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4 Kilos Weight Loss Military Diet Plan Within 3 Days – BlogFromLife


The “Weight Loss Military Diet Plan” is a short-term eating plan that aims to help you weight loss (more than 4 kilos) in a very short period of time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4 Kilos Weight Loss Military Diet Plan Within 3 Days – BlogFromLife

4 Kilos Weight Loss Military Diet Plan Within 3
Days BlogFromLife
  • The Weight Loss Military Diet Plan is a
    short-term eating plan that aims to help
    you weight loss (more than 4 kilos) in a very
    short period of time.
  • A  recent study showed that weight loss ranks
    first in popularity among New Year projects.
  • If you are part of this statistic, you can try
    this diet to get rid of those extra kilos, by
    eating hot dogs and ice cream!
  • Bright Side wants to share a meal plan for the
    3-day military diet with you.

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  • Why is weight loss military diet plan so
  • One of the most attractive rules of this diet is
    that it lasts only 3 days.
  • It claims that you can lose more than 4 kilos in
    a very short period of time! You can achieve
    these results only if you follow the eating plan
  • Another attraction is the fact that this diet is
    very easy to follow, you dont need to count
    calories or buy a long list of really expensive
    food supplements.
  • The diet requires ingredients that you can find
    at the grocery store closest to you.
  • Supposedly, you get slimmer quickly, because
    the military diet is meant to boost your
  • By decreasing your calorie intake in a very short
    period of time, you will get rid of fat mass.
  • But it is not a typical starvation diet. It
    is low in calories, but it will provide you with
    the energy you need to have a productive day
    since it includes healthy fats, carbohydrates and

Day 1
  • Breakfast a cup of hot drink (coffee or tea), a
    slice of toast (wholemeal is best), 2 tablespoons
    of peanut butter, and half a grapefruit.
  • Lunch a cup of hot drink (coffee or tea), a
    slice of toast, half a cup of tuna.
  • Dinner About 85 grams of any meat (cooked in
    boiling water or steamed), a cup of green beans,
    half a banana, a small apple, and you can enjoy a
    cup of vanilla ice cream (I like this one.

Day 2
  • Breakfast a slice of toast (whole wheat is
    best), a hard-boiled egg, half a banana.
  • Lunch another hard-boiled egg, 5 crackers, a cup
    of cottage cheese.
  • Dinner 2  hot dogs (diet is getting more
    interesting!) Without the bread, half a cup of
    carrots, one cup of broccoli, half a banana that
    you can top with half a cup of vanilla ice cream
    (which you you definitely deserve!).

Day 3
  • Breakfast 5 crackers with a slice of cheddar
    cheese and a small apple.
  • Lunch one slice of toast (whole wheat is best,
    again), one egg (light lunch).
  • Dinner a cup of tuna and your favorite part of
    dinner half a banana with a whole cup of vanilla
    ice cream.

  • Our recommendations for who followed weight
    loss military diet plan
  • If you want better results, follow the diet for
    three days and then eat normal food for the next
    4 days.
  • And dont overeat during those 4 days if you
    dont want to regain your weight.
  • Repeat the military diet for several weeks in a
    row until you reach your goal.
  • It is recommended that you stick to this eating
    plan for an entire month.
  • Get used to starting the day with a glass of
    water. Drink two glasses of water before each
    meal. When you drink water, it makes you feel
    full and reduces your appetite and helps you feel
    full longer. Dont forget to drink water during
    the 4 days when you eat normally.

  • Find your own diet buddy to control and motivate
    each other! If you do this, you will be more
    likely to be successful.
  • Severe calorie restriction is not suitable for
    everyone. It is always a good idea to visit and
    consult a doctor before trying any new
    diet. Whether the diet is right for you will
    depend on your health and your doctors
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