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Reasons to Consider On-Premises to Office 365 Migration in 2022


Looking for a comprehensive Office 365 migration plan? Hire the right Microsoft Office 365 migration service provider especially for a large dataset migration. The developers through smooth migration can ensure that your business’s source and destination workflows will be synchronized. Migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure like Office 365 systems typically makes it easy to share content among workforces, creates minimal impact to workflows, and helps IT teams to reduce additional costs and offer full security to data. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons to Consider On-Premises to Office 365 Migration in 2022

6 Business Potentials to Experience from
On-Premises to Office 365 Migration
  • Microsoft Office 365 and MS Exchange
    (on-premises) are two popular solutions used for
    regular communications, data storage, and
    collaboration. Many organizations use these
    services based on their business necessities and
    budget. However, there is still a huge difference
    among these utilities that can change your
    decision to migrate to Office 365 infrastructure.
  • MS Exchange is an on-premises solution that gives
    you robust control over your business processes
    while providing you the chance to customize your
    activities. In contrast, Office 365 is a
    cloud-based solution that allows your company to
    enhance all the existing abilities without a
    traditional on-premises environment setup.
    Relying on Exchange (on-premises) has specific
    advantages, but it also possesses downsides like
    high license costs, data accidents, and hardware
    faults, etc.
  • Microsoft Office 365 offers additional advantages
    that make it worth moving from your existing
    on-premises platform

Hybrid migration
  • This is a significant option for businesses to
    consider while planning for Microsoft Office 365
    migration services. Hiring the right Office 365
    migration experts for your business can support
    your migration with a hybrid facility. With the
    hybrid option, experts can integrate your
    business Active Directory/On-premise server with
    Office 365 while supporting the scalability and
    flexibility of a reliable cloud platform.
    Businesses can also maintain their current
    on-premises Exchange server throughout the
    migration, making it effective for employees to

Cloud-based functionality
  • As mentioned before, Office 365 functions
    entirely in the cloud structure, migrating to
    this platform will reduce challenges, costs, and
    threats for internal enterprise IT members. IT
    teams no longer need to allocate time and
    resources to organize local network drives and
    email servers. Instead, workforces can operate
    with Office 365 for OneDrive file storage,
    Outlook email, and gain direct access to
    Microsoft-supported apps like Word, PowerPoint,
    and Excel. As a cloud user, Microsoft is
    accountable for providing support to business
    customers and guaranteeing the uptime of the
    Office 365 solution. This helps to reduce the
    burden of your internal IT teams.

Flexible scaling
  • Office 365 is an extremely scalable solution that
    allows you to develop your processes as your
    business acquires a reputation. For instance,
    some of the usual features of Office 365 consist
    of email, contacts, and calendars, which are
    present in your on-premises (Exchange)
  • With Office 365, an enterprises cloud
    utilization and subscription status can be
    increased to align with the business increasing
    needs. No additional networking equipment or
    servers need to be deployed when new business
    units and employees are introduced on board.
    Instead, IT managers solely need to alter their
    Office 365 subscription plan to constitute a wide
    range of users and the functions they require.

Effective integration with new applications
  • Microsoft Office 365 boasts new applications and
    tools that are absent on other utilities or
    previous versions of the Microsoft Office suite.
    For example, the OneDrive tool allows employees
    for fast and secure file sharing among teams in
    an enterprise. Files and records can be relocated
    right from a local server to OneDrive for
    accessing files anytime through a simple web
    interface. The Office 365 suite also supports the
    latest update of Skype for Business, which allows
    businesses and start-ups to associate in
    real-time over direct messaging or video
    discussion. Skype for Business can be accessed as
    mobile apps, desktop apps, or through the Outlook
    web applications.
  • When Microsoft acquired the social networking
    tool Yammer, it became combined into the Office
    365 suite. Yammer allows businesses to maneuver
    an internal communication medium, where staff and
    experts can share news, ongoing project details
    to remain updated.

Easy migration and updates
  • Microsoft offers comprehensive support for
    businesses looking to migrate processes from a
    legacy infrastructure into the Office 365 cloud
    platform. Deploying the Certified Microsoft
    experts can help migrate data among systems and
    fix a proper user base for businesses after
    moving to Office 365. When a company becomes
    adapted to the Office 365 platform, all handlers
    receive new features and updates regularly. The
    usual painful Windows software updates processes
    can be neglected, as apps can have security
    patches and other upgrades simultaneously with
    minimal disruption to your regular operations.

Secure data backup
  • Some businesses may be doubtful to migrate to
    Office 365 because it means shifting the location
    of their data from afar to their conveniences.
    With Office 365 features like data backup
    services and protection can help businesses and
    IT managers ensure safe migration.
  • All cloud data gets automatically backed up
    regularly and simulated totally so that outages
    will not negatively impact end operators or risk
    data loss. With planned Office 365 migration, IT
    experts can reduce overall security risks that
    impact their Office 365 apps, which means that
    data will be accessible to personnel, who are
    entitled to work with it.

Final words
  • To find out exactly how an Office 365 migration
    can maximize your operations, associate with the
    Certified Office 365 migration consultant. With
    specialization in Microsoft products, the experts
    can help your business which migrating option is
    ideal for your organization.

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