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Later Middle Ages


This is about the later middle ages. This power point talks about the Magna Carta, the Hundred Year War, and the Black Death. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Later Middle Ages

Later Middle Ages
  • C.Markland

Magna Carta causes changes in England
  • By Colton Markland

Magna Carta
  • Who demanded this agreement?- In 1215 a group of
    nobles decided to force the king to respect
    their rights.

Effects of Magna Carta
  • What were the effects of the of M/C- It become a
    key development in the creation of the democracy.
  • Three demands- 1. State why they were being put
    in jail. 2. Even the king must obey the law. 3.
    To respect these rights.

Changes after Magna Carta
  • What did the M/C inspire the noble to do?- The
    Magna Carta inspired them to now be the ones
    giving the advice to the kings.
  • Parliament- A lawmaking body that governs
    England. This still governs England today.
  • How did the king limit M/C?- Different events
    changed the M/C.

Student Magna Carta
  • Teachers have to give you a reason for why you
    are in trouble.
  • More free time.
  • Use phones and computers for more projects like
    helping look up stuff.

The Hundred Years War
  • By Colton Markland

The Course of the War
  • French King dies with no heirs-
  • A French King died with no direct heir so the
    English came in and tried to take control of
    Frances thrown so that started the Hundred Year
  • Two men claim thrown- One was French the other
    was the King of England. In the end the French
    man became king.
  • English take the lead- This did not sit well with
    the English king so he later invaded and they
    took the lead at first.
  • Joan of Arc- A young peasant girl that rallied
    the French troops but English did kill her but it
    was to late. The French drove the English from
    their country in 1453.

Results of the War
  • Changes in England- In England, Parliaments
    power grew because the king needed Parliaments
    power approval to raise money to pay for the
    costly war. As Parliament gained more influence,
    the king lost power.
  • Changes in France- In France, on the other hand,
    the kings power grew. During the war, the king
    had become popular with his nobles. Fighting the
    English had created a bond between them. As
    result, the nobles supported the king after the
    war as well.
  • Democracy in France will have to wait- Since they
    won the war they didnt need a new government and
    they got a new king.

Black Death
  • By Colton Markland

Where it came from
  • The plague originally came from central and
    eastern Asia.

How it Spread
  • Unknowingly, traders brought rats carrying the
    disease to Mediterranean ports in 1347. From
    there it quickly swept throughout much of Europe.
    Fleas that feasted on the blood of the infected
    rats passed on the plague to people.

What disease was it
  • The bubonic plague, a deadly plague that swept
    through Europe between 1347 and 1351.

Effects on Manor life and Feudalism/ How many
  • In some villages nearly everyone died or fled as
    neighbors fell ill. In England alone, about 1,000
    villages were abandoned, and mostly by death.
    Most places the manor system fell apart
    completely. There werent enough people left to
    work in the fields. The plague killed millions of
    people in Europe and millions more around the

What happened to it
  • They cleaned up a lot. They used to just leave
    everything all dirty and leave their battle
    scares open cause they thought that would help
    them heal. It still exist today , it could happen
    again. Any time.