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Thomas Zirk-Gunnemann, CEO of Aucom Global Solutions, graced the cover of the renowned World’s Leaders Magazine as one of the Worlds Most Excellent Companies Revolutionizing the Industry, 2024 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: World’s Most Excellent Companies Revolutionizing the Industry, 2024

Vol. 02 Issue 03 February 2024
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Worlds Most Excellent Companies Revolutionizing
the Industry, 2024
Putting Revolutionary Ideas into Action
Innovation and visionary leadership have become
central to the ever-changing corporate
landscape, causing signi?cant changes across a
wide range of industries. Outstanding businesses
are distinguished by their status as
trailblazers, bringing about change and spurring
expansion in their industries. The majority of
businesses frequently approach problem solutions
from precisely the same perspective. After a
while, innovators lose sight of the basic
problems facing their sector because that lens
has become so default. They no longer know how
to develop gradually. An idea that transforms
people's perspectives is revolutionary because
movements are driven by people. To truly
revolutionize an industry, creating a pro?table
business is not enough. It involves altering the
perceptions of everyone involved in that
industry, including your user base and business
rivals, as behavioral changes are ultimately
driven by shifts in perception. Prominent
businesses personify innovation, quality, and an
unwavering dedication to client
satisfaction. In a time when business,
education, and technology are all changing
quickly, these ten organizations excite us with
their creative thinking, unwavering focus on
their customers, and unwavering dedication to
social development. They are the change agents,
transforming their sectors and fostering
expansion, paving the way for future years of
transition and boundless opportunities. World's
Leaders latest edition World's Most Excellent
Companies Revolutionizing the Industry, 2024 has
featured companies which can di?erentiate
themselves from their competitors and build a
reputation for being innovative and
The cover features AuCom which began in
Christchurch, New Zealand, with a vision to
create the world's best stereo ampli?er.
However, the course of history took a signi?cant
turn in 1979 when AuCom secured a license from
NASA to produce energy savers for single-phase
electric motors. This pivotal moment marked the
beginning of a transformative venture that would
rede?ne the landscape of energy- e?cient motor
control. Recognizing the demand for their
innovative product, AuCom swiftly transitioned
from a startup to a global exporter in a
remarkably short span. The company's initial
foray into the motor control market revealed a
keen interest in the soft start feature embedded
in their energy-saving product. This realization
laid the foundation for the development and
patenting of 3-phase energy-saving
technology. In this special edition, let us
share similar, interviews with many such
dedicated organizations in order to raise
awareness about their contributions to making the
world a better place.
Have a lovely read!
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Shekh Marketing Manager Tom Swann Technical
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Danny Parker
February 2024
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magazine should not be reproduced or transmitted
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Age Wave
Anywhere in Africa Safaris
Best Option Restoration
E Powered Bene?ts
Port of Hueneme
Skolen Online
Therebene, Inc
08 February 2024
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12 February 2024
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Simplifying Insurance Services by Creating the
Easiest Way to Shop for Life Insurance and
Critical Illness Insurance
My success and accolades with establishing
Star Life Ltd. and the prominent gap in the
insurance industry were key motivators for
founding Life Simpli.
14 February 2024
Founder CEO Life Simpli 15
16 February 2024
insurance industry were key motivators for
founding Life Simpli.
in educating people and giving them the tools
they need to make educated decisions. He says,
"My mantra has always been to convey the pros
and cons of each situation or product to the
client, give them my advice about what would
work in their particular situation, and then
provide them with ample time to make a prudent
decision." As a result, he gets innumerable
calls from clients thanking him for giving them
the right guidance and advice. Those
appreciation calls tend to be the best part of
the day and motivate Karan to continue doing
what he does. He asserts, "We have tried to keep
the same mantra for Life Simpli as well. For
each product we o?er, customers can avail free
advisor support and get all the information they
need without feeling compelled to make a
Filling the Gap The goal of the recently created
insurtech platform, Life Simpli is to make it
easier for Canadians to obtain life and critical
illness insurance. Life Simpli is a user-
friendly insurance marketplace that enables
people to easily calculate their insurance needs
and apply for the appropriate insurance coverage
by o?ering fast, real-time quotations from over
30 top insurance providers in Canada, including
Manulife, Sun Life, BMO, Canada Life, and
Desjardins, among others. Customers may apply
for coverage under some of the products without
even having to undergo a medical checkup. As
the Founder CEO at Life Simpli, Karan's focus
has been on forming and maintaining
relationships with their partners and customers,
recruiting the right talent and ofcourse,
ensuring that the company's vision is
communicated to all its members. When Karan
gathers the sta? together at the end of the day
to discuss consumer feedback, gratitude, and,
if any, complaints, it makes him happy. The team
bene?ts from having a better understanding of
what they are doing well and where they can
improve. Client satisfaction is another factor
that makes Karan extremely happy and inspires
him to continue doing what he is doing. He ?rmly
With the quick transition to digital and the
growing emphasis on health and wellbeing,
particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, it
became crucial to provide clients with a
straightforward web platform to buy life and
critical illness insurance from the comfort of
their homes. Thus, the notion of starting Life
Simpli was born. The founder and CEO of Life
Simpli, Karan Jain, recognized a chance to
change the insurance industry and works
arduously every day to stay committed to this
objective. Before launching Star Life Ltd. and
providing ?nancial services to HNIs across the
nation, Karan, a Chartered Financial Analyst
(CFA) by trade, worked for about 5 years in the
?nancial services industry. During that time, he
interacted with several di?erent service
providers and discovered ?rsthand how time-
consuming and di?cult purchasing insurance is.
This inspired him to start Life Simpli. Ontario,
Canada has become the company's base, and Karan
has been highly embraced there. He says, "My
success and accolades with establishing Star
Life Ltd. and the prominent gap in the
Life Simpli also publishes blogs to keep its
customers up to date about all matters related
to ?nance and insurance. Updating with Industry
Changes and Advancements One of the earliest
online insurance markets in Canada, Life Simpli,
o?ers all website users immediate insurance
rates from all the top companies. The quotations
are not only available instantly, but they are
also completely free of cost. In contrast to
other service providers, it does not request
sign-ups, email addresses, phone numbers, or
other information from customers who are only
browsing their options. 17
18 February 2024
Founder CEO Age Wave 19
Kforemost visionary and
en Dychtwald, PhD has
House Conferences on Aging. He was named the
single most in?uential marketer to baby boomers
over the last quarter- century by American
Demographics. His article in the Harvard
Business Review, "It's Time to Retire
Retirement," was awarded the prestigious
McKinsey Award, tying for ?rst place with the
legendary Peter Drucker. He was honored by
Investment Advisor as one of the 35 most
in?uential thought leaders in the ?nancial
services industry over the past 35 years, and he
and his wife, Maddy, received the Esalen Prize
for their outstanding contributions to advancing
the human potential of aging men and women
worldwide. He has twice received the American
Society on
Aging Award for distinguished leadership and has
received the Inspire Award from the
International Council on Active Aging.
emerged as North America's
original thinker regarding the social, economic,
healthcare, marketing, ?nancial, and workforce
implications of the "age wave" a term he
coined in the 1980's. He is a psychologist,
gerontologist, documentary ?lmmaker, and best-
selling author of 19 books, including his three
latest What Retirees Want A Holistic View of
Lifes Third Age, Radical Curiosity One Mans
Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life
and Sages of Aging A Guide for
Changemakers. He has served as a fellow of the
World Economic Forum and was a featured speaker
at two White
Since 1986, Ken has been the Founder and CEO of
Age Wave, an acclaimed think tank and
consultancy focused on the social and business
implications and opportunities of global aging
and rising longevity. During his career, Ken
has addressed more than two million people
worldwide in his speeches to corporate,
association, social service, and government
groups. His strikingly accurate predictions,
landmark research, and innovative ideas are
regularly featured in leading print and
20 February 2024
electronic media worldwide and, incredibly, have
garnered nearly twenty billion media impressions.
pioneering research initiative called the SAGE
Project, which came to be funded by the National
Institutes of Health. We set out to see if some
of the progressive new approaches to mental and
physical health, such as biofeedback,
meditation, yoga, and nutrition, could reverse
some elements of aging decline. The project was
so successful that it became the model for
similar programs all over the world and served
to ignite the nascent holistic health and
healthy aging ?elds.
Congressional think tank. The several-year focus
of our team of demographers, gerontologists,
sociologists, urban planners, and physicians was
to study how, throughout 99 of human history,
the average life expectancy was under 18 years.
Over the past few centuries, medical, economic,
social, and demographic forces have been
shifting and grinding against each other.
Dramatic breakthroughs in medicine, public
health, and lifestyle management have caused two
unprecedented trends declining fertility and
increasing longevity.
In this wide-ranging interview, Ken Dychtwald
shares what inspired him to start Age Wave, what
market opportunities are hiding in plain sight,
and so much more.
What motivated you to start Age Wave and what
were your initial goals? Life threw me an
interesting curve back in 1974, when I was 24,
?nishing writing my ?rst book, BodyMind, and
completing my doctorate on the Psychology of the
Body. I was invited to co-found a
Then, in 1982, another piece of an emerging
puzzle fell into place. I became an advisor to
what was then called the Of?ce of Technology
Assessment, the non-partisan U.S. 21
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  • Algalif

A Global Leader in the Health and Sustainability
Mymotivation is to
do good for the environment, for society, and
for my team.
24 February 2024
CEO Algalif 25
26 February 2024
27 27
28 February 2024
Offering a Personalized Travel Adventure
Encompassing Africa's Magni?cent Wildlife,
Stunning Landscapes, and Lively Cultural
Experiences 29
30 February 2024
31 31
32 February 2024
A Serial Entrepreneur and Franchising Expert
Dominating the Industry 33
Nick-Anthony Zamucen is a name that has become
synonymous with success in the franchising
industry. As the founder of Best Option
Restoration (B.O.R.) and Bio-One Inc., he has
proven himself to be a force to be reckoned
with. Not only has he built successful
businesses, but he has also sold them for
impressive profits. With over 25 years of
experience as a business strategist and
entrepreneur, Nick has established himself as an
authority in the industry. He has published four
books that have helped countless entrepreneurs
achieve success in their own businesses. But
it's his real-world experience that truly sets
him apart. Best Option Restoration is Nick's
latest franchised organization and it's one that
dominates the water, fire, mold and content
cleaning space. This is his fourth franchised
company, having previously opened, grown and
exited Uncle Vito's Pizzeria Franchise, Saint
Home Care, a nonmedical senior homecare
franchise, and Bio-One, the nation's leader in
the franchised bioremediation industry.
34 February 2024
Best Option Restoration Best Option Restoration
has established itself as a dominant player in
the water, mold, ?re, and content remediation
space at a national level and is now poised for
global expansion. Under Nick's leadership, the
company has set its sights on disrupting the
established players in the industry, whom he
prefers not to name to avoid further publicity.
Nick's bold vision for the future involves
surpassing these industry incumbents to become
the new standard-bearer in the ?eld. He sends a
clear message to the old guards that they should
take note, as they are on Best Option
Restoration's radar, and the company is
determined to challenge them for their title. A
Strong Advocate for Embracing Entrepreneurship N
ick is passionate about encouraging more
individuals to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.
He believes that there is nothing quite like
waking up each morning, knowing that the success
of your endeavors rests solely on your shoulders. 35
E Powered Bene?ts
36 February 2024
37 37
38 February 2024
avid Contorno, Founder CEO at E Powered
Bene?ts, is a trailblazing ?gure in the
insurance industry. He was one of the ?rst to
raise his voice against traditional insurance
carriers and the negative impact they have on
employers, clinicians, and patients. Having a
wealth of experience in agency ownership, David
previously ran successful consulting ?rms.
However, he decided to take a different approach
and established a fully transparent, anti-BUCA
(Blue Cross, United, Cigna, and Aetna, the 4
largest carriers in the US) brokerage. The main
focus of his brokerage is to create health plans
that empower employers to control costs and
prioritize high-quality, affordable care for all
the covered patients. David's accomplishments
in transforming the US healthcare system have
not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with
prestigious awards, including Forbes Most
Innovative Insurance Broker, Bene?tsPro Broker
of the Year, and Validation Institutes Advisor
of the Year. His work has been featured in
several New York Times Best Selling books, and
he is a sought-after speaker, educating
audiences nationwide on delivering high-
performance health plans to employers.
Stepping in Insurance Sector David's journey in
the insurance industry began early, as he
started telemarketing life insurance at the age
of 12. By the time he turned 17, he was already
selling traditional health plans to small
employers in the NYC area. With dedication and
hard work, he successfully grew an agency,
employing over 15 people and generating around
1.2 million in revenue. In 2007, David made the
decision to relocate to North Carolina and
venture into a new agency.
thing remained constant - his clients'
reluctance to meet for their annual renewal
meetings. Most of the time, these meetings
brought bad news for the clients. But what truly
became challenging for David was having to
convey to his clients' employees that their
out-of-pocket expenses would increase, bene?ts
would decrease, and more money would be deducted
from their paychecks. This was a di?cult
message to deliver.
insurance industry believed that more insurance
was the solution to the problem his clients
faced. He saw it di?erently, recognizing that
his clients had an insurance problem, and simply
selling more insurance didn't seem like the
right answer, except to those that bene?t from
selling insurance.
He understood that many brokers earned
commissions, and as premiums rose and more
insurance policies were sold, they made more
money. It became apparent to him that these
brokers were insurance salespeople, and even
though they may appear to work for the clients,
the reality was that they were being paid by the
insurance carriers.
David noticed that some traditional brokers
attempted to alleviate the situation by o?ering
additional insurance products like A?ac,
claiming that it would reduce certain
out-of-pocket expenses. However, this approach
didn't sit well with him. He questioned why the
Over the years, his new agency ?ourished, and by
2013, it was generating double the revenue
compared to his previous agency. However,
despite the success, one 39
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I feel it is so important to apply for the big
jobs. I was the only woman that applied for my
current job out of 60 applications, and guess
what? I got the job.
Port of Hueneme
A Pioneer in Infrastructure, Transportation, and
Trade Based on the Sea
42 February 2024
Kristin Decas CEO Port Director The Port of
Hueneme 43
44 February 2024
advancement after serving in that position for
six years. As soon as she learned about the Port
of Hueneme's port director/CEO position, she
made the decision to apply.
the place of the festival, utilizing Port
clients, local small business owners,
volunteers, and health clinics to provide over
40,500 families in Ventura County with over 1.1
million pounds of vegetables and other
resources. They established an environmental
framework, which resulted in the installation of
a shoreside power system where vessels plug in
at berth, making them emission-free and the
development of world-class air quality
monitoring in South Oxnard. The Port won the
title of greenest port in the US at the
International Green Shipping Summit in 2017,
becoming the ?rst port in California to receive
Green Marine Certi?cation in California (a
third-party environmental audit). The Board
approved a decarbonization resolution in
November 2021. Successful Supply Chain Leaders'
Traits For the upcoming generation of leaders in
the product movement, there are an increasing
number of academic options at higher education
levels that are easily accessible. According to
Kristin, backgrounds in a variety of industries
pave the way for individuals to advance to
leadership roles throughout the supply chain.
Soft skills must be preserved despite the
digital age's temptations and technologies,
though. Kristin contributed to a publication and
co-authored a chapter on the future of
transportation professionals and workforce
development. She conducted an American
Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) poll of
port CEOs across the country in order to gather
the most accurate information available, and the
results showed that leadership, interpersonal
communication, and teamwork skills are the most
in-demand skill sets.
Throughout the interview process, Kristin
discovered she truly loved the location, the
neighborhood, and the port, which increased her
excitement for the chance. Nearly ten years
later, she still genuinely loves her job and
working with her amazing sta?, the best clients,
and neighborhood partners. She adds, "I am
fortunate to be part of it. Port of Hueneme The
Port of Hueneme is one of the West Coast's
busiest and most e?ective cargo trading
gateways. The port, which is governed by ?ve
locally elected Port Commissioners, is the
sixth-largest on the west coast and the
fourth-largest in California. The port
consistently ranks among the top 10 U.S. ports
for vehicles and fresh vegetables, moving 11.4
billion worth of commodities annually. Port
operations bene?t the neighborhood by generating
2.2 billion in economic activity and 20,032
jobs in the trade sector. More than 173 million
in direct and associated state and local taxes
are generated by trade via the Port of Hueneme,
and these taxes are used to pay for essential
community services. The Port has had a number of
accomplishments thanks to the board's vision
and the team's dedication. On the front of
foreign trade, freight saw a gain of 58 and
revenues increased by an astonishing 116. Steps
to Community Service The Port of Hueneme places a
high priority on the community. Beginning in
2012, Kristin and her team started hosting an
annual Banana Festival to honor the working
waterfront, which is currently attended by over
12,000 people annually. During the pandemic,
"Feeding the Frontline" programs took
A vision is a distinct, clear, and
focused image of the future, and it is
frequently associated with signi?cant
organizational advancements. E?ective leaders
will articulate their vision in a way that
inspires excitement and dedication among all
members of the
company. The di?erence between a manager and a
leader lies in their capacity to articulate a
vision and utilize it to motivate
others. Kristin Decas is a seasoned leader who
consistently proves her capacity to develop a
vision and carry out a plan through open,
collaborative methods that encourage outcomes.
The CEO of the Port of Hueneme is passionate,
focused, and committed to serving the needs of
the local community and Port customers. For the
?rst 18 years of her life, Kristin lived in New
York, where she was born. She graduated from the
University of Vermont with a bachelor's in
economics with a minor in philosophy and from
the University of Denver with a master's in
environmental policy and law with a
concentration in natural resources. She began
her career at the Port of New Bedford in
Massachusetts, the top- value ?shing port in the
country, and has held the position of Port
Director and CEO for the past 16 years. She
reasoned that it would be wise to consider
opportunities for professional 45
46 February 2024
47 47
48 February 2024
49 49
Therebene, Inc
Creating Legacy in Biotechnology and
DIPAOLA 50 February 2024
51 51
In the ever- evolving In landscape
of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals,
The initial target is CDK9, which plays a direct
role in multiple malignancies, including breast,
ovarian, pancreatic, and other solid tumors.
The company's immediate goal is to obtain
approval for one of its leading products in the
United States. Following this, expansion into
international markets is planned, with a focus
on Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, and
eventually South America. Therabene also intends
to extend its technology to target proteins
beyond CDK9, including Myc and H/KRas proteins,
among others. Principles for Growth and
Development Mario's perspective on continuous
growth and development as a business leader
underscores several key principles. Staying
updated on the latest trends, technologies, and
best practices in the biotech/pharma industry is
paramount. This involves attending conferences,
enrolling in online courses when needed, and
actively seeking out mentoring opportunities.
Networking is also emphasized as a critical step
in building strong professional connections,
achieved through participation in industry
events, association memberships, and
interactions with fellow business leaders.
Networking can yield valuable insights,
collaboration opportunities, and exposure to
fresh ideas. Mario suggests that e?ective
leadership includes actively seeking feedback
from team members, peers, and mentors.
Constructive feedback plays a vital role in
identifying areas
Mario's entrepreneurial spirit is another
de?ning facet of his journey. He has founded or
co-founded several companies, each with a
unique mission and vision. Blue Stream
Laboratories Inc., a company he co-founded,
achieved such success that it was acquired by
Charles River Laboratories in 2016. Higher-Order
Technologies LLC, which focuses on developing
novel analytical equipment, is yet another
example of his commitment to pushing the
envelope of technology and discovery. Approachin
g Targeted Disease Treatment Therabene, a
biotechnology startup founded in 2020, is
pioneering the development of high-potency, low-
toxicity targeted chemotherapeutic agents known
as "degraders, also referred to as PROTACs.
These degraders have the potential to treat
cancers, autoimmune diseases, speci?c viral
infections, and other challenging conditions.
This novel approach to drug discovery extends
beyond traditional methods, which focus on
directly controlling protein activity. To date,
Therabene has designed and synthesized around a
dozen degraders, with TB-003 and TB-008
undergoing extensive in- vitro evaluations.
TB-003 has also shown promising e?cacy against
triple negative breast cancer in in- vivo
studies, highlighting the innovative potential
of degraders in medical research and
treatment. The primary objective of the company
is to create degraders targeting
disease-associated proteins.
one name stands out as a beacon of experience
and innovation. Mario
DiPaola, Co-Founder and CEO at Therebene, Inc,
is an industry veteran with a remarkable 25-year
track record and has left an indelible mark in
the realm of life sciences. Mario's journey
through the biotechnology and pharmaceutical
industries is a testament to his dedication and
expertise. With a focus on basic research,
development, quality, manufacturing, and
regulatory functions in support of protein and
small molecule drug development, he has
navigated the complex world of therapeutic
advancement with remarkable success. His
extensive experience includes involvement in the
development and regulatory ?lings (BLA/eCTD) of
several approved therapeutics, such as
Alferon-N, Amevive, and Sucraid, which have
brought hope and healing to countless
individuals. Beyond the con?nes of laboratories
and regulatory processes, Mario's impact extends
to the world of academia and research. With over
60 publications to his name and several patents
as a co-inventor, he has played a pivotal role
in advancing the frontiers of science and
innovation. His work re?ects a commitment to
exploring new horizons and pushing the
boundaries of what's possible in the quest to
improve human health.
52 February 2024
for improvement and re?ning leadership styles.
Furthermore, embracing challenges and viewing
them as growth and learning opportunities is
encouraged, as overcoming challenges can enhance
resilience and problem-solving skills. Seeking
mentorship from established leaders can provide
invaluable guidance, support, and
insights. Mario acknowledges that the business
landscape is ever-evolving, and a successful
leader must be adaptable and open to
change. Continually evaluating strategies and
being prepared to pivot when necessary is a
critical aspect of e?ective leadership. In
Mario's view, one challenge faced by emerging
leaders may be a lack of resilience to
persevere, particularly in adverse conditions.
Additionally, some emerging leaders may
prioritize quick ?nancial rewards and swift
exits over long-term growth and
sustainability. Pursuing Societal Equality and
Health Equity From a societal standpoint, Mario
emphasizes the importance of achieving greater
social equality. This involves promoting equal
rights, diversity, and inclusion to create a more
harmonious and inclusive society. In the ?eld of
Pharma and Biotech, Mario's aspiration is for the
development of better and more e?ective drugs
that are accessible to the entire population,
rather than limited to a select subset. This
re?ects a desire for more equitable healthcare
and medication access. 53
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