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Next Big Thing in Adobe Commerce Magento Developers need to know


The Adobe Commerce platform combines Adobe and Magento development including a world-class, open-source B2B and B2C eCommerce platform. Read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Next Big Thing in Adobe Commerce Magento Developers need to know

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The Next Big Thing in Adobe Commerce
  • For a long time, Magento has been an important
    part of the Adobe family.
  • This renaming, however, comes at a critical
    juncture in the companys development and
    represents the companys current and future
  • The licensed version that was previously known as
    Magento Commerce Edition will now be recognized
    as Adobe Commerce. The name Magento Open
    Source, which was previously known as Magento
    Community Edition, will be retained.
  • The important thing to remember when youre
    browsing this site or in the Adobe Portal and see
    Adobe Commerce is that its still the same
    Magento Commerce Edition you know and love.
  • The Adobe Commerce platform will combine the best
    of the Adobe and Magento brands, including a
    world-class, open-source B2B and B2C eCommerce
    platform, as well as a java-based content
    management system, which is capable of creating
    personalized digital experiences for customers.
  • How will you benefit from the acquisition?
  • Customers of Adobe Commerce must be excited about
    what the future holds with this rebranding.
  • There are both immediate and long-term benefits
    to these new integrations, which include
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio
  • This new advancement will make Magento PWA
    development ownership faster, less expensive, and
    easier to launch multiple international sites
    that require multi-currency and multi-language
  • Merchants can use the same cloud hosting for
    their backend and storefront with PWA Studio. As
    a result, you can build a more integrated
    eCommerce site with higher engagement, conversion
    rates, and revenue.
  • AI-Powered Site Search This feature provides
    search-as-you-type results that get better over
  • Product Recommendations for B2B
  • Adobe Commerce transforms a feature that was
    originally launched as a B2C feature that used
    consumer data to create personalized suggestions
    to improve the user experience and increase sales
    into a tool that B2B businesses can use.
  • This is accomplished by automatically evaluating
    customer behavior, conversion factors, contextual
    and item popularity across the storefront.
  • Adobe Sign Integration
  • When completing purchase orders, contracts,
    service agreements, waivers, warranties, and
    subscriptions, this e-signing software is now
    being integrated directly into Adobe Commerce
  • so that buyers can complete their purchase
    directly on your website without disrupting the
    transaction flow to sign contracts on some other
    platform or via email
  • This seamless integration will streamline the
    purchasing process, decrease drop-offs, and boost
  • New Financing Tool
  • The new financing solution developed by Adobe
    Commerce and Wayflyer allows you to use funds to
    increase inventory and/or boost your online
    marketing efforts.
  • This tool will enable you to increase inventory
    during peak online business seasons and invest in
    interest and demand-generation activities such as
    discounted programs.
  • You can also use the Wayflyer Analytics tool to
    gain insights into your digital marketing
    campaigns and adjust your marketing budget to
    maximize profits.
  • Last Words
  • Adobe continues to improve the platform and
    provide solutions for customers at every stage of
    their user journey by introducing new features
    such as Live Search and Adobe Sign to Adobe
  • This may appear to be a lot, and it is. Adobe
    Commerce is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
  • If you are seeking help from Magento developers
    regarding the latest updates, then contact our
    expert development team info_at_vihadigitalcommerce.c
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