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THE TABERNACLE EXODUS 25-40 ... Atonement Money Exodus 30:11-16 The money given by the people as an atonement for their souls ... Numbers 1:45 with Psalms 106 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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The Purpose of the Tabernacle
  • Exodus 258, And let them make me a sanctuary
    that I may dwell among them.

The Key Verse of the Tabernacle
  • Hebrews 924, For Christ is not entered into the
    holy places made with hands, which are the
    figures of the true but into heaven itself, now
    to appear in the presence of God for us
  • For Israel, the Tabernacle was instituted for the
    purpose of revealing through object lessons Gods
    plan of redemption. Every part of the Tabernacle
    and all its appointed ministries were to Israel a
    symbol or testimony of the coming Messiah and His
    work of redemption. In the Tabernacle they saw
    Him Who is invisible.

The Tabernacle as a Whole
  • The Lord designed His own sanctuary and set it up
    in the midst of Israels camp as His dwelling
    place, meeting place and revealing place. The
    Lord grouped His people as worshipers, workers
    and warriors. The worshipers, the priests, the
    Levites and the workers were encamped close about
    the Tabernacle to minister in and care for the
    Lords tent. The camps of warriors were outside
    to guard the worshipers and the workers.

Different Aspects of the Tabernacles Purpose
  • As Leader of the people, the Tabernacle was Gods
    pavilion, in which His redeemed ones might hide
    in a day of trouble. Ps. 275
  • As the King of Israel the Lord was enthroned in
    the Tabernacle as His palace
  • As the Father of His people, the Tabernacle was
    the House of the Lord, where His children might
    enjoy fellowship with Him.
  • In the Tabernacle Jehovah dwelt in the midst of
    His people whom He had redeemed and brought near
    to Himself. His presence guided and protected
    them and showed the right path.

The Foundation Atonement Money Exodus 3011-16
  • The money given by the people as an atonement
    for their souls went to form the foundation of
    the Tabernacle, so that the Tabernacle literally
    stood upon the price of souls..Redemption.
  • The Saved have no other standing today. The
    half shekel is a figure of the blood of Christ,
    by which we have been ransomed for God. Note 1
    Peter 118-19

Thoughts on the Foundation
  • All needed a ransom. Ex. 3012 with Rom. 323
  • Ransom price fixed by God. Ex. 3013
  • Ransom is same for all. Ex 3015
  • Ransom is personal. Ex. 3014 with Ps. 497
    Also Acts 1630-31. What must I do to be
  • Ransom only way of acceptance. Ex. 3013 Note
    word shall.
  • Ransomed expected to serve. Numbers 145 with
    Psalms 1068. We should want to. Ps 1072
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