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The Ancient Israelites


... Arab Moses and the Ten Commandments Abraham Isaac ... Went to Egypt for food and work Later enslaved by Egyptian Rulers Moses led a revolt against ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Ancient Israelites

The Ancient Israelites
  • Chapter 2 Lesson 4

IntroductionAncient Israelites
  • Small kingdoms appeared in southwest Asia
  • Ancestors of the Jewish people
  • We learned about them from Old Testament of the

Abram to Abraham
  • Originally Abram
  • Changed his name as a promise to God
  • Worshipped one God monotheism
  • God spoke to him
  • Covenant Special Agreement with God
  • God told him to go to Canaan
  • Sons Isaac Jewish Ishmael - Arab

Moses and the Ten Commandments
  • Abraham Isaac Jacob (Israel) 12 sons
  • Jacobs 12 sons and their ancestors became known
    as Israelites
  • Famine Went to Egypt for food and work
  • Later enslaved by Egyptian Rulers
  • Moses led a revolt against Egyptians
  • Exodus journey back to Canaan

The Ten Commandments
  • Given to Moses from God
  • A set of laws for responsible behavior
  • Sabbath a day of rest after a week of work
  • Important part of Judaism, Christianity, and
  • First five books of the Hebrew Bible (Torah)

Israel and Judah
  • Saul First King 1020 BC
  • King David built up Jerusalem (died in 961 BC)
  • King Solomon (Davids son) Split into northern
    (Israel) and southern kingdom (Judah)
  • King Solomon was known for his great wisdom

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Israel and Judah
  • JudahConquered by Babylonians 586 BC
  • Judeans were enslaved and exiled to Babylonia.
  • When Babylon was conquered by Persians Judeans
    were set free.
  • They returned to Jerusalem
  • They rebuilt Jerusalem however their kin in
    northern Israel were no where to be found.
  • Israel was conquered by Assyrians 721 BC

  • Romans came and conquered Judah
  • Judah became Judaea
  • AD 70 Romans destroyed the Temple
  • AD 130 Judeans kicked out of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem became Roman Province of Palestine

Movement Through the World
  • After Babylonian exile, Jews settled throughout
    the world Diaspora
  • Diaspora - spreading of seeds
  • Realized they did not need the Temple in
    Jerusalem to worship God
  • Synagogues a Jewish house of worship found all
    over the world
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