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The Ancient Israelites


The Ancient Israelites The Kingdom of Israel Section 2 Did You Know? Jerusalem has had different names throughout history. Before King David conquered Jerusalem, the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Ancient Israelites

The Ancient Israelites
  • The Kingdom of Israel
  • Section 2

Did You Know?
  • Jerusalem has had different names throughout
  • Before King David conquered Jerusalem, the city
    was called Jebus.
  • King David renamed the city the City of David.
  • Account of the Assyrians conquering of the city
    referred to Jerusalem as the City of Judah.

Israelites Choose a King
  • Philistines were the strongest people in Canaan
    around 1000 B.C.
  • Israelites feared the Philistines, so they copied
    their ways and worshiped their gods.
  • To keep from quarreling among themselves and to
    save their religion, the 12 tribes asked Samuel,
    a prophet, to choose a king.
  • Prophet a person who claims to be instructed by
  • Samuel warned the Israelites against having a
  • Israelites named Saul as king.
  • Samuel anointed him,
  • King Saul displeased God.
  • So God chose another king, David.
  • God told Samuel anoint David in secret.

Discussion Question
  • Why did Samuel warn the Israelites against
    choosing a king?
  • Samuel told the Israelites that a king would
    enslave them and make them pay taxes.

David Solomon
  • David was a famous warrior.
  • He killed a giant Philistine named Goliath with a
    slingshot and stones.
  • King Saul put David in charge of the army but
    later grew envious of David and plotted to have
    him killed.
  • David hid until Saul and his sons were killed.
  • Then, David took the throne.
  • David drove the Philistines out and conquered
    other countries, building his empire.
  • An empire is a nation that rules several other
  • The conquered people had to pay tribute to David.
  • Money or slaves.
  • Israelites also had to pay heavy taxes.
  • David used the money to expand his capital,

David Solomon continued
  • Solomon was Davids son who took the throne after
    Davids death.
  • Solomon built the stone temple in Jerusalem that
    David wanted to build.
  • He was known for his proverbs, or wise sayings.
  • When Solomon died, the 12 tribes began fighting.
  • 10 of the tribes moved to the north and called
    their nation kingdom of Israel.
  • The other 2 tribes moved to the south and called
    their nation kingdom of Judah.
  • The capital of Judah was Jerusalem, and the
    people of Jerusalem were called Jews.

Discussion Question
  • Why did David want to build a temple in
  • David wanted the Israelites to have a permanent
    place for their sacred objects.

A Troubled Time
  • After creating the kingdoms of Israel and Judah,
    many Israelites forgot their religion.
  • The prophets told the Israelites to return to
    Gods laws to create a just society.
  • The Assyrians conquered Israel and dispersed the
    10 tribes throughout their empire.
  • These Israelites lost their religion and were
    often called the lost tribes of Israel.

Assyrian Samaritans
  • The Assyrians settled around Samaria and were
    called Samaritans.
  • The Samaritans thought God would be angry with
    them for taking the Israelites land.
  • To appease God, they offered sacrifices and began
    following the Israelites religion.
  • The people of Judah believed that God only
    accepted sacrifices from the temple at Jerusalem.
  • They believed they were Gods only people.

  • The Egyptians conquered the kingdom of Judah in
    620 B.C.
  • The Chaldeans conquered Egypt and became rulers
    of Judah in 605 B.C.
  • The Jews joined forces with the Egyptians to
    conquer the Chaldeans.
  • King Nebuchadnezzar and the Chaldeans captured
    Jerusalem and punished the Jews.
  • He sent 10,000 Jews to Babylon and appointed a
    new Jewish king.
  • In 586 B.C., the Jews revolted against the
    Chaldeans, and the Chaldean ruler crushed
  • The Chaldeans took the king of Judah and
    thousands of Jews to Babylon.
  • This period is known as the Babylonian Captivity.

Discussion Question
  • What message did the prophets bring to the
  • The prophets warned the Israelites that being
    faithful to God was more than simply going to
    temple to worship.
  • It meant working for a just society and dealing
    fairly with other people.
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