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Manifestation of Creator/Creature relationship, Gen. 1:1 ... Revelation in words was a correlative to revelation in nature: a supernatural self-disclosure ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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REVELATION Before the Fall
  • There was Revelation in Creation
  • Manifestation of Creator/Creature relationship,
    Gen. 11
  • Manifestation of attributes of Creator thru
    creation (Cf. Rom. 120/Ps. 191-6)
  • Manifestation of unity between word and creation,
    Ps. 19 Ps. 336
  • Revelation of man as image of God, Gen. 126,7
  • Revelation in spoken word indicates Gods plan
    and purpose
  • Revelation in spoken word indicates Gods power
    which brings about all that occursgt

REVELATION Before the Fall
  • There was Revelation in Man/Woman
  • Man/woman are revelation of God (image bearer)
  • This is a special application of above, viz.,
    revelation in creation
  • Man (generic) is distinct as image-bearer
  • Man Image of God (NOT, Image of God in Man)
  • The glory of God visible in reflected way, Ps. 8
    (results in Doxology)
  • Self knowledge is impossible without knowledge of

REVELATION Before the Fall
  • There was Revelation in Words
  • Revelation was not exhausted in creation
  • Revelation in words was a correlative to
    revelation in nature a supernatural
  • These words were not simply a part of the created
    order rather, they were spoken into the created
  • Thus, in addition to general revelation (creation
    and providence, etc.) there is special revelation
    (A. Kuyper, Principles of Sacred Theology,
    special principle, 368ff)
  • Special revelation cannot be explained in terms
    of forces within creation it is a result of the
    immediate action of God (just as regeneration is
    not part of ordinary providence, but is the
    immediate act of God)gt

REVELATION Before the Fall
  • Revelation in Words, cont.
  • Genesis 216,17, indicates the necessity of
    spoken revelation (verbal) directly to man
  • It was the imparting of knowledge otherwise not
  • This was direct biblical fellowship, par
    excellence, (see Vos, Biblical Theology, 28)
  • Revelation was given to Adam
  • As a public person, L.C., Q. 22
  • As representative of human race his destiny
    becomes oursgt

REVELATION Before the Fall
  • Revelation in Words, cont.
  • The character of Word Revelation was
  • Objective direct revelation was identifiable in
    human experience it was clearly distinguished
    from the words of Adam
  • Adams word did not become Word of God
  • The Word was not a witness to revelation, but was
    revelation (contra Barth)
  • There was no confusion between the Words of God
    and the deeds of God GOD SPEAKS, ACTS,

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • There is a deposit of revelation, the deposit of
    faith given in a book
  • Redemption will lead to the restoration of the
    paradise situation restoration of direct
  • Fellowship between God and man was broken it is
    restored in Jesus Christ, but only in part
  • A lack of direct contact results in God using
    prophets and apostles as intermediaries between
    God and mangt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • Revelation and the Preceding Period
  • Man was prohibited from eating in the garden
    under penalty of death in the very place where
    life began and life was to be sustained, Gen. 29
  • Man, the image-bearer, continues but does so in
    a living death. Grace is the only basis for
    continued existence
  • Death intervenes where once there had only been
  • The announcement of mans continued existence,
    Gen. 315, is a revelation of Gods grace (i.e.,
    God was faithful to his purpose in creating)gt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • This is a revelation of Gods kindness to all
    Common Grace
  • Common Grace provides the backdrop for redemptive
  • Acts 1417, God is not without a witness man
    still image-bearer of God, Gen. 96, James 39
  • Nature, subjected to the curse, reveals the wrath
    of God (Rom. 820-22)gt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • Mankind reveals curse of sin, Rom. 117-32 and
    is bound to misinterpret revelation in nature
  • Mankinds opposition to God is ethical, not
    metaphysical. Scots Confession 2,3 39 Articles
    9 Canons of Synod of Dordt, 31 Irish
    Articles, 22,23 WCF 42 and 62
  • Common Grace restrains this ethical antithesis
    total depravity is restrained, although, in
    principle the antithesis is absolute. C. Van Til,
    Common Grace, 196gt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • The Distinction in Revelation
  • After the fall, revelation becomes redemptive in
  • Genesis 315 is the first intimation of the
    defeat of Satan. Cf. Rom. 16 20
  • In spite of the curse, God will give life life
    in the midst of deathgt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • Modes of Revelation during the Patriarchal Period
    (Vos, BT, 69-76)
  • God speaks in indefinite manner, e.g., Abram,
    Gen. 124
  • God appears to men (Gen. 127) and theophanies
    occur (Gen. 1517)
  • Dreams and visions, Gen. 2812, 462
  • The most important and characteristic form of
    revelation in the patriarchal period, the Angel
    of the Lord. Gen. 167 -Vosgt

REVELATION The Fall to Mt. Sinai
  • The form of revelation from simple declarations
    that God had spoken to a more or less
    circumstantial description of the form, Vos, BT,
  • Revelation, while increasing in frequency, at
    the same time becomes more restricted and
    guarded in its mode of communication. Vos, BT,
  • The unfolding of the covenantal scheme begins
    with the first mention of the Covenant of Grace
    (Gen. 315), the formal institution of the
    Covenant of Grace (Gen. 121-3), and the
    restatement of the creation covenant as a basis
    for the redemptive covenant (Gen. 99-17). WCF

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • Mosaic Period Forms of Revelation to Moses (Vos,
    BT, 105ff)
  • God was revealed in the Pillar of Cloud/Fire, Ex.
    1321,22 the Shekinah glory or the glory of the
    presence of the Lord, his dwelling
  • God is revealed in the Angel of the Lord.
  • God is revealed as The Name, Ex. 2321
  • God is revealed as the Presence, or Face, Ex.
    3314 cf. Isa. 639
  • The Ultimate design of all Gods converse with
    man is that he may make his abode with his
    people. Vos, BT, 106gt

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • Deliverance from Egypt reveals the Nature of
    Redemption (further illustrated by entering into
    and conquering the land of Canaan)
  • Redemption portrayed as deliverance from an
    objective realm of sin and evil
  • The Hebrews likewise were delivered from
    subjective, inward spiritual degradation and sin
  • The Exodus was a display of Gods omnipotence
  • It was a demonstration of the sovereign Grace of
  • Deliverance in conjunction with covenant name,
  • Revelation given in Types and Ceremonies (Cf.
    Col. 216,17 WCF 75)gt

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • The Process of Inscripturation begins (Ex.
    243,4 cf. also 3118, the finger of God)
  • In the context of Covenant, berith, Ex. 24
  • With the establishment of the theocracy
  • In the form of Torah
  • Inscripturation is
  • Given after establishment of berith with Abraham
  • In accordance with promise and grace, cf. Deut.
  • Occurs after gracious redemption from Egypt
  • Begins after enjoying the blessings of the
    Covenant (e.g., the presence of the Lord in the

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • Seer, Roeh, and Chozeh, both refer to passive
    aspect of the prophets work, i.e., receiving
    revelation (I Sam. 99, II Sam. 241 Vos, BT,
  • Prophet, Nabhi, refers to the active function of
    speaking the message (Ex. 416, 71 Jer. 15,6)
    thus, Nabhi was understood as an appointed
    regular speaker for a divine superior, whose
    speech carries the authority of the latter. Vos,
    BT, 192gt

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • Prophetism
  • It was connected with the use of sacred music, I
    Sam. 105-11
  • It was the result of Gods Spirit coming upon a
  • In some instances, it involved the loss of
    self-control, although not a suspension of the
    rational processes, I Cor. 1432
  • Sometimes, the experience produced ecstatic
    utterances, mannerismsgt

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • Prophetism
  • A ministry to the kings and kingdom of Israel,
    Vos, BT, 186.
  • The word was the instrument of their activity
  • Dual focus
  • Retrospective- repentance for Israels sin
  • Future- prophesying concerning coming things
  • Two periods
  • From Samuel to mid 8th century- repentance
  • From mid-8th century to Malachi- regenerationgt

REVELATION Sinai Thru Malachi
  • The constant testimony of the O.T. writers is to
    the fact that their words are the words of the
    Lord. Therefore none of the prophets opened his
    mouth unless the Lord has anticipated his words.
    Hence it comes that these expressions are so
    often found among them the word of the Lord
    the burden of the Lord Thus saith the Lord
    The mouth of the Lord has spoken. John Calvin,
    ICR, IV,8,iii. Thus saith the Lord appears
    over 2,000 times in Scripture, according to James
    M. Boice, Standing on the Rock, 57gt

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