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Pros & Cons Of Studying A Masters Degree In UK An Ultimate Guide


Looking forward to studying masters in the UK? Degree from the UK has it's benefits but this PPT is also showing the other side. Know the Pros & Cons of having a Degree from the UK. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pros & Cons Of Studying A Masters Degree In UK An Ultimate Guide

The United Kingdom country is a top in many areas
of education including science, engineering, art
and design, management, business and law and
?nance. The United Kingdom o?ers a world-renowned
educational system with high quali?cations that
can make a really great future for the students.
It attracts over 55k international students each
year to a variety of courses from basic to PhD
levels. The UK education o?ers students the
facility to combine courses and subjects from
di?erent areas of education, so a student can get
a degree as per their interest. Master degree
courses in the United Kingdom continue after the
successful completion of a bachelors degree,
generally for just one year compared to two-year
Masters Programmes found elsewhere in the world.
A Master degree is a postgraduate degree awarded
to individuals who complete additional studies
in their ?eld and get expectations in the
relevant ?eld. It is growth to the relevant ?eld
and helps in ?nding a good job. Below are some
of the pros and cons for study in the UK at the
master level. It will help you to choose the
country for that.
  • Topmost Specialised Courses
  • Variety of specialization master courses are
    taught in top universities in the ?eld of
    business, engineering, management, Health care
    and many more.
  • Education in English language
  • Studying abroad in England and especially in the
    UK region is good as study language is
  • English so international students coming from the
    di?erent country have no language changes issue.
    No need to learn the country's respective

3. More opportunity
Studying in UK is a very good choice as education
is very high level in the UK so the students who
have cleared their masters degree in the UK have
more opportunities in the market compared to
other countrys graduates with a high level of
knowledge. Expertise in the study from di?erent
universities. 4. One year masters programs Yes in
the UK country students can complete their master
level degree courses within a year as it will
save their time and utilize it in their career.
5. Independence study
Master degree in UK gives more independence
compared to other countries. This educational
style is perfect for the students who seek
independence. 6. Internationally Recognised
Universities Some of the best UK universities are
also world recognized universities so graduates
from the UK can develop their career easily in
any country without hurdles.
7. Highly ranked university
Most of the universities are highly ranked in
World University ranking so after studying in
this university graduates can get high valuation
jobs. The best example is Oxford University. 8.
Work while you study Part-time jobs also
available for the students so they can earn while
studying as their expenses can easily ful?
  • Cost is very high
  • In the UK cost of living is very high compared to
    other countries as tuition fees are less but the
    living cost is very high so comparatively study
    in UK is more costly compared to other countries
    but the quality of education is very good as per
  • Need to check degree completed in UK is
  • veri?ed in home country
  • Courses which are valid in the UK country need to
    check it valid in your home country or whatever
    country you want to settle.

3. The limited program compared to a bachelors
You can study in master degree courses respective
to your bachelors degree you have no options to
choose a di?erent course then respective degree
course. 4. A load of more information in less
time As masters courses are only one year only
so education material is more compared to 1 year
so the student needs to prepare more in less time
it will be tough for the student and for more
information compared to short timing.
5. Distance
It is very far from your home country so in the
situation of emergency it may be di?cult
sometimes to ?y immediately and reach your home
country and meet your family members and friends
is a long time taking. 6. Less social
interaction As compared to the degree courses in
the master courses in the UK social interaction
becomes very less as time is low and study needs
more independence in the masters program.
7. More e?orts needed
  • As the study is independent and also time is less
    for completing the education so the
  • e?orts needed is more compared to the degree
    courses as well as other countries.
  • 8. Accommodation
  • Most of the area of the accommodation is reserved
    for the bachelors degree
  • students so it will be tough for the masters
    student to ?nd the proper and comfortable
  • From this, all we can say is that studying in UK
    is bene?cial to those who want to develop their
    knowledge from the high quality of education and
    top-ranked universities and in
  • short time completion of a master degree from a
    world-recognized university with cost-e?ective

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