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Features for Pre -Terminated Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber optic cables consist of multiple strands of optic fibers, hairlike strands of pure glass designed to transmit light. When hundreds or thousands of these strands are put together, they are able to transmit waves of light up to 60 miles. Pre-Terminated Fiber converts high-quality optical signals using an optical transmitter and sent at the speed of light, producing a fast, high-quality method of data transmission. For more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Features for Pre -Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

Choosing Pre- Terminated Fiber Optic Cable
  • Pre-terminated cabling solutions are ideally
    suited for data center environments where the
    cable routes are well defined and where the time
    for deployment, ease of installation, network
    reliability and manageability are paramount.
  • When selecting pre-terminated cable assemblies,
    be sure to use a reliable provider that can offer
    services such as guaranteed cabling performance,
    design assistance, certified contractor training,
    and the ability to support large quantities of
    assemblies in the required delivery window.
  • Make sure the pre-terminated copper or optical
    fiber purchased through a manufacturer uses
    components that have been tested and verified by
    a third party to exceed TIA and IEEE standards.
    The manufacturer should also provide 100 testing
    in a quality-controlled environment before the
    cabling is shipped out to the worksite.

How to Choose Pre Terminated Fiber Cable
Assemblies for your Need
  • Choosing a pre terminated fiber cable for your
    installation can sometimes be confusing given all
    of the choices. In this article, we will attempt
    to clear up some of the confusion.
  • Basically there are two attributes that you will
    need to consider and those are cable material
    and construction and fiber type. First we will
    talk about cable material and construction. The
    types of material and construction include the

Cable Material and Construction
  • Indoor Plenum Use this for all indoor
    installations. The cable can be run directly in
    all indoor applications. Installation in conduit
    or innerduct is not required but does offer
    additional security for the possibility of the
    cable from being cut. Most installations do not
    use conduit of innerduct. A cable rated for
    plenum installation will have low-smoke
    characteristics as defined by the NFPA (National
    Fire Protection Agency).
  • Outdoor Outdoor cables are filled with a water
    blocking jell and are rated for all outdoor
    applications except for "direct bury". This cable
    is suitable for underground installation in
    conduit, overhead lashed to a guy wire, or
    secured to a building or other permanent outdoor
    structure. The drawback of the jell-filled cable
    is that it is mandated at a maximum of 50 feet
    run indoors due to fire-code regulations.
  • Interlock Armor Indoor Plenum This cable has
    all of the attributes of Indoor Plenum cable with
    the additional benefit of the armor which
    protects it from accidental cutting.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor cables are
    approved for use in underground conduits, even
    if the possibility of water infiltration exists.
    Indoor/Outdoor cables are not recommended for
    aerial installations. The advantage of using
    Indoor/Outdoor over standard Outdoor cable is
    that it does not have the 50 foot restriction
    for indoor installation that standard outdoor
    cable has. This cable has an overall PVC sheath
    and is not rated for plenum spaces.
  • Interlock Armor Indoor/Outdoor Plenum This
    cable has all of the attributes of Indoor Plenum
    and Indoor/Outdoor cable with the additional
    benefit of the armor which makes it suitable for
    direct bury.
  • Outdoor Aerial with Messenger This cable has a
    steel messenger for use spanning from building to
    building or pole to pole etc. Due to the fact
    that it contains a jell-filled cable, it is
    limited to a maximum of 50 feet running indoors.

  • Pre-terminated cables are the plug-and-play
    solution for links between switches, servers, and
    patch panels in the data center. As the computing
    environments and business needs of organizations
    differ widely, not every enterprise will find the
    benefits of pre-terminated systems outweigh the
  • Field-terminated copper and fiber cabling and
    connectivity systems are generally less costly to
    purchase in terms of the various components. Just
    to find a suitable solution system for your own
    network. Providing reliable quality, advanced
    testing system and favorable price, progress of
    FS.COM has never stopped. We offer a variety of
    pre-terminated optics including the breakout
    patch cable, pre-terminated trunk cable and
    adapter panels.
  • Fiber optic cables like SC fiber patch cable and
    LC to LC patch cord are also needed. If you have
    any requirement of our products, please send your
    request to us.
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