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Yoga Poses to do After Work


Yoga must be the way of life rather then treating it just as an exercise we must inculcate it in our daily life to stay fit & energized. We have made a list of poses that would help you to get control of your mind & body after work & keep you energized. Do it for at least 10 mins after work & you will see the changes in your daily routine. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Yoga Poses to do After Work

By Amayaan Wellness Solution
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With Yoga, Not Only Your Body Should Become
Flexible. Your Mind Emotions, And Above All
Your Consciousness Should Become Flexible.
After Work Yoga
An average adult works for at least 8 hrs a day
from office most of the time we are busy
looking a screen or scrolling through the Social
Media newsfeed. This daily activity messes the
normal routine of our mind, body soul.
After Work Yoga
We have made a list of Yoga Postures for you to
heal the specific target areas that can
effectively work as an antidote to many desk-job
ailments. Practice these yoga postures to
combat the bodily wear tear of everyday life.
Poses of Yoga After Work
Poses of Yoga After Work
Mountain Pose- When Your Hips Need To Take a
Break from the Desk Mountain pose is like the
base of the mother of all asanas, from which
other asanas emerge. It can be practiced at any
time of the day. Moreover, it is a perfect way of
welcoming space and reconnecting with the
sensation of our true union with stillness. One
of the most powerful poses, Tadasana, improves
body posture. It aligns the spinal skeleton
system and brings it in a natural S' shape.
Poses of Yoga After Work
Bound Angle Pose- When Your Hips Get Tight By
Spending Long Hours Sitting Bound Angle Pose or
BaddhaKonasana helps to open the hips and ease
sciatica discomfort. The sciatic nerve is present
in the lower back and runs down both the leg. The
pain occurs in the nerve when it is somehow
compressed. Sit on the floor by keeping your legs
and back straight. Now keep your hands on the
ground. While exhaling, bend your knees and bring
the heels close to the pelvic region.
Benefits of Water Yoga
Childs Pose- When You Want to Ease Your Anxious
Mind - It is a true resting pose and one that you
can hold for a long period of time. The moment
you place your head on the mat, namely your
third eye, or the spot between your brows, it
has an instant calming and soothing effect on
your brain. If you are finding yourself in a
place where you have many thoughts swirling
around in your head, then this position is
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