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When Do You Need A Retained Executive Search Firm - WalkWater Talent Advisors


While you may hire general recruitment agencies, or take up the task on your own, to fill up general mid-level job positions, you’ll need top retained executive search firms in India to fill up specific high-level roles. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: When Do You Need A Retained Executive Search Firm - WalkWater Talent Advisors

When a job position is getting vacant soon, and
you want to fill it at the earliest, with no
time wastage, you may usually turn to a
recruitment agency to help you with the task,
thinking that you may get an early job fill with
them having a large pool of candidates on their
list looking for employment. But, have you ever
thought what would happen if this urgency brings
up a wrong or ill-fitting candidate on the job?
You may either land up on unproductiveness, or
In any way, this could be dangerous for your
business. And, this can be particularly
disastrous if the position you are trying to fill
is a senior level job, such as a team leader,
manager, CEO, and the like. What should you do
then? You must understand that filling a job
position at the earliest isnt important, but
filling it with a fitting candidate is important.
And for that, you may need to wait. We
understand that wasting time is wasting money.
But, were not asking you to waste time, were
asking you to invest time. Invest time into
employing a retained executive search firm for
the task. Partner with one of the top retained
executive search firms in India, one like
WalkWater Talent Advisors, explain to them all
your requirements, help them understand
your business and your goals, and let them work
it out to find the most apt candidate for your
organization. Okay, you may not want to employ
such professionals or wait so long for any low
level or mid-level job vacancies, but there are
certain job positions or certain situations when
you do want to leave the task in the hands of
such reliable professionals. When its a senior
level role A senior level role require the most
suiting candidate to be hired, because these
senior level employees will have the most
important responsibilities within the
organization. They are the people who will make
decisions and guide the rest of the working
within the company. Neither can you afford wrong
decision makers, nor can you afford replacing
such candidates every now and then. You need the
most suiting candidate for such high-level jobs,
and also those who can stay on the job
long-term. Executive search firms can help fill
up such positions with candidates who are
well-suiting to the requirements, as well as
those who are reliable enough to work long-term
and accomplish future goals. This is because
such firms will approach not only active
candidates looking out for jobs, but will also
get in touch with candidates working efficiently
elsewhere (not looking for job changes), and
compel them to come to you. This means you are
getting quality candidates, not just those
looking for a job to help them get money. When
its a difficult job There are jobs that are
difficult to explain. There are jobs that require
technical expertise or a functional set of
skills, for which the qualities and requirements
get lost in translation when speaking to
agencies having little or no knowledge about the
job role. On the other hand, when you have an
executive search firm, they are well-versed with
all such job types with the experience and
know-how they possess since years. So, when you
approach such professionals, you only need to
tell them about the job role you are trying to
fill, and they already know it all! When youre
looking for a high-level competent and broad
skill set A degree or qualification isnt
everything. Okay, its good enough to help you
know what a candidate has been taught about
during his education and training years. But,
not every theoretical education or training is
enough. There needs to be some practicality
involved. Its about finding a unique skill set
that translates across a broad strategic
spectrum. Then, you expect high-level competencies
from the candidates you are looking to hire. All
of this can be brought to you on a platter when
you hire from top retained executive search firms
in India.
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