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The Tabernacle


rams skins dyed red represent the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) ... watch'/ be ready' (Jeremiah 1:11-12) The table with the Showbread ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle
  • Foreshadows Christ and Salvation and
  • Gods eternal covenant.
  • (Hebrews 8)

The Tabernacle
  • It was a portable place of worship used by the
    Israelites in the wilderness, from the time of
    the Judges to 10th century BC.

The Tabernacle with Gods Shekhina glory
Picture with permission of the Temple Institute,
Jerusalem The Tabernacle or Mishkan means tent
of meeting. It represents the Shekhina or
indwelling presence of God. Gods glory filled
the tabernacle. A cloud covered it by day and a
fire by night. (Exodus 4034, 38 Numbers 915)
The Perimeter Fence and the Gate
  • The tabernacle was a place of protection or
    hiding place
  • (Psalm 275)
  • Jesus is the Gate (John 107) and the
  • narrow way. (Matthew 713)

The Coverings and curtains
  • 3 layers badger skins on the top represent
    lowliness, the pilgrim aspect of the church
  • rams skins dyed red represent the blood of
    the Lamb (Jesus)
  • fine linen represents holiness/purity
    decorated with blue, purple and scarlet

The Tabernacle with roof removed
  • A rectangular structure with a perimeter fence of
    fabric, poles and staked cords facing East.
  • Two sections separated by a veil The Holy Place
  • The Most Holy Place

The Curtains
  • The curtains were made of goat hair sin
  • dyed blue heavens/perfection
  • purple royalty
  • scarlet blood

The 7 branched Lampstand Menorah
It was decorated with almond buds which mean
watch/ be ready (Jeremiah 111-12)
  • Stood on the left (South). Hammered out of one
    piece of gold.
  • Light shining from the alphabet on the menorah
    onto the stones on the High Priests shoulders
    would spell out an oracle or decision.
  • Jesus is the Light of the World

The table with the Showbread
  • A gold overlaid table stood on the right
  • Each Sabbath 2 piles of 6 loaves were placed on
    it as an offering. (These represent the 12 tribes
    of Israel.
  • Jesus is the Bread of Life (John 635)

The Laver
  • The laver was a huge bronze basin on a bronze
  • It was used by the priests for washing their
    hands and feet before they offered the
    sacrifice/ritual cleansing.
  • Jesus is the Living Water (John 4)

The Altar of the Burnt Offering
Used for burning the sacrificial lambs, bulls
and goats. Symbolic of the sacrifice of Jesus on
the cross
  • Made of acacia wood overlaid with bronze.
  • It had 4 horns at its corners and a bronze
  • Rings at the sides were for holding it on poles.

The Altar of Incense
Used for burning incense each morning and
evening. Symbol of prayer. (Revelation
58), inviting the sweet presence of the Lord.
  • The altar of incense was made of acacia wood and
    it had 4 horns, all overlaid with pure gold.
  • I had 2 rings on each side so that it could be
    carried on poles, also made of acacia wood and
    overlaid with gold.

The Ark of the Covenant
Stood in the Holy of Holies. Made of pure gold
symbolising the divine/purity/excellence Symbolis
es Gods presence with His people and His
eternal covenant.
  • The Cheribim - overshadowing protection under
    Gods wings-represent the fullness of the Holy
  • The Mercy Seat - Gods Judgement seat- atonement
    and propitiation Hebrews 95, Romans 325
  • GRACE through the blood sacrifice of His Son,

The Ark Contents
  • The 2 Stone Tablets of the Law with the 10
    Commandments (Exodus 5)
  • Aarons rod, which budded symbol of authority
    (Numbers 178)
  • Jar of Manna Jesus is the fresh Bread (John
    632-35 )
  • These were to serve as a reminder of the covenant.

The VeilThis separated the Holy Place from the
Holy of Holies.
  • Once a year on the Day of Atonement the High
    Priest went through into the Most Holy Place
    after making the sacrifices and burning incense.
    (Leviticus 16)
  • When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the
    Temple was torn in two making the way open to us
    to enter His presence.
  • (Matthew 2751)

The High Priest
  • 8 garments were worn all year round an ephod or
    apron, breastplate, robe, embroidered coat,
    mitre, girdle, plate and linen breeches.
  • On the Day of Atonement he wore 4 white linen
    garments a robe, breeches, girdle and mitre-
    symbolising purity

The High Priests Breastplate of JudgementGolden
chains and hooks attached this to the ephod.
  • 4 rows of 3 stones represent the 12 tribes of
  • sardius, topaz, carbuncle
  • emerald, sapphire, diamond
  • ligure, agate, amethyst
  • beryl, onyx, jasper.
  • An onyx stone on each shoulder the Urim and
    Thummin used to determine Gods will as the light
    shone on them.

Jesus is our Great High PriestHe is the
mediator of the New Covenant (Hebrews 8 and 9)
  • He went through the greater and more perfect
    tabernacle that is not man-made. (911) and
    entered the Most Holy Place once for all though
    His own blood, having obtained eternal
    redemption (912b)

The Temple built by King Solomon
  • Picture with permission of the Temple Institute,
  • The Ark was brought by King David to Jerusalem (2
    Samuel 6)
  • and the Temple was constructed by his son,
    Solomon, on the same pattern as the Tabernacle
    according to Gods commandments.
  • (1 Kings 6-9)

The Temple construction (1 Kings 5-7) - model
  • The walls of each room were panelled with cedar
    and carved with flowers, palm leaves and cheribim
    and overlaid with gold.
  • Sacrifices were made in the courtyard outside.
  • Only the priests and Levites were allowed inside
    the building.

The Temple was where Gods presence was His
eyes and His heart.
  • Isaiah had a vision of the Lord seated on the
    throne, His train filled the temple and He was
    surrounded by cheribim.
  • (Isaiah 61-7)
  • He was awe struck with Gods holiness and his
    own unworthiness.

The Second Temple (Zerubbabels Temple) was
built after the Exile.
King Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to
Jerusalem in 538 BC and gave back all the gold
and silver objects taken by the Babylonians. It
was not completed in 515 BC because of opposition
and discouragement. It was similar to Solomons
temple, but not so splendid.
Herods TempleIt was built between 19 BC and
9 AD
  • It was 2x higher than Solomons Temple and
    covered with gold so that it was a dazzling sight.

Herods Temple
  • It had an outer Gentile Court, which anyone could
    enter, a Womens Court, Court of Israel and
    Priests Court.

Herods Temple was destroyed by the Romans in
AD 70
  • Painting by Francesco Hayez

The Kotel (Western Wall) is all that remains
of Herods Temple
  • This is the focal point where Jews in Israel have
    been able to pray and celebrate the Feasts Since
    the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967.

Synagogue construction followed the plan of the
original Tabernacle and temples in Jerusalem
  • At its front an ark, aron kodesh, containing the
    Torah scrolls is comparable to the Ark of the
    Covenant This is the holiest spot in a synagogue,
    equivalent to the Holy of Holies.
  • A candelabrum ner tamid, similar to the
    original Menorah burns constantly.
  • At the center is a large elevated area, known as
    the bimah where the Torah is read, equivalent
    to the altars in the Tabernacle on which incense
    and animal sacrifices were offered.

Christians no longer need to build temples. We
are temples of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus said that the Holy Spirit does not live in
    temple made with hands, but He dwells in us.
  • Do you not know that your body is a temple of
    the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 619)

The Third Temple
  • Ezekiel was given a vision of perfect Millennial
  • (Ezekiel 41-43) with the same attributes as the
    Tabernacle, but far superior.

Temple Time Line
now Gods dwelling place is with men.. (
Revelation 213)God Almighty and the Lamb are
its Temple (Revelation 2122)
  • The New Jerusalem
  • Will come down from heaven
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