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4-7-8 Meditation Breathing and Explain the Benefits


4-7-8 Meditative Breathing: In yoga, this is referred to as the practice of breath control or pranayama. And 4-7-8 meditative breathing can also be adopted with the techniques of Pranayama for more significant benefits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4-7-8 Meditation Breathing and Explain the Benefits

4-7-8 Meditation Breathing And Explain the
Bio link https//7pranayama-yoga.blogspot.com/2021
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Dr. Andrew Weil has developed the most powerful
mind-body breathing technique called the 4-7-8
Breathing Technique. This breathing pattern is
based on an ancient yogic technique called
pranayama, and also known as relaxing breathing
or Meditative Breathing. Breathing exercises are
natural tranquilizers for your brain, helping to
reduce sleep onset latency over time and work to
bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.
Just find a peaceful place and let your breathing
process begin.
Proponents of this technique believe that it can
increase energy levels, reduce anxiety, or helps
people get to sleep. Dr. Weil believes that
breathing 4-7-8 can help you learn to breathe
In the 4-7-8 breathing technique, you have to
breathe in for 4 seconds, and after holding this
for 7 seconds, you have to come out for 8
seconds. This is a very easy process. Not only
this, the most important feature of this exercise
is that you can do it anywhere anytime without
the help of any machine or any other person. This
meditation breathing is one of the common
pranayama for beginners.
How to do 4-7-8 Meditation Breathing?
To do this meditative breathing, first of all,
sit down on the floor calmly and keep your back
straight. Do you have trouble sitting upright? If
yes, you can also use a wall to keep your back
straight. To start this breathing exercise Sit
in any comfortable meditation posture like
Padmasana, Sukhasana, and cross-legged pose.
  • Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper
    front teeth, throughout this exercise, you will
    exhale while making a whoosh sound from your
  • Close your mouth keep breathing in your mind for
    a count of four (for 4 seconds).
  • Hold your breath and count to seven (for 7
  • Exhale forcefully through your mouth to the
    count of eight (for 8 seconds).

If youre having trouble breathing for a long
time or difficult to hold your breath, dont
over-stress. You will be able to do this by
trying. You can speed up the steps, but keep the
ratio of 478 the same.
Keep this thing in mind during meditative
breathing 4-7-8 meditative breathing techniques
can be successful only if you follow them
regularly in a comfortable and calm manner. If
youre worried, you need to give your body a rest
first. A basic relaxing technique involves you
lying on the ground or sitting in a chair. Now
close your eyes, so that every part of your body
becomes calm. When your feet are completely calm,
you have to focus on your meditation.
Can Pranayama be done with 4 -7-8 breaths? The
overall concept of 4-7-8 meditative breathing can
be compared to other pranayama practiced In
yoga, this is referred to as the practice of
breath control or pranayama. And it can also be
adopted with the techniques of Pranayama for more
significant benefits.
  • Alternate nostril breathing- Breathe in through
    one nostril for 4 seconds at a time and hold both
    the nostrils closed for 7 sec and exhale through
    the mouth for 8 seconds.
  • Mindfulness meditation focused on 4-7-8 breathing
    with the present moment.
  • Guided Imagery encourages you to practice focused
    relaxation or meditation.
  • The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Meditative

What are specific breath meditation benefits for
breathing are measurable? Our experts showed this
For better oxygen flow The benefits of
meditative breathing exercises include better
oxygen flow. It may be helpful in improving
ventilation function. This can help reduce carbon
dioxide from the body. In addition, it can
improve oxygen flow to the brain, heart, kidney,
and other body parts. Reduce anxiety According
to the World Health Organization, Pranayama
breathing techniques keep the body clean and
nourished. Whenever you are anxious, unstable,
and emotionally upset, meditative breathing calms
you down. Better stress management Meditative
breathing relieves problems like anxiety,
depression, etc. Along with this, meditation is
one whose regular practice will reduce stress
Better sleep This is the meditation technique,
which motivates you to get good and healthy sleep.
Which apps can I use for 4-7-8 breathing?
There are many apps in the Google Play store that
can be used to try out breathing techniques. For
example, the 7Pranayama app is a free app
product, reviews different types of breathing
techniques. It shows the overall outline of the
breathing cycle to the users. Enjoy Meditative
Breathing techniques for accurate and precise
benefits with the facility of setting reminders
with the 7pranayama app.
Conclusion Breathing techniques are based on an
ancient yogic technique designed for deep
relaxation. The specific pattern of holding the
breath for a period of time can promote too much
oxygen in the body, reduce stress, and promote
better sleep. Source link https//7pranayama-yoga
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