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Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation - TMGujarat


The Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation have been studied extensively through scientific studies, showing concrete advantages for the mind, body, and spirit. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation - TMGujarat

Transcendental Meditation
Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation TM
Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation has a variety of
benefits  It can help lower your heart rate,
increase your concentration, and improve your
However, it was only in recent decades that the
benefits of Transcendental Meditation became
popular in the West. There have been countless
societies and religions around the world that
have practiced Transcendental Meditation for
thousands of years.
Transcendental Meditation
A growing number of scientific studies have
examined the Health Benefits of Transcendental
Meditation, pointing to concrete benefits for the
mind, the body, and the spirit. Recovering from
stress requires regular meditation practice in
order to manage stress.
Transcendental Meditation
Benefits of Transcendental Meditation So what
are the benefits of Transcendental Meditation?
What are the reasons that so many people are
turning to TM to deal with anxiety and stress,
and why are so many people practicing
Transcendental Meditation across the world? In
addition to slowing down the heart rate,
Transcendental Meditation also calms the body and
relaxes the mind. During Transcendental
Meditation, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide
production can be reduced by up to 20 below
normal levels within a few minutes.
Transcendental Meditation
Raises skin resistance to pain The TM
Technique helps to increase the body's resistance
to pain and electrical currents, which decreases
during stressful or anxious times. In other
words, if you get knocked or hurt yourself, you
won't feel or react to it as much. Increases
muscle relaxation Reduction of activity in the
nervous system When you meditate, you activate
the part of the nervous system that is
responsible for relaxing and calming you (the
parasympathetic branch).
Transcendental Meditation
Production of lactate is decreased While
meditating, the liver produces four times less
lactate after being starved of oxygen and
undergoing stress as compared to when not
meditating. When lactate builds up in the body,
it can lead to fatigue in the short term and
impair energy production in the long term. When
you meditate, your blood circulation increases,
so that more oxygen can reach your muscles - this
prevents lactate production.
Transcendental Meditation
Significant Effect on the Brain  During
Transcendental Meditation, the brain produces
alpha and theta brainwaves. Your brain spends
most of the day in beta waves, which are
essential for everyday activities but can be
draining if you spend too much time in them. It
can help you improve your memory, improve your
concentration, relax, and improve your energy and
happiness when you attain alpha and theta brain
waves regularly. Research has shown that most
children are regularly in theta and alpha brain
waves (ever wondered why your children had so
much energy!). Children move from alpha waves
to beta waves as they grow older. And although
this is important to get things done it is also
important, not imperative, to keep your energy up
and achieve the other benefits of meditation, to
access these alpha and theta brainwaves.
Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation balances both parts of
the brain  Research shows that meditation
balances the logical and creative sides of the
brain. Individuals who balance out their brains
will be more balanced and happy. Transcendental
Meditation helps to combat depression  Migraines
and anxiety can be relieved with regular
Meditation (once or twice a day for 20 minutes),
as well as depression and hypertension  TM
improves concentration  Furthermore, studies
have shown that regular meditation improves
attention, memory, and creativity. You can
enhance the brain's ability to process
information by meditating during exam
Transcendental Meditation
Meditate for better sleep  It is beneficial to
meditate regularly in order to sleep better and
sleep quality. As a result, you will get better
sleep and become less prone to waking up during
the night, you will be able to fall asleep more
easily if you wake up because your mind will be
still. By TM Technique, you will be able to
sleep more deeply and won't be as prone to waking
during the night. Meditate before sleep to wake
up feeling refreshed
Transcendental Meditation
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