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Europe and Islamic Fundamentalism


According to the Times 'Islamic fundamentalism is causing a 'clash of ... Immigration from Algeria (France), Morocco (Spain and France), Pakistan, Egypt ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Europe and Islamic Fundamentalism

Europe and Islamic Fundamentalism
  • Challenge to the European Dream

The Fundamentalist Wedge
  • According to the Times Islamic fundamentalism is
    causing a 'clash of civilisations' between
    liberal democracies and Muslims
  • Increasingly, since 9/11, Islamic Fundamentalism
    (Islamism) viewed as incompatible with European
  • Challenge to European value of multiculturalism
  • Compounded by lack of assimilationist ideology
  • There is no French, Dutch or other European
    dream. You emigrate here to escape poverty and
    nothing more.
  • Fundamental extremism fuels intolerance across

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Muslims in Europe
  • Thought to be around 12-13 million practicing
    Muslims in Europe today
  • Europes naturally declining demography is
    creating a need for migrant labor
  • EU needs at least 1.2 million new immigrants each
    year to preserve its demographic balance.
  • Immigration from Algeria (France), Morocco (Spain
    and France), Pakistan, Egypt and Palestine (UK),
    Turkey (Germany)
  • Fuels fear of loss of European culture and
    values to Islamic Fundamentalism

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The Case of the Missing Imams
  • Imams across Europe have come under increasing
  • Netherlands, Free University in Amsterdam to
    train Imams on Dutch society, government and
  • Fueled by murder of Dutch film-maker Theo van
    Gogh in Nov, 2004
  • France, foreign-born Imams must attend classes in
    French language, government and culture and must
    preach in French
  • Fueled by honor killings and outspoken pro-al
    Qaeda clerics
  • French have deported Imams for justifying
    intolerance (wife-beating, honor killings)

The Mood in Holland
Dutch viewpoints after slaying of van
Gogh http//
In France . . .
  • Institute for Human Sciences (IESH)
  • Est. in 1990 in la France profonde
  • "Here a generation has grown up with French as
    its mother tongue. These people need imams to
    pass on the religious values of their parents.
    Leaders from elsewhere cannot do it because they
    do not under-stand the language or the customs
    and habits that prevail here. They have to come
    from inside." -- Zuhair Mahmoud, IESH's founder
    and director

Multiculturalism, Fear and Integration
  • Study Intolerance and Discrimination against
    Muslims in the EU, by International Helsinki
    Federation for Human Rights (IHF), covering 11 EU
    members states found
  • Widespread negative attitudes towards Muslims
  • Seen as an enemy within
  • In Germany, 80 of respondents associated Islam
    with terrorism and oppression of women
  • We are concerned that these developments
    threaten to undermine positive efforts at
    integration and further increase the
    vulnerability of Muslims to human rights
    violations and marginalisation --Aaron Rhodes,
    IHF executive director
  • In part accounts for French hostility and general
    EU wariness about Turkeys application
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