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Current Recruitment Strategies One Can Invest In - WalkWater Talent Advisors


With changing times, the processes used to recruit employees have also been constantly changing. Today, companies are making use of digital technologies, or are hiring from the best recruitment companies in India to help. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Current Recruitment Strategies One Can Invest In - WalkWater Talent Advisors

Current Recruitment Strategies One Can Invest In
- WalkWater Talent Advisors There was a time when
recruiting was simply posting a job ad in the
newspaper, looking at resumes, matching the
criteria of candidates with the requirements of
the job profile, and interviewing them to find
the most suitable candidate. Then, times
changed, and college placements began taking
place. But now, times have changed further, and
the hiring process is now more digitally and
strategically executed.
Today, big-sized and high-level organizations
have a recruiting system in place, with
technologies being used to enhance or improve
their existing system. And, looking at the
success of such digital systems, many
small-sized mid-level companies are adopting the
same too. Thats because they realize that having
a streamlined and teachable system ensures that
the candidates in the pipeline are more
accounted for, and that the process works
smoothly for years to come, which means less time
invested in putting in all sorts of recruiting
efforts every single time. Lets now take a look
at the various kinds of recruitment strategies
that are used in the present age.
Data-driven recruiting and HR Analytics These
include recruitment methods in which planning
and decision-making are based on the data
acquired through HR technology such as ATS and
Recruitment Marketing platforms. Using such data
can bring some great insights on the parts of the
hiring strategy that work well, as well as those
that have room for improvement. These
recruitment techniques can help improve
time-to-hire, cost-to-hire, and
quality-of-hire. Employee referrals Employee
referrals can certainly help fill up job
positions productively. Thats because referred
employees can be trusted upon, and take the
shortest time to hire and board, also requiring
lesser efforts and investment. Inbound
recruiting Inbound recruiting is where candidates
are proactively attracted, converted, and
engaged. Recruitment marketing Recruitment
marketing is the process of nurturing and
attracting talented individuals to your
organization using marketing methods and
tactics, following the latest trends that can
overcome the possible challenges. Recruitment
automation tools These tools include software
that use new technology to automate the
recruiting process, which go beyond HRIS, ATS, and
Recruitment Marketing Software. It could be a
tool that integrates more than one such
elements. Social recruiting Social recruiting
involves using social media channels for
recruiting, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
and other kinds of platforms like job boards,
forums, and websites, to find, attract, and hire
talent. Collaborative hiring This is a hiring
method in which both the HR teams and teams from
other departments work together to find and hire
candidates. Such collaboration between
experienced teams improves and positively
affects the overall recruitment and hiring
experience, bringing in better quality
hires. Talent sourcing 90 of people working or
not working are always interested in learning
about new job opportunities. Talent sourcing can
best be done by hiring the best recruitment
companies in India, one like WalkWater Talent
Advisors, who brings with it a unique mix of
strengths like intensive client partnering, deep
domain knowledge, and global coverage, coupled
with a constant focus on values, to source the
best talent for an organization, no matter what
the size and industry.
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