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Adobe Commerce: The Complete Migration Guide For 2022


To migrate successfully and without problems, you must carefully plan and test your Adobe commerce migration. We are very excited to share more information about this process. Read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Adobe Commerce: The Complete Migration Guide For 2022

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Adobe Commerce The Complete Migration Guide for
  • We are delighted that you are considering
    upgrading from the worlds most popular commerce
    platform, Adobe Commerce 1.x, to the platform of
    the future, Adobe Commerce 2. We are very excited
    to share more information about this process,
    which we call migration.
  • Creating a migration plan
  • To migrate successfully and without problems, you
    must carefully plan and test your Adobe commerce
    migration. We hope the guidelines below will be
  • Migration is an excellent opportunity to make
    significant changes and prepare your site for the
    next level of expansion. Consider whether your
    new site requires more hardware or a more
    advanced topology with better caching tiers, etc.
  • Step 1 Examine the extensions on your current
  • What extensions have you put in place?
  • Have you determined whether all of these
    extensions are required for your new website?
    (There may be some old ones that you can safely
  • Have you checked to see if your extensions have
    Adobe Commerce 2 versions? (To find the most
    recent versions, go to the Commerce Marketplace
    or contact your extension provider.)
  • Which of your extensions database assets do you
    want to migrate?
  • Step 2 Create and prepare your Adobe Commerce 2
    store for migration
  • Configure an Adobe Commerce 2 hardware system
    with a topology and design that is similar to
    your existing Adobe Commerce 1 system.
  • Install Adobe Commerce 2.x (including all of this
    releases modules) and the Data Migration Tool on
    a system that meets the Adobe Commerce system
  • Make custom changes to the Data Migration Tool
    code if you do not need to migrate some data
    (such as CMS Pages, Sales Rules, and so on) or if
    you want to convert your Adobe Commerce
    customization during migration.
  • Step 3 Perform a dry run
  • It is best to complete all migration steps in
    your testing environment before beginning
    migration in the production environment.
  • Follow these steps when performing migration
  • Duplicate your Adobe Commerce 1 store onto a
    staging server.
  • Complete the migration of the replicated Adobe
    Commerce 1 store to Adobe Commerce 2.
  • Test your new store thoroughly.
  • Step 4 Begin your migration
  • Stop all activities in the Adobe Commerce 1.x
    Admin Panel except order management
  • All Adobe Commerce 1.x cron jobs should be
  • For instance, the enterprise sales archives
    orders cron job archives old orders
  • Use the Data Migration Tool to migrate settings
    and websites
  • Copy the media files from Adobe Commerce 1.x to
    Adobe Commerce 2.x.
  • These files must be manually copied from the
    Adobe Commerce1-root/media directory to the Adobe
    Commerce2-root/pub/media directory
  • If you want to migrate data from some of your
    extensions, you may need to install Adobe
    Commerce 2 extensions. Use the mapping files
    provided with the Data Migration Tool if the
    extensions have a different structure in the
    Adobe Commerce 2 database
  • All Adobe Commerce 2.x indexers should be
  • Step 5 Make changes to the migrated data (if
  • After the migration, you may want to have your
    Adobe Commerce 2 store with a different catalog
    structure, sales rules, CMS pages, and so on.
  • It is critical to exercise caution when making
    manual data changes. Errors in the subsequent
    incremental data migration step will result from
  • Step 6 Refresh incremental data
  • Begin the incremental migration updates will
    occur on a continuous basis. You can stop
    updating at any time by pressing CtrlC.
  • During this time, test your Adobe Commerce 2 site
    to catch any issues as soon as possible. In such
    cases, press CtrlC to stop incremental migration
    and restart it once the issues have been resolved.
  • Step 7 Publish your work
  • Now that your Adobe Commerce 2 site is compatible
    with Adobe Commerce 1 and operational, complete
    the following steps to transition to the new
  • Set up your Adobe Commerce 1 system for
  • To stop incremental updates, press ControlC in
    the migration tool command window.
  • Begin by creating your Adobe Commerce 2 cron
  • Reindex the stock indexer in your Adobe Commerce
    2 system. See the Configuration Guide for more
  • Hit pages in your Adobe Commerce 2 system with a
    tool of your choice to cache pages in advance of
    customers who use your storefront.
  • Finalize the verification of your Adobe Commerce
    2 site.
  • Change DNS, load balancers, and other services to
    point to the new production hardware.
  • The Adobe Commerce 2 store is now operational.
    All activities can be resumed by you and your
  • Run the Data Migration Tool
  • Log in to the Adobe Commerce server as a user
    with write permissions to the Adobe Commerce file
    system, or switch to one. Switch to the owner of
    the file system.
  • If youre using the bash shell, you can switch to
    the file system owner and enter the command at
    the same time by using the following syntaxsu -s
    file system owner /bin/bashc commandgt
  • You can do the following if the owner of the file
    system does not allow logins commandgt sudo-u
    file system ownergt Add Adobe Commerce root gt/bin
    to your system PATH to execute Adobe Commerce
    commands from any directory.
  • You have the option of running the commands in
    the following ways
  • cd Adobe Commerce_rootgt/bin and run them
    as./Adobe Commerce command namegtAdobe
    Commerce_rootgt/bin/Adobe Commerce command
    namegtAdobe Commerce_rootgt/bin/Adobe Commerce
    command namegtAdobe Commerce_rootgt/bin/Adobe
    Commerce command namegtAdobe Commerce_rootgt/
  • Final Words
  • We hope you find this guidance useful in
    completing your migration. Youve come to the
    perfect site if youre not a techie and require
    Adobe Commerce Experts aid.
  • More than 50 qualified Adobe Commerce developers
    work for Viha Digital Commerce Ltd, and they can
    help you to migrate to Adobe Commerce 2
  • So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to
    learn more about our Adobe Commerce Migration
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