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5 Cybersecurity Strategies To Keep A Recruitment Website Safe – WalkWater Talent Advisors


Leading leadership hiring companies in India are aware of the hacking scenario, which is why they consider every essential cybersecurity strategy to keep their recruitment website safe; thus making them professional and reliable. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Cybersecurity Strategies To Keep A Recruitment Website Safe – WalkWater Talent Advisors

Recruitment websites contain tons of important
information about a large pool of candidates,
which includes sensitive information like their
residential addresses, phone numbers, current
employer, salary information, etc. Then, it also
contains loads of information about client
All of this information is highly confidential,
and can prove to be dangerous if it gets hacked!
If a recruitment website gets hacked, hundreds
and thousands of people will become vulnerable
to theft and cybercrime. To eliminate such
danger, it is very essential that every
recruitment website is secured. Every recruitment
company should thus use important cybersecurity
tips for their website. Cybersecurity tip 1
Installing safety solutions The first step
towards having a secured website is to install
antivirus and antimalware software. Antivirus
software quarantines everything that seems
suspicious, not allowing it to pass through.
Antimalware software detects malware on the
website, and takes steps to eliminate it. Tech
experts can help understand which solution is
required and more effective in tackling
cybersecurity issues. Having a tech expert
choose the software solution for a website can
prove to be a wise decision. Cybersecurity tip 2
Installing an SSL certificate An SSL
certificate holds significant importance where
security is required, as it encrypts the
communication link between a Web browser and a
Web server thus establishing a secure network.
One can choose between regular SSL and wildcard
SSL. A regular SSL can protect a single domain or
subdomain at a given time, while a wildcard SSL
can protect multiple subdomains. Cybersecurity
tip 3 Limiting admin access Sharing admin
credentials with more than the required number of
people can prove dangerous. The owner should
either keep them only with himself, or at the
most share them with only those that seriously
require access. Admin passwords if leaked can
bring the entire website down, meaning business
compromised and critical information getting
into the wrong hands! It is also wise to keep
updating passwords every few months, to be on
the safer side. Cybersecurity tip 4 Training
employees The entire team of a recruitment
company should be aware of the potential threats,
and be well-equipped to deal with them. Staff
training is important, because hackers choose
vulnerable spots for hacking, not top-level
management. All the latest security threats like
malware injections, network hacking, phishing
attacks, etc. should be well understood by the
team so that theyre capable and prepared for
protecting the website. Cybersecurity tip 5 Not
asking for irrelevant information The applicant
should be asked only for the information that is
really required for recruitment. Any irrelevant
details should be avoided. For instance, if there
isnt any need to ask for their date of birth or
passport details, it is best to keep the
information away. Asking for too much
information only means risking their sensitive
data. Cybercriminals are constantly sending out
bugs and malicious bots to hack websites.
Keeping a recruitment website safe and secured is
thus a must. Leading leadership hiring companies
in India, like WalkWater Talent Advisors, are
well aware of the scenario, which is why they
always put in efforts and take important steps
towards keeping their websites safe. It is thus
wise to only get in touch with such
professionals who have antiviruses, antimalware,
SSL certificates, strong password hygiene, and
limited login access.
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