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Email Etiquette and Appropriate Use


Copy with care; Reply to all with care. Don't oversell your message ... Keep editorial comments to yourself. Treat others as you would have them treat you ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Email Etiquette and Appropriate Use

Email Etiquette and Appropriate Use
  • November 2005 IP Video
  • Melinda Bradbury,
  • Ag Information Technology (AgIT) Call Center

  • Welcome by David Petritz, Director,
  • Purdue Cooperative Extension Service
  • Overview of Extension Email Groups
  • Useful Outlook Tools
  • Email Etiquette
  • Legal Issues
  • Available Resources
  • Questions
  • email during

Extension Email Groups
  • Who can use
  • All Extension Staff
  • For business announcements, etc
  • Reach Extension staff based on physical area,
    program area or project
  • includes campus
  • Who updates
  • Nancy Goodman and Melinda Bradbury

Extension Email Groups
  • When to use
  • To transmit information to staff based on
  • Extension Appointment ces.everyone_at_agad.purdue.ed
  • Program area ex
  • Physical area ex
  • Specific project ex new.ventures_at_agad.purdue.ed
  • How to use
  • Enter full address in TO field in Outlook
  • Lookup mailgroup address on CES Intranet
  • Use the find feature in Outlooks address book

Extension Email Groups
  • Questions to ask before using an email group.
  • Is this message appropriate?
  • Is this message business related?
  • Does this message apply to the members of this
  • If sending to, does
    the message apply to both campus and field staff?
  • Is there a better group to use?

Useful Outlook Tools
  • Contacts
  • Add the Extension mailgroups to your contacts to
    save time
  • Caution Beware of short-term memory in
  • Personal Distribution Lists
  • Useful for local clientele mailgroups
  • Delegate Access
  • Allows one person to create maintain local
    clientele mailgroups in Outlook Contacts and
    share with others in office
  • Blind Carbon Copy (bcc)
  • Enables users to keep email addresses of
    clientele confidential

Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips
  • Beware of hidden readers
  • Write like Mom or the boss will read it
  • Remain gender neutral
  • Keep harassment and discrimination policies in
  • Dont use email to let off steam
  • Control the urge to flame
  • Respect others time
  • Never reply to spam

Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips
  • Do not email the world
  • Copy with care Reply to all with care
  • Dont oversell your message
  • Ask permission before forwarding
  • Be cautious sending attachments
  • Always use a salutation and signature
  • Beware the exclamation point

Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips
  • Resist the urge to capitalize
  • Also applies to all lower case letters
  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Think before requesting a receipt
  • Keep editorial comments to yourself
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you
  • Consider e-mails limitations
  • Always use a descriptive subject line

More on Etiquette
  • Tone
  • Using all caps or all bold letters is considered
  • A professional, conversational tone is best
  • Professionalism
  • Email is a business communication
  • Avoid temptation to be too casual
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Outlook has features to check all of the above

Email Tips
  • Be short and to the point when sending email
  • Be sure to read the entire message before
  • Be cautious when using Reply to All to respond
  • Be judicious with the use of attachments
  • Alternatives to attachments are available
  • Office Shared folder
  • W drive
  • Sharepoint collaboration site
  • Use the bcc field for personal distribution lists
    of clientele to protect address lists

Legal Issues
  • Employees e-mail is the property of the employer
  • Purdue policy for Access and Use of e-mail
  • E-mail is like a postcard anyone can read it
  • E-mail is vulnerable while in transit
  • E-mail can be subpoenaed
  • Not only yours but anyone you communicate with
  • E-mail has an indefinite shelf life there is no
    such thing as deleted email.

Legal Issues
  • Protect your email account
  • Lock your computer when you walk away
  • Dont share your password
  • Be cautious assigning delegate rights to your
  • You are liable for anything sent as you or on
    your behalf
  • EEO guidelines extend to email

Two Quick SPAM and PHISHING Tips
  • Dont feel obligated to read and respond to every
  • Never respond to questionable emails
  • Use the technology to help protect you and manage
    your incoming e-mail
  • Use the University SPAM filter
  • Use rules in Outlook to automatically delete some
    questionable messages

SPAMMERs Favorite Tricks
  • Phony Subject Line
  • Numeric Address Formats
  • Celebrity Subject Headers
  • Dictionary Spam
  • Doubtful content
  • Fake unsubscribe links
  • Phony return address
  • Forged headers
  • Common Categories

Available Resources
  • Mail group search feature on the CES Intranet
  • Documentation on AgIT Webpage http//www.agricultu
  • Email Groups FAQs
  • Creating Personal Distribution Lists
  • Outlook Delegate Access
  • AgIT Policies Procedures
  • Other Resources
  • Purdue Policies http//
  • AgIT Call Center

Email, Mailgroups and You
  • Important Questions to ask BEFORE you send that
  • Is this the best way to relay this information?
  • Alternatives phone call, office visit,
    traditional mail
  • Am I addressing this to the correct people?
  • Does this need to go outside my program area,
    physical area or project area?
  • Do campus staff need this information?
  • Is my message clear?
  • Have I included a descriptive subject?

Email, Mailgroups and YOU
  • Extension email groups are designed to
  • Provide enhanced communication among staff
  • Encourage the sharing of information between
  • Assure that all staff in an area (program,
    physical or project) receive the appropriate
  • Email and the mailgroups should make your job
    easier, not more difficult. Judicious use of
    email and the email groups helps all Extension

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