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World Access Communication - Global Call Forwarding


World Access Communications offers global/international overseas call forwarding & number forwarding services to both private & corporate clients world-wide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: World Access Communication - Global Call Forwarding

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About WAC
  • We are the global leading provider of
    international toll free forwarding services,
    international callback, virtual pbx, prepaid
    international calling services.
  • World Access Communications has been incorporated
    since 1998 and employs telecom veterans with many
    years of experience. We provide telecom services
    to many Fortune 100 companies and major hotels
    and resorts located worldwide. We have a major
    presence in the Caribbean, Central American,
    Mexican hotel resort industry and we are
    considered the premium international toll free
    forwarding service provider for these regions.

About WAC
  • We currently offer our services to both private
    and corporate clients throughout 4 continents
    around the world. In this Global World that we
    currently live in, we help clients in countries
    whose high telecommunication rates often stifle
    their ability to communicate with others abroad.
  • Our support team works 7 days a week, 365 days a
    year to guarantee a real value for money
    service to our clientele. Customer service
    representatives are always on standby to assist
    you in any matter.
  • We work with the best telecommunication carriers
    in the market to provide you with the best
    quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Our Features
  • International Toll Free Local Numbers Available
    in 120 countries.
  • Preferred Carrier For the Hotel Resort
  • Real Time Online Account Management.
  • Low Cost International Calls From Any Country.
  • Robust Global Network Partnered With Major
  • No Contracts, Instant Activation.
  • Reliable Cloud Based Phone Service.

The number is 800 toll free very present in the
toll free scene and comes in handy if you are
looking for digits that your client can remember
very easily. Apart from 800 numbers, there are
also many other toll free numbers series i.e.,
855, 888, 866, 877, etc., Everyone should
consider getting yourself one or more such
numbers, to enhance your customer care services.
  • First and most importantly the 800 toll free
    number is free for callers.
  • Business organizations, which own these numbers,
    pay for the cost of calling.
  • The numbers contain online voicemail features,
    which enable you to send messages via the
    internet through emails. This is in addition to
    being able to leave your voicemail on via the

Toll-free numbers are really helpful in todays
scenario, where money is charged for every other
thing. Basically a toll-free number is one which
charges no fee from the person who makes the
call. The telephone carrier charges the party who
has been called. Such is a number is generally
identified through the service access code. A lot
of people would have a question like is 800
toll free ? 800 is a toll-free number which is
currently available in the United States.
Our Services
  • International Callback
  • Local Access and International number forwarding
  • International Toll Free Forwarding
  • Hotel Resort Communications
  • SIP Trunking
  • Prepaid Calling
  • Toll Free Forwarding Mexico

International Callback
  • Our callback services allow you to make low cost
    international calls from any phone number in the
    world. We provide 3 reliable options for you to
    make low cost international calls.
  • Dial your access number and hang up. Our system
    will call you back immediately voice prompting
    you to dial your destination number.
  • Web Trigger Make your low cost high quality
    international calls directly from our website
    without having to dial an access number.
  • SMS Trigger Send a SMS text directly
  • from your mobile phone to trigger your callback.

Local Access and International number forwarding
  • Get a local phone number in any area code in
    the U.S. or Canada and in over 40 countries of
    the world so your international customers can
    reach you anywhere. Your callers will only pay
    for a local call.
  • Have a local phone number without a physical
    office in most countries.
  • Pay only the local calling rate.
  • Customize your phone greeting.
  • Receive your calls to any phone anywhere in the
    world work, home, mobile, etc.
  • Change your ring to number in real time with easy
    online account management.

International Toll Free Forwarding
  • Our international toll free forwarding services
    allows you to forward your toll free call to any
    phone number in the world. Now you can provide
    your current customers, prospective hotel guests,
    or your friends a way to call you, your business
    or hotel without paying for the cost of a
    domestic or international phone call.
  • Hotels and resorts worladwide have been utilizing
    our toll free forwarding services for many years
    because of our low rates, great voice quality,
    and many features such as real time forwarding
    and real time call details.

Hotel Resort Communications
  • We also provides hotels and resorts located in
    the Caribbean with low cost international calling
    services.If your hotel is utilizing local
    carriers such as Flow, Lime, Cable  Wireless,
    Digicel or BTC for international calls made from
    from your business landlines or cellphones we can
    reduce these costs by over 40 monthly.

SIP Trunking
  • Does your business or hotel already have an IP
    PBX ?
  • If so OutBound Sip Trunking enables your
    business to make calls from a regular phone, call
    center or from your PBX via any broadband
    internet connection. This completely removes the
    hassle of installing telecom lines which are
    costly and time consuming. In most cases you have
    to order lot more lines than you need to and sign
    long term contracts. The cost savings can be
    anywhere from 40 to 70 and the turn around time
    is within days instead of months.

Prepaid Calling
  • Our Prepaid Calling service is a virtual phone
    card that allows you to make low cost
    international calls with a variety of calling
    methods, depending on the country where you are
    located. Ideal for travelers, this service makes
    long distance calls extremely cheap.
  • There are no additional fees or surcharges, and
    all calls can be viewed online by logging in to
    your account manager. Our prepaid calling service
    allows you to make low cost international calls
    from any phone number in U.S. / Canada as well as
    from over 50 countries worldwide.
  • By placing your international call from our U.S.
    / Canada toll free number or one of our 50
    international toll free numbers located in many
    international countries you can put away that
    expensive calling card and take advantage of our
    extremely low international rates.

Toll Free Forwarding Mexico
  • We provide both international toll free numbers
    virtual local access phone numbers from Mexico.
  • Hotels and businesses in Mexico can choose either
    an international toll free number that would be a
    free call for callers within the entire country
    of Mexico or they can choose a local access
    number from any major city in Mexico that can be
    forwarded to any phone number world wide.
  • We provide many hotels and resorts located in
    Mexico with international toll free number
    service for their reservations departments.

Contact Us
  • Location
  • World Access Communications4400 North Federal
    HighwayBoca Raton, Fl, 33431
  • Phone 800-571-0381Fax 866-610-1710
  • Customer Service
  • General Info
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