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A Complete Guide on Shopware Migration


In this blog, you will see Shopware as an e-commerce solution, its benefits over other e-commerce platforms, the Shopware migration guide, and the advantages the migration will bring to your online business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Complete Guide on Shopware Migration

The most popular reasons for eCommerce Shopware
migration are the huge demand for resources, bad
performance, deficiency of up-to-date features,
and costly maintenance. If these problems match
your situation and you consider turning to
another platform, we have a suitable option for
your current e-commerce solution.   In this blog,
you will see Shopware as an e-commerce solution,
its benefits over other e-commerce platforms, the
Shopware migration guide, and the advantages the
migration will bring to your online
business.   In most situations, online retailers
want to migrate to the latest platform because
the former solution no longer meets their
business demands. What is Shopware?   Its been
more than two decades, Shopware controls more
than 13,600 e-commerce websites. Shopware has
become the platform of option for such famous
brands as Discovery Channel, Escada, Mercedes
Benz Classic Store, and MMs Germany.

  • Shopware has four editions to accommodate
    businesses of all sizes.
  • Shopware Community Edition is absolutely free.
    With this edition, you get a great open-source
    platform with multiple built-in features and over
    3,500 extensions.
  • Shopware Professional Edition has a 1,295.000
    one-time fee. It is ideal for medium-sized
    businesses. It covers digital publishing tools to
    build content elements and integration with
    Shopware ERP.
  • Shopware Professional Plus Edition has a
    5,995.00 one-time payment. This edition covers
    additional features like subscriptions,
    promotions, advanced shopping cart, bonus system,
    smart search, and intelligent newsletter.
  • Shopware Enterprise Edition is the most excellent
    version of the platform. The platform provides
    the price on this sedition by request. This
    Shopware edition suits B2C and B2B businesses
    that need to create a custom solution with
    various integrations. Enterprise edition users
    obtain ongoing support from the Top Shopware
    Developers Team, cross-channel sales features,
    and the expertise to create a two-sided

  • Migrating from other eCommerce platforms to
  • If your online store powered by WooCommerce,
    Magento, or PrestaShop no longer satisfies your
    business needs, below, we share what Shopware can
    provide you instead.
  • Migration from Showpare 5 to  Showpare 6
  • According to experts, Shopware 6 has been
    designed from scratch using modern technologies.
    As you know, Shopware 6 is the latest version and
    every new release brings excellent features and
  •  Obsolete REST API mode
  • An alluring look allows recognizing notable
    differences in both technical details and user
    experience. Shopware 6 features boast a unique
    Symfony-based kernel feature, which has a
    prominently higher level of performance. The
    API-first strategy assumes that the integration
    capabilities of the previous version were
    considerably improved and enhanced.

  • Admin panel-
  • Another among renowned Shopware 5 vs. 6 features
    is the new administrative panel. It was built
    from the ground up utilizing the Vue.js
    framework, which will restore React and Angular
    in the segment of small to medium size web apps
    due to its ease and simplicity of the planned
  • Webpack
  • It is also worth seeing that Shopware 6 is
    supplied with a Webpack builder. This static
    asset dynamo has earned a notable reputation
    among technology giants such as Adobe, Airbnb,
    and Slack in recent years.
  • 2.  Migration from Magento to Shopware
  • Both Shopware and Magento is an open-source
    platform. Still, when comparing Shopware vs.
    Magento, you can see how they vary.

  • User-friendly admin panel
  • The primary difference between Shopware vs.
    Magento 2 is that the Magento admin panel is so
    complicated for non-tech users. Shopware offers a
    more user-friendly admin panel and comprehensive
    documentation so you can run your website without
    third-party help.
  • Running costs
  • Another difference between Magento 2 vs. Shopware
    is the prices of platforms paid editions. While
    Shopware charges a 1,295 one-time fee for the
    regular paid version, Magento Commerces annual
    license costs 22,000.
  • 3. Migration from WooCommerce to Shopware
  • WooCommerce is a free plugin that permits
    WordPress websites with e-commerce features.
    However, Shopware has more built-in features for
    marketing online. Let us compare Shopware vs.

  • Free Email Marketing Tool
  • As you might know, email marketing tools are
    necessary for building online communication with
    consumers. While WooCommence users should
    purchase email marketing extensions, Shopware
    users get configurable HTML and text emails out
    of the box.
  • Support
  • When linking Woocommerce vs. Shopware, consider
    that Shopware provides customers with email or
    phone support. Therefore, you will get technical
    support, or the platform will connect you with a
    partner development team in the event of
  • Optimized Checkout
  • The WooCommerce checkout process comprises five
    screens which double the number of abandoned
    shopping carts. To optimize the checkout, you
    should purchase additional extensions. Being a
    Shopware user, you get one-page checkout and
    combined guest checkout out-of-the-box.

  • 4. Migration from PrestaShop to Shopware
  • To some extent, PrestaShop is comparable to
    Shopware. However, when comparing Shopware vs.
    Prestashop, we have seen such Shopware benefits
    as the built-in data security plugin, ditching
    the shopping cart replacement tool, and others
    outlined below.
  • Security
  • To authorize the PrestaShop website with
    excellent security, you should purchase
    additional plugins. At the same time, Shopware
    offers high-level security from out-of-the-box.
  • Abandon Shopping Cart Recovery Tool
  • The abandoned shopping carts reduce the
    profitability of your online store. As a
    PrestaShop user, you need to purchase additional
    abandoned shopping cart recovery tools, while
    Shopware users get such a tool out-of-the-box.

  • Conclusion
  •  Increase in sales
  •  Shopware Conversion centric page layout
    retains the shoppers consideration on the
    purchase. Furthermore, Shopware has a blended
    shopping cart recovery tool to suggest to your
    customers about uncompleted purchases.
  • Loyal customers
  • With a unified mailing tool and storytelling
    feature, you can understand customers more about
    your business and enhance customer retention.
  • Decrease the costs
  • Using the platform documentation, you can edit
    the pages layout, add more products to the
    online store and new features without any
  • If youre looking for a reliable Shopware
    Development Company for custom website
    development, then get in touch with our Shopware
    Certified Developer Team today.

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