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later middle ages – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: later middle ages

Christianity and medieval society
The church shapes politics and society
  • Clergy-clergy is a church officials
  • Society- Life in Europe revolved around there
  • politics-clergy did influence polices in medieval
    times in Europe.

Monks and friars
  • Monks lived far away from people and friars lived
    close in town with the people.

The monks of Cluny
  • Religious order-religious orders are people who
    own there lives to religious.
  • Living apart from society-monks are people who
    live apart from society. They also made a
    religious order as defined above.

New order
  • Francis of Assisi-is the people who found the
    Franciscan order.
  • Friars- are religious people who live with every
    one in society.
  • Living with society-friars live with a lot of
    people in society . They lived in society's so
    they can be with there religious and help with it.

Universities are built
  • Universities were built by church leaders.
  • Thomas Aquinas-came up with the natural law and
    showed how religious faith and reason why two
    things could exist together
  • Natural laws-a law that was created to governed
    how the world works

The church and the arts
Religious architecture
  • Religious architecture was inspired by religion.
    Also they design architecture meant for people
    to get closer to god.

Religious arts
  • Religious arts-they have amazing colors and
    spiral celling's and among the most beautiful
    architectural achievements in medieval times.

magna carta causes changes in England
magna carta
  • Magna carta is the document that was written by
    English nobles. King john signed the document and
    he could not ignore it. English nobles demanded
    this argument.

Effects of magna carta
  • The effects of magna carta is the right that no
    one can be made to be in jail without a reason
    and the king must follow this rule too.
  • 3 demands are
  • 1no man shall be forced to performed more
    services to a knight.
  • 2 neither we nor any royal official will take
    wood for our castle or for any other purpose
  • 3 in future no official shall place a man on
    trial upon his own unsupported statement.
  • These three statements are important because it
    gives every one the right to know what they did
    and why.

changes after magna carta
  • The magna carta inspired the nobles to write
    magna carta because they wanted fair rights or
    for everything to equal between every one
    including the king.
  • Parliament- is a part of the law making process
    were laws are made.
  • The king limited magna carta by lying to the
    people and telling them want he wanted them to
    know. Since only the king, the pope, and bishops
    could read.

100 years of war
  • 100 years of war is a time period when England
    and France had along fight over who was in
    charged of throne.

The hundred years of war
  • The course of the war-England and France were
    fighting over who was in power of throne.
  • French king dies with heirs-the French king who
    died was king Charles the iv.
  • Two men claim throne-Edward and Phillip claim
  • England takes the lead-England won many key
    battles .
  • Joan of arc-is a teenager peasant who railed the
    France troops in 100 years of war.

Result of war
  • In result of the war the France won the war
  • Changes in England-the war help increase the
    power of parliament.
  • Changes in France-after the war it caused the
    France kings to gain more power.
  • Democracy in France will have to wait-the
    democracy will have to wait because of there type
    of government . Unless they change there
    government they will not have a democracy

Black death
Were it came from
  • Were it came from-black death came from central
    and eastern Asia.

How it spread
  • How it spread-the disease spread by traders who
    had rats aboard there ship who have been bitten
    by a flea that carried a disease know as the
    plague. After the trader world arrive the rats
    would get off and bit people and give them the
    plague .

What disease was it
  • What disease was it-the disease was know as the

Effect on life on the manorand feudalism/how
  • .
  • Effect on life on the manor and feudalism/how
    many died-on the manor every thing collapse and
    so did feudalism because of the disease there
    were less people so less people means that there
    was less people to do the jobs on the farm and
    trade land with. Also about a third of the
    population died or about 25 million people.

What happen to it
  • What happen to it-the plague left because people
    left the empire to other places and spread it
    there and took it away from the empire.
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