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Women in Local Government Effective Leadership in Local Government


Women in Local Government Effective Leadership in Local Government Louise Muller 6 March 2014 Thank you IMFO: Non Profit Company with members The memorandum and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Women in Local Government Effective Leadership in Local Government

Women in Local GovernmentEffective Leadership in
Local Government
  • Louise Muller
  • 6 March 2014

Presentation Focus Points
  • Qualities of High Performance Leaders
  • International Womens Day Theme
  • Statistics on Women
  • New Bill to Enforce Equity
  • Local Government Statistics
  • Local Government Challenges
  • A Successful Leader
  • Execution Inspiring Change
  • Successes from Failure
  • 10 Traits of Great Leaders and their Followers

Qualities of a Leader
  • 10 qualities of high performance leaders, rather
    than just managers
  • Trustworthy
  • Self-Aware and Insightful
  • Learn, Grow, Expand
  • High Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
  • Excited by Life
  • Fix Problems, Find Solutions, Don't Fix Blame
  • Refuse to Gossip
  • Grow Their People
  • Open Office
  • Engage and Energize

The exercise of power is determined by thousands
of interactions between the world of the powerful
and that of the powerless, all the more so
because these worlds are never divided by a sharp
line everyone has a small part of himself in
both. Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)Poet,
Playwright, 1st President Of Czech Republic
2014 Theme Inspiring Change
Some Statistics on Women
  • 80 of refugees are women and children
  • On average, worldwide, Governments include just
    7 of women and Parliaments 12
  • More than 840 million adults in the world are
    illiterate 65 of them are women.
  • Census by BWASA in 2012 - women occupied
  • 3.6 of CEO positions,
  • 5.5 of chairperson posts,
  • 17.1 of directorships and
  • 21.4 of executive management positions in SA.

Women Empowerment Gender Equality Bill
  • Calls for the progressive realisation of at least
    50 representation of women in decision-making
    structures including Local, Provincial and
    national Government.
  • Aimed at improving access to education, training
    and skills development.
  • Seeks to promote and protect womens reproductive
    health, and eliminate discrimination and harmful
    practices, including gender-based violence.
  • Minister for Women - Lulu Xingwana stated
  • "The women of South Africa have said to us that
    they cannot wait any longer to share in the
    fruits of our democracy. While significant
    strides had been made to empower women and
    promote gender equality, a disproportionate
    burden of the triple challenges of poverty,
    inequality and unemployment was still borne by

Some Local Government Statistics
  • Total value of 2013/14 SA LG Budgets adopted
    R307,3 bn
  • Total value of 2013/14 Capital Budgets R56,4 bn
  • Aggregated year-to-date collection rate 84,1 vs
  • By 09-2013 LG had borrowed R51,9 bn
  • Total conditional unconditional grants R80,6
  • Aggregate municipal consumer debtors R90,5 bn
  • As at 09-2013 LG had investments of R12,4 bn

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
(1729-1797)Statesman, Author, Philosopher
Local Government Challenges
  • A number of transfers have been withheld
  • Municipalities not ready to implement projects
  • Business plans not submitted
  • INEP funds withheld as some municipalities had no
    houses to connect to the electricity grid
  • Water allocations to municipalities that are not
    water authorities.
  • AG unable to provide an audit opinion
  • No source documents.
  • Irregular expenditure
  • Departments not getting 3 quotes
  • Contracting with companies without SARS tax

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2014 Theme Inspiring Change
A Successful Leader
  • As a successful leader you need to
    be effective and efficient at the same time.
  • Warren Bennis
  • Effective - "Doing the right things."
  • Efficient - "Doing things the right way."
  • SO A successful leader
  • would do the right things
  • in the right way. It's so simple.

Execution the unaddressed Issue in Local
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7 essential behaviours which characterize a
leader of execution
  • Know your people and your business Be engaged
    with your business, live your business, and be
    where the action is.
  • Insist on realism It's the heart of execution.
    Start by being realistic yourself. Then you make
    sure realism is the goal of all dialogues in the
  • Set clear goals and priorities Focus on 3-4
    clear priorities that everyone can grasp. Speak
    and act simply and directly.
  • Follow through Lack of it is a major cause of
    poor execution. Implement detailed action plans
    and make specific people accountable for results.
  • Reward the doers If you want people to produce
    specific results, you need to reward them
  • Expand people's capabilities through coaching
    Pass on your knowledge, wisdom and experience to
    the next generation of leaders. Every encounter
    is an opportunity to coach.
  • Know yourself It takes emotional fortitude to be
    open to whatever information you need, whether
    it's what you like to hear or not.

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I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do
everything, but still I can do something and
because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse
to do something that I can do. Helen Keller
(1880-1968)Author, Lecturer, Activist
What is my role?
  • Questions to Answer to Achieve Organizational
    Financial Health
  • Why do we exist?
  • How do we behave?
  • What do we do?
  • How will we succeed?
  • What is the focus?
  • Who must do what?

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3 Successes ThatOnly Failure Can Give You
  • Certain successes professional or personal
    can only grow out of failure
  • No. 1 What went wrong? Success
  • Much of success is dependent on learning from
  • Review what can be controlled your behaviour,
    your planning and your reactions
  • No. 2 Dust yourself off Success
  • Perseverance, Determination or Grit
  • Try, try try again

3 Successes ThatOnly Failure Can Give You (cont)
  • No. 3 This is what I was Meant to Do Success
  • Is this failure a sign to change direction?
  • Determine if, when things are rough, you are
    still entranced by your goal then keep going
  • If it is costing too much time and energy and its
    not bringing you joy get out and get a new goal
  • Replace the old dream with a new one
  • What do I want to do?
  • What are my strengths?
  • If I did this for the next 20 years would I be

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Great Leaders (and Their Followers) from Kevin
  • The healthy relationship between leadership and
    followership is critical.
  • Standing alone, a leader achieves nothing but
  • Everyones journey is different--and many are not
    easy. Hard work is the foundation of success, but
    the people and attitudes you surround yourself
    with, and the message you pass on to others, all
    contribute to a culture of female achievement
    that will take us into the future

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10 Traits of Great Leaders (and Their Followers)
from Kevin Daum
  • 1. Ambition
  • Great leaders boldly drive forward, passionately
    rising to new heights, clearing a path for those
    who follow.
  • Great followers boldly move down the path, making
    the most of the opportunities afforded them by
    the leaders.
  • 2. Patience
  • Great leaders use the wheels of time to their
    advantage, knowing that fast and first are rarely
    the attributes of long-term success.
  • Great followers are methodical and deliberate ,
    trusting that a steady pace will deliver better
    product than a hasty approach.
  • 3. Humility
  • Great leaders are energized not by being right,
    but rather by the glory that comes from the
    entire team reaching the pinnacle of success.
  • Great followers are focused on executing the best
    ideas  regardless of who provided them or who
    gets credit.

10 Traits of Great Leaders (and Their Followers)
from Kevin Daum
  • 4. Humour
  • Great leaders never take anything too seriously,
    especially themselves, knowing full well that
    people need a congenial environment to succeed.
  • Great followers find the joy and humour in any
    situation so they can build camaraderie and
    elevate the human spirit of their colleagues.
  • 5. Vision
  • Great leaders are able to see a future and can
    articulate, in crystal clear language , a
    strategic plan to get everyone there.
  • Great followers are able to harness disparate
    resources to interpret a vision and build a path
    to success.
  • 6. Compliance
  • Great leaders know how to play by the rules since
    even a rebel has to build respect and order for
  • Great followers stick to the path while being
    creative within the lines so they can extract
    every value from each opportunity.

10 Traits of Great Leaders (and Their Followers)
from Kevin Daum
  • 7. Tolerance
  • Great leaders accept that people are
    individuals  who thrive best when allowed to
    choose their own approach to risk and happiness.
  • Great followers accept that leaders are human,
    and allow them imperfection and failure without
  • 8. Courage
  • Great leaders blaze a trail in the dark and shed
    their own light, despite knowing that terror
    lurks around corners.
  • Great followers will follow into the unknown, and
    yet, will stand up and speak  when they know a
    dead end is ahead or when values are compromised.

10 Traits of Great Leaders (and Their Followers)
from Kevin Daum
  • 9. Accountability
  • Great leaders take full accountability when their
    team fails regardless of where mistakes were made
    or whose performance was substandard.
  • Great followers take full ownership of their
    purview and support their colleagues, knowing
    full well the team can is only as successful as
    its poorest performer.
  • 10. Gratitude
  • Great leaders demonstrate appreciation  loudly
    and often to those who give of themselves to
    support the group's success.
  • Great followers show appreciation for those who
    take the risks, drive the team and charge to a
    benevolent success.

If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more, you are a
leader. John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)6th Us
CHALLENGE Inspire Change
Thank you
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