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Due to the long lockdowns, eCommerce sales have exploded. In addition, social media usage has increased significantly as well. Digital Marketing started to play even more effective roles. This has radically altered the way brands connect with consumers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Post-pandemic Approaches to Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021
Post-pandemic Approaches to Marketing MAY 5, 2021
Last year was unpredictable due to the pandemic
and a worldwide lockdown. That meant some
pre-pandemic digital marketing trends did end up
coming to light. While, others, however, did not
emerge. Due to the long lockdowns, eCommerce
sales have exploded. In addition, social media
usage has increased significantly as well.
Digital Marketing started to play even more
effective roles. This has radically altered the
way brands connect with consumers. In recent
years, they have moved from traditional marketing
to a more digital approach. And in case you are
wondering the digital marketing trends to watch
out for. Don't worry. We've got your back. Here
are some digital marketing trends to keep an eye
out for in the post-pandemic period
In recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has
played a minor role in optimizing social media
strategies. But even with the current advancement
in technology, even the most intelligent people
cannot predict the future. As a result,
artificial intelligence should complement human
intelligence. Presently, there are already
programs capable of beating games and consumer
behavior. In the future, it is very likely
artificial intelligence will replace the human
In fact, 47 of digitally advanced firms already
have an AI strategy. While 84 of business
executives believe that AI gives their company an
advantage. And today, AI is more important than
ever for running day-to-day business activities
as well as transforming the different facets of
business and our daily lives. It helps guide
decisions on everything from content strategy to
SEO optimization. Concerned about the SEO errors
of your website? Get a Free SEO Audit with us, no
registration required https//
.au/seo-services/free-seo-audit/ The technologies
that enable artificial intelligence progress
rapidly and become increasingly affordable too.
By analyzing consumer behavior and search
patterns, AI can now help businesses understand
customers better. Thus, it's high time for
companies to capitalize on AI. If you're still
unsure, see the ways AI can help give your firm a
significant boost Content Creation and
Curation Content created by AI can be useful in
certain areas and may attract visitors to your
website. It can also save you lots of time and
resources. In fact, AI can now write reports and
news based on data and information. To create
content, you can make use of Wordsmith,
Articoolo, and Quill. Besides generating the
content, AI can also curate it. By utilizing AI
in content curation, websites can better connect
with visitors and present more relevant content.
It can be used to show visitors more relevant
content, based on what they've already looked at
on your site. Digital and Programmatic
Advertising Digital advertising has been most
successful at adopting artificial intelligence. A
large percentage of Google and Facebook's revenue
comes from advertising. AI helps drive
personalized targeted advertisements on these
platforms by identifying the right audiences. And
since it attracts the most investment and with
the largest financial returns, the use of AI has
been significantly rising. Moreover, there are
already platforms incorporating AI. And in time,
more will be added to the mix. Programmatic
advertising uses artificial intelligence to
automate ad buying, allowing for more accurate
targeting. According to eMarketer, 86.2 of
digital display ads in the US should be automated
by 2020. This automation is far more efficient
and fast, so conversions are higher. As a result,
customer acquisition costs are reduced as well.
Though it is one of the older digital marketing
trends, email marketing is still effective if it
is properly done. AI allows brands to tailor
email marketing campaigns to specific preferences
and user behavior. This makes it easier to
connect with prospects and convert them into
clients. It analyzes millions of pieces of data.
And then decides on the best days and times to
contact prospects. Additionally, it lets you know
when to send emails, and figure out titles that
get the most clicks. There can be a material
margin of error for A/B tests and they often take
a lot of time. And AI is can your best friend
when you need to be specific in an era of
hyper-personalized emails. Searches The
combination of AI and search is a perfect match
since search is only effective if the user gets
what they're looking for. Generally speaking,
search engine tools have problems providing
relevant results for all users. Thus, AI can aid
search engines to rank results more quickly based
on key phrases and results analysis. Over the
last few years, AI has significantly impacted
content and eCommerce search. Web Design and User
Experience There was a time when a good website
couldn't exist without a programmer and
designer. But now, AI is being used to design
websites based on information from the user. The
website looks professional in much less time too.
As a result, AI is set to revolutionize website
creation and development in the next few
years. AI also helps in developing intuitive
interfaces that make the user experience better
by applying intelligent algorithms.
A 2017 survey on personalization revealed that
33 of marketers used AI to provide tailored web
experiences. In addition, 63 said that it
increased conversions and improved the consumer
experience. Therefore, be sure to check out how
AI can help boost your business.
Although Chatbots are part of AI, they deserve a
section of their own to showcase how awesome they
are. Chatbots are comparatively newer among
digital marketing trends. Chatbots assist
potential customers with finding answers to
frequently asked questions. Furthermore, they can
help them find the products and services they
need. Chatbots are predicted to remain important
in digital marketing. They enable customers to
chat with your business in real-time, day or
night. Studies show that Chatbots will power 85
of customer service by 2020. Many customers
prefer chatting with chatbots because they can
answer questions immediately. They also remember
buying history accurately and most importantly
never lose patience. Thus, these virtual
assistants will remain in the game his year as
well. Chatbots powered by AI is good for
answering open questions. They use natural and
machine learning expertise to find the perfect
response. Apart from that, Chatbots can serve
clients 24/7 and retain their data. They're
friendly too. And the best part, Chatbots can
simultaneously respond to multiple requests from
several customers. Here are some reasons to get
Chatbots Quick Customer Support With a chatbot,
people don't have to wait to get answers. As you
can offer help to visitors whenever it is
convenient for them. You can also use some
pre-set questions and answers relevant to all
business and customer types. Likewise, with
AI-powered natural learning, your chatbot can
engage in real conversations. This will make
answering questions to your customers
easier. Personalized Recommendations Getting a
bot that offers personalized suggestions will
help you achieve one of the most important
standards of business. We're talking about
personalized customer service. Upon learning
algorithms, the bot can assist customers in
making their decisions. Furthermore, it can serve
as a reminder and a reference, as
well. Conversational Marketing Modern marketing
nowadays employs a conversational approach. In
fact, 82 of consumers want a "quick response
when they ask a question. And brands are adapting
to what consumers want. Conversational marketing
helps connect marketers and customers in
real-time. Chatbots can aid in doing this as
well. Easily Locate Products With the right
chatbot, your customers can explore your site
without having to leave the chat. For instance,
some bots offer to search and upsell features
through chat. Essentially this creates a better
customer experience than click-and-search
shopping online. Give Reminders Online shopping
cart abandonment rates typically hover around
70, year in and year out. There are a lot of
factors that make customers ditch their carts.
However, some shoppers just get distracted, or
get caught up with work, and forget about their
shopping. Chatbots can remind shoppers about
their unattended shopping cart. Thus, your
conversion rates will increase. Collect
Data Chatbots are a great way to build your
marketing lists by collecting analytics data. You
can receive Facebook profile data from your
customers if they sign in with a Facebook
profile. You can also request a telephone number,
and an email address, for building your marketing
lists. Send Campaigns Business owners can gather
a lot of data from chatbots these days. And with
a chatbot, you have instant marketing lists from
email addresses and phone numbers. Combining
these data will help you come up with more
effective campaigns.
Social Media Marketing
Marketing through social media promotes brand
awareness, visibility, and other factors that
generate sales. It makes you more visible on
sites like Facebook, Instagram, and
others. Social media marketing makes it easy for
customers to participate in the branding process.
However, not every business uses this affordably
accessible medium. Consider these reasons to get
a social media strategy if you have not already
implemented one. Effortless Promotions Many
businesses cut their marketing budget to save
money, but promotion is crucial in order to sell.
This saves you money, as well as keeps your brand
relevant among customers. Providing you with
cost-effective promotions. Brand Awareness
Boost Social media is a powerful marketing tool
that helps your business promote itself. It's
cheaper too. Moreover, a strong social media
strategy will help you build brand awareness and
connect with a larger audience as well. Enhanced
Search Ranking Although social media can
influence web searches, it cannot directly affect
rankings. Therefore, by sharing links on your
page, you can easily drive traffic to your
site. Improved Brand Loyalty Social media
marketing is a must for small businesses, as they
cannot invest a lot in customer satisfaction.
But, don't worry. With time and proper
strategies, you'll begin to gain loyal customers
through social media channels. Increased
Conversions Additionally, a larger online
audience means a greater chance for conversion.
Because each post plays a role in bringing more
traffic to your website. Among marketers, more
than 51 say that building relationships boosts
sales. And SMM makes that possible since
consumers prefer to deal with people, so they are
more at ease. To know more, read our in-depth
blog on the benefits of Social Media Marketing.
User-Generated Content (UGC)
? ????
With the ongoing pandemic, online sales are on
the rise as never before. UGC helps build and
maintain trust among your customers.
Nowadays, consumers are more socially savvy, so
creating authentic content has become crucial for
brands. Consider user-generated content as the
online equivalent of personal recommendations.
And make use of it to develop content compelling
enough to motivate conversions for your
brand. These are some of the reasons why UGC is
Helps Build Trust Consumers are getting better at
identifying trustworthy companies. They do this
usually through the use of usergenerated
content. In fact, 79 of shoppers said
user-generated content influences their purchase
decisions. In this sense, businesses ought to
embrace UGC and start focusing more on it.
Unbiased Source of Information
As consumers are increasingly looking for brands
they know, like, and trust. UGC has become all
the more important to provide them with an
unbiased source of information. Establishes a
Community UGC gives brands the power to increase
their audience. Furthermore, people become more
engaged with brands by becoming part of a
community. And UGC creates one when the brand
encourages its customers to post for them. You'll
Save Money It can be cheaper to source UGC than
to create a content piece in-house. With UGC,
your customers distribute their
content. This makes it easier to spread word of
mouth, making this a highly cost-effective
method. Promotes Social Media Growth An effective
UGC campaign paired with a powerful social media
platform is a winning combination. Moreover, it
can boost your brand and enhance customer
relationships. Therefore, make the most of UGC by
creating captivating strategies and responding to
them positively. Ways to Encourage UGC It's been
basic stuff up until now. But the fun part begins
now. We will discuss tips and hacks you can use
to boost UGC submissions. Read on, to know
more Platform Selection UGC requires a strong
online presence in order to be successful.
However, brands with fewer followers may want to
start by finding their audience's favorite social
media sites. Additionally, you need to know what
kind of content performs best on each social
media platform. You can follow Buffer's
recommendations as a basic roadmap Videos and
curated content on Facebook High-resolution
photos, quotes, and Stories for Instagram
Blogposts, news, and GIFs on Twitter Professional
content for LinkedIn Infographics and photo
guides on Pinterest
Get Customer Feedback UGC campaigns cannot
succeed without customer reviews and feedback. In
fact, a BrightLocal survey found that 68 of
consumers must see at least four reviews to make
up their minds about a brand. Thus, it's
essential that businesses pay more attention to
customer reviews. That way you can prove to your
customers that you are trustworthy and
reliable. Run Contests Run contests to generate
more UGC. Contests help with submissions as well
as their quality. Additionally, they help create
a buzz for your brand. Develop Content
Campaigns Making content for social media can be
challenging, and keeping it fresh and engaging is
hard. UGC campaigns give you a content library,
so you always have quality content to share. It
also makes your audience happy. Making this a
win-win situation. Support a Cause Consumer
behaviors have shifted recently as they are now
as interested in a company's cause as their
products or services. Therefore, it is crucial to
have a campaign that is visually appealing to
encourage participation. Try supporting a social
cause that aligns with your brand image. And
Don't Forget to Engage And finally, the most
important aspect of gaining UGC is engagement.
Engaging with your audience regularly
demonstrates your brand's personality. You can't
expect followers to suddenly submit content
without first engaging with them, can you?
Therefore, it may be wise to engage with your
fans in discussions, reply to their questions,
and interact with feedback.
User's Search Intent
User intent (or search intent) is the intention
of searching for information that satisfies a
particular need. Additionally, it plays a crucial
role in improving your page ranking. And
regardless of what content you produce, the main
objective should be to achieve user intent.
Because they are ultimately who you want to
reach. Thus, if you fail to include key content
that keeps readers interested, then you can never
rank on the SERPs. And if you are not ranking
among the top ten for your target keywords, you
might as well be invisible. But that is not what
we want, right? Users have different intents for
their searches. This makes search intent crucial
to rank on the first page. Remember, content that
focuses on search intent will boost ranking. If
your page does not satisfy search intent, it
won't be able to rank. In general, people use the
internet first to learn. And sites on the first
page answer 95 of their questions, with the top
results being blog posts or videos. The audience
will try to buy from the provider after learning.
So try to determine keywords based on search
intent. Thus, figure out what type of questions
your audience asks. And then act on it. What are
the Types of Search Intent? Google has improved
its search algorithm over the years so they can
distinguish between search intent. In addition,
Google prioritizes the pages with the greatest
relevance to search terms. As a result, tailor
your content to your audience's interests. Listed
below are four categories of search
intent Informational When users look for
specific information. Search engines recommend
specific pages. So make sure users get what they
When users search for specific websites or
tools. Questions like 'How do I?' are
used. Provide your best-used scenarios. Commercial
When users are looking to purchase. Looks for
specific products. Then decides to
purchase. Transactional When users are ready to
buy. Ensure ease of purchase. So make sure they
buy Thus, remember to tailor content to your
audience's search intent. Make websites as
friendly as possible. And always strive to
simplify their lives.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Content marketing is undeniably one of the most
crucial elements of your digital marketing
strategy. Bill Gates realized back in 1996 where
he coined the phrase "Content is king. He
predicted that content would rule the internet.
Well, Gates was right. These days, content is
everywhere, and one of the biggest factors
determining successful website operation.
New content enhances your SEO. It boosts traffic
and makes your site rise on the SERPs. It also
keeps Google crawlers at bay, helping your site
rank higher. Here are a few reasons why you
should incorporate content marketing
strategies Builds Brand Reputation and
Trust Great content creates a positive experience
for potential and current customers. A sign of
quality content is that it addresses customer
pain points. An enjoyable experience encourages
people to return for more This helps establish
familiarity and trust towards the brand. Your
content should be geared to answering common
questions and objections within your business.
Think of questions like What challenges does your
target audience face? What makes people choose to
work with your business? Drives Organic
Traffic Google changes its SEO algorithms
periodically, so even the largest companies may
not be able to keep up to date with the latest
requirements. However, experts agree that one
strategy stands out throughout these changes
quality content marketing. Organic SEO really
helps to bring more traffic. Make the content
more readable by highlighting key ideas or
images. Following this, try sharing via Twitter
or Facebook. By repurposing content, your company
can engage social media users as well.
Increase Your SEO Traffic and Conversion Get a
FREE SEO Audit Now!
Displays Your Expertise A benefit of using
content marketing is its big variety of channels.
You can answer customers' questions in a blog, a
video, a podcast, a whitepaper, an ebook, and
more. When you provide in-depth content that adds
value, it shows that you're an expert in your
field. As a result, potential customers will
trust you more. Helps Build Backlinks The
backlinks you earn when other sites link to your
content represent "votes for your content for
the web spiders. This helps your website rank
higher in the SERPs. Thus, look for backlinks
coming from authority websites that already
appear in search results. Keep in mind that
backlinks tend to grow as your website evolves.
And in general, it takes time. However, a few
high-quality backlinks from an authoritative
website can greatly increase your
traffic. Improves Conversion Rates Conversions
are influenced by the content you post. It helps
build your relationship with your audience and
provides them with the information needed to make
informed purchases. Thus, make sure to include a
CTA and tell the reader what they need to do
next. To know more, read our blog on why fresh
content is important to help you decide why you
need content marketing.
Voice and Visual Search
With the rapid advancement of AI, search has
taken a paradigm shift. Search is about to become
even better and more intuitive than it is today.
Thanks to voice search, by way of natural
language processing (NLP). And visual search, by
means of computer vision. Developing these
technologies can completely revolutionize how
people conduct searches. Voice Search The
availability of voice search features is
increasing rapidly. And we bet that you have used
voice search at least once in the past six
months. In fact, more than 50 of searches are
expected to be carried out over voice search in
the next few years. And when implemented
correctly, voice search can improve a business's
SEO and customer experience. Voice SEO is a good
way to increase search engine rankings. And,
these facts will motivate you to think about
it Voice searches have generated 2 billion in
sales so far. 65 of smart speaker owners are
comfortable purchasing items via voice
commands. 31 of smartphone users use voice
search every week. Based on these data, doesn't
it seem time to optimize your sites for voice?
However, many companies are still not integrating
voice search, which makes early adoption even
more important. So why wait? Add voice search to
your enterprise SEO strategy and keep up with the
competition. What Kind of Voice Search Strategy
Works? Traditional search relies on typed
queries, as opposed to voice search. We don't
always speak the way we write. Therefore,
businesses need to create a different game plan
for voice search. These are four tips to help you
win at voice search Consider Using Long-tail
Keywords You want to use long-tail keywords, as
opposed to one-word search terms. Moreover, they
may seem more natural, much like the way a person
speaks. Shorten and simplify your phrases to make
it easier for your customers.
Have Featured Content
Typically, voice searches are 29 words long. Thus
make your content as concise as possible. Try
keeping unique, featured content. Remember to
make use of hashtags, lists, and bullet points.
Google loves them. And finally to use long-tail
keywords in the featured snippet. Understand Your
Audience Prioritizing your audience's questions
can help with creating quality content. Hence, it
is necessary to have a thorough understanding of
your target audience. Understand what your
audience wants by answering the questions. Keep
answers direct and simple, but also
conversational. Optimize For Local Searches It is
a good thing to optimize your content for local
searches. In fact, 22 percent of voice searches
seek location-based information. Therefore, try
using phrases like "near me, which are
frequently used by consumers when searching for a
product or service. Thus, in order to maximize
both opportunities, marketers need to update
their local SEO strategies to account for voice
search. Visual Search Visual search is one of the
latest digital marketing trends. It is conducted
by taking pictures. It makes certain products
more accessible to consumers. Users can identify
a variety of places, items, and terms simply by
clicking a picture. According to BusinessWire,
62 of millennials and Gen Z members want visual
search, over other search types. Therefore, we
wouldn't be surprised if visual search became
widespread. As Google Lens and Pinterest Lens
gain popularity, it's high time you adapt. Here
are a few ways you can improve visual search Use
Multiple Images Images show your products from
multiple angles, so your leads are better able to
find your product. Taking numerous photos ensures
that people find your website first. Ultimately,
this leads to more opportunities for your
business. Utilize High-resolution Photos You need
high-quality photos to attract prospects via
visual search. Google will use those photos to
match search queries. Using blurry or pixelated
images is a big no-no since Google and other
search engines will have a hard time navigating
through them. Additionally, high-resolution
photos show off your product clearly.
Consequently, you will have a more engaged and
interested audience. Conduct Keyword Research By
now, we have probably stressed the importance of
keyword research a thousand times. But, in
addition to keyword research affecting SEO,
visual search is also influenced by it.
Optimizing your product images with keywords will
allow them to be described more accurately. It
also will help you appear in the right results.
But for visual search, we suggest you use
long-tail keywords as mentioned earlier. Provide
Image Titles and Descriptions It's a good idea to
incorporate your long-tail keywords into your
image title and description. Having keywords in
the description can help draw people's attention
to an image. This will help them locate your
products more quickly. Make your title
descriptive whenever you write. For example, "001
.png will not benefit Google or Your audience.
Thus, use descriptive headings and descriptions
so your images appear in the appropriate search
results. Add Alternative Text Alt Text is used to
provide information about the nature or content
of an image. It appears in a blank area normally
containing the image. It provides
information-rich content that utilizes keywords
and context to make Google's job easier. And
helps you rank higher in SEO. In addition, it
directs readers to the most relevant information
on a page. Therefore, use it wisely. Image
Optimization When you optimize image size and
file types, you can improve visual search
results. Larger image files take longer to load.
Therefore, you should have your images resized
before uploading them. Here are a few free tools
for image compression TinyPNG Speeds up your
website and saves bandwidth. Optimizes 50-80 on
PNG images while maintaining full
transparency. Smart lossy compression technique
is used. ImageOptim Optimize images for the web
An excellent tool for Mac users Perfect for
JPEG's, but not PNG's ShortPixel Image
compression by 90. No loss in quality Excellent
WordPress plugin Offers a free plan for 100
images per month Optimizing your photos will
shorten loading times, attract leads, and keep
them on your page. This in turn will help you
convert more from your visual search
strategy. Include captions A caption adds to the
image's description and allows customers to see
the perspective of the brand. You can describe
the product or action of the picture in depth.
Furthermore, it gives your audience a deeper
understanding of the image.
Video Marketing
Video marketing is arguably one of the most
important digital marketing trends in marketing
today. And according to SocialMediaToday, video
content is engaging regardless of social media
platform. Whenever possible, you incorporate
video content to engage your audience. There are
many ways to achieve higher engagement with video
marketing. Try using Facebook, Instagram, or
LinkedIn for starters. Here are a few reasons to
adopt video marketing Draws Attention Getting
the user's attention instantly can be hard - but
that is where videos come into play. While users
may look at fun photos, videos hold the attention
five times as much as still photos do. Thus,
consider making compelling videos that make users
stop scrolling and pay attention instead. Gains
Engagement Video is great for teaching, and can
also be extremely simple to consume. Video
marketing is a great way to connect with a wide
audience and target their pain points. This will
provide value and in turn, get you more
customers. Just make sure to include captivating
audios as well. Appeals Mobile Users Video and
mobile go hand-in-hand. In fact, 90 of consumers
watch videos on their mobile devices. And as
people are shifting towards the mobile view,
brands must be sensitive to the personal
experience people have on their smartphones.
Therefore, if you haven't already, you need to
start making your video mobile-friendly. Has Good
ROI Video production may seem like a
time-consuming and expensive proposition.
However, there is now plenty of technology
available to make good videos fast and with a
small budget. Thus, start creating one. Because
investing less when creating your videos will
enhance your chances of a positive ROI. Gets
Shared Now, social media platforms make it easier
than ever to share videos. Platforms are focusing
increasingly on video content. By utilizing this
feature, users can create their own personal
videos they can share with their friends.
Therefore, use videos as your own personal weapon
to gain more traffic and shares. Google Loves
It Finally, Google loves it. The more time that
users spend on your website, the more likely
search engines are to rank you highly. Thus,
optimize your videos for SEO just like you do for
text content. Use descriptive and interesting
titles and descriptions. Consider adding links to
your products as well.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing uses key figures to spread
your brand message to a larger audience. It tends
to be more authentic than corporate advertising.
And studies suggest, 63 of consumers trust
influencers more than brands. Try implementing
influencer marketing to see amazing results. Here
are a few ways you can set up your influencer
marketing strategy Set Goals Like any other
marketing strategy, you must set a goal for your
influencer marketing campaign. Begin with
outlining what you want your campaign to achieve.
We recommend you consider KPIs as well before you
embark on your influencer marketing strategy.
This is an important step since this helps you
determine how your campaign's campaign does. Try
using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable,
Realistic, and Timely) to define your
goals. Determine Relevant Influencers The next
step is to find influencers who can complement
your upcoming campaign. This is crucial since
your brand will be judged by who you partner
with. That's why it's crucial to find authentic
influencers who share your brand's
values. Investigate Get your facts straight
before signing a contract and or reaching out to
an influencer. Know about their brand, their
analytics, and how long they have been doing it
to see if they pose any risks. Be sure to review
their latest content and make sure they don't
promote controversial topics. Design Your
Campaign You should then proceed to design your
influencer marketing campaign. During this step,
remember to include your influencers in the mix.
This will allow you to gain their perspective as
well. Additionally, allow them the creative
freedom to make content in their preferred style.
This will help boost your campaign
significantly. Pick the Right Platforms When it
comes to influencer marketing, selecting the
right platform is crucial. For instance, it is
hard to share hyperlinks on Instagram because it
doesn't have the functionality. Again, if you
want to increase awareness of your products. Get
reviews by partnering with influencers on
Youtube. The way you partner with influencers
depends on your goals and their strengths. Thus,
find the best one that fits your needs for
maximum results. Track and Optimize After
creating an influencer marketing strategy, the
final step is tracking your campaign and
optimizing it. This helps you analyze your
progress and determine what modifications are
needed to reach your goals. Thus, remember to
keep yourself updated by using tracking tools.
There you go, the digital marketing trends you
should keep an eye out for. Investing in
Artificial Intelligence is a great way to boost
your business. Create a customized customer
experience by using chatbots. Get top-notch
results from social media marketing and
user-generated content. Remember to create
amazing content with user intent in mind. Search
engines will rely heavily on voice and visual
signals. While you're at it, you should also
improve your video marketing skills. And finally,
use influencers to get a significant
boost. However, if you are not sure about what to
do then you can rely on us. Enjoy cheap SEO
solutions from us in the Melbourne area and all
over Australia. Our SEO service for small
businesses is specially designed. Thus, it is
affordable to all! Feel free to dial or drop a
line whenever you want! It will be a pleasure to
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for In-depth Research in Content
April 16, 2021 How to Do SEO for Small Business
A Comprehensive Guide
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April 1,2021 How to Work with SEO Agencies 8
Tips for Best Results
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