of the realities facing theater
  • Over 5 years of collective in-theater Finance
    Accounting support experience
  • Over 2,000 hours of TDY experience spent
    in-theater supporting expeditionary Finance
    Accounting initiatives
  • Theater experience a hiring factor on staffing

ESO Contingency Improvement Targets of
  • Retrograde theater/contingency Finance
    Accounting functions back to CONUS
  • Permit theater commands to re-allocate soldiers
    and resources to other mission-critical efforts
  • Primary Focus Commercial Vendor Services,
    Disbursing operations, and other back-office
    support/reconciliatory functions
  • Support multi-agency theater improvement
    workgroup efforts
  • Pre-deployment and enhanced sustainment training
    to finance soldiers and civilians
  • Improve contingency-wide systems and resource
    management capabilities
  • Evaluate possible ways to leverage and improve
    Theater banking infrastructure
  • Removal of the U.S. Dollar from the battlefield

Phased Approach to DFAS ESO Support
  • Shape, Deter and Seize the Initiative Phase
  • Early in the conflict it is understood that
    tactical finance forces will be the primary
    service provider to the Commander
  • Dominate Phase
  • As the theater matures and active conflict
    subsides, more emphasis can be placed on making
    processes and procedures more efficient and
  • Stabilize and Enable Civil Authority Phase
  • As the consolidation continues to occur and the
    security environment improves, civilian support
    can be introduced in-theater to support the
    various financial management functions,
    especially as related to the joint contracting
  • Phases are in accordance with Joint Publication
    1-06, Appendix B.

Expeditionary Support Organization DFAS Civilian
Expeditionary Workforce
Deployment Rotation
  • Deployed DFAS civilians
  • Gain valuable experience working in high
    operational tempo environments
  • Cultivate customer relationships that benefit the
    DFAS mission and improve communication ties with
    deployed elements
  • Possess situational awareness, critical
    application skills to overcome challenges, and
    the flexibility to adapt to mission directives

Welcome Home! Recognition/Medal
Return to Home Station
Integrity - Service - Innovation
Expeditionary Support Organization Overseas
Contingency Operations Support
  • Afghanistan
  • Combined Security Transition Command (CSTC-A)
  • Bagram, Kabul J8, Kandahar J8, Joint Contracting
  • 7 Personnel in various support cells
  • Iraq
  • Multinational Security Transition Command
  • 4 Personnel
  • Multinational Corps (MNC-I)
  • 3 Personnel
  • Camp Victory
  • 2 Personnel
  • Kuwait
  • Army Central Command (ARCENT)
  • 5 Managerial Accountants
  • 4 Systems Accountants
  • 1 Banking
  • 2 Vendor Pay

28 Deployed Civilians
Scope of Support for Theater Accounting RM
  • DFAS Theater Team Lead in Kuwait
  • Co-located with 18th FMC and ARCENT RM Director
  • Fund Execution Status of Funding
  • Commit and obligate funds
  • Accept/Issue MIPRS
  • Participate in joint reviews
  • Clear current and prior year unliquidated
    obligations (ULOs)
  • Contract Reconciliation Functions
  • Obtain documentation to close accounting lines
  • Forward contract modifications and receiving
    reports to payment offices, resource managers,
    contracting officials
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Support
  • Audit oversight and monitoring

Scope of Support for Theater Finance
  • Vendor Pay
  • On-site Subject Matter Experts
  • Scanning of retrograded payments to DFAS Rome
  • Support DFAS Rome requests for assistance
  • Civilian Pay
  • Standardizing civilian pay procedures across
  • Military Pay
  • Support deployed military finance offices
  • Reconcile casual pay discrepancies
  • Timely starting and stopping pay entitlements

Scope of Support for Theater System Improvements
  • DFAS providing Accountants / Accounting
    Technicians to Director, Resource Management,
  • Deploying DFAS personnel in support of
  • Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
  • Defense Travel System (DTS)
  • Resource Management Tool (RMT)
  • Operational Data Storage (ODS)
  • SPS to CAPS-C system interface
  • Deployable Disbursing System Implementation
  • Honduras
  • Sinai
  • Electronic File Room (EFR)

DFAS In-Theater Support Update
  • Retrograded Kuwait EFT vendor payment to DFAS
    Rome March 2008
  • Retrograded Joint Contracting Command (JCC)
    contracts with EFT payments over 50K to DFAS
    Rome August 2008
  • Lowering Iraq EFT Vendor Pay contract threshold
    from 50K, 25K, to 5K
  • Coordinating with JCC to apply same EFT
    procedures to Afghanistan
  • Lucky Strike Exercise Participation December
  • Lucky Warrior Exercise Participation May 25
    10 June 2009
  • Deployable Disbursing System (DDS) implemented in
    Honduras under DFAS Disbursing Officer April
  • JCC contract closeout mission in San Antonio, TX
    May 2009
  • Continue closing out contracts in Theater
  • Stood up Civilian Pay liaison in Iraq April
  • Standing up Civilian Pay liaison support in
  • Continue current and prior year ULO
    reconciliation analysis
  • ESO goal to save the Military Components more
    then the DFAS bill

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