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ATAAPS Overview


It will interface with the existing payroll system (DCPS) and with the existing ... When the Friday following a pay period end is a Holiday, then T&A will need to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ATAAPS Overview

ATAAPS Overview
  • ATAAPS is a DFAS system that has been used by
    various Army agencies (ATEC, DLA, AMC, and IMA
    SOMARDS sites) for several years. It will
    interface with the existing payroll system (DCPS)
    and with the existing accounting system
  • Information on ATAAPS can be found at the DFAS
  • https//

ATAAPS Overview
  • Web-based input for TA and labor
  • On-line supervisor certification of timesheets
  • Captures direct labor cost in 15-minute
  • Can record labor in multiple APCs to capture
    labor costs at the ABS/SSP level of detail
  • Can record labor daily
  • Can record labor in future pay periods
  • Can record retroactive corrections
  • Enables control/standardization of account codes

ATAAPS Overview
Employee enters TA and selects multiple Job
Order Numbers (JON APC) to charge to the SSPs
Data transmits to DCPS for calculation of
benefits and deductions and payroll processing
Labor cost detail transmits to the Accounting
System (STANFINS) via the Gross Pay File.
ATAAPS Overview
Gross Pay Interface File

Web Server
Appl Server
Oracle Database
Labor Interface File
MER Interface File
Via Client
Acctg Code Valid File
Via Client
SDA Interface File
L a b o r I n t e r f a c e
Via Client
Labor, Concurrence, Certification, Team and
Roster Management
Employees / Timekeepers / Certifiers
System Access
  • All IMA APF DACs will record their own TA
    through the ATAAPS website.
  • It is the intended use of the the web-based
  • Reduce paper retention if TA is recorded,
    concurred and certified in the system, there is
    no need to print and maintain a manual timesheet
    for 6 years
  • Employees will be more cognizant of the functions
    and tasks they worked on and more apt to charge
    labor to the correct Service Support Program
    (SSP), when actually faced with those choices on
    the screen. SSP costs may be lost if TA is
    recorded on a manual timesheet that is not
    constantly updated to reflect new APCs.
  • Garrisons were directed by the CLS initiative to
    account for their costs (to include labor) in
    their Service Support Programs. ATAAPS enables
    that labor cost to be captured at the source.
  • Garrison Commanders may decide whether to have
    individuals enter their own TA or to have
    central timekeepers record TA and labor costs
    for an organization.
  • Garrison Commanders are responsible to ensure
    that a manual process exists for employees to
    report their detailed labor costs by SSP in
    sections where central timekeeping is allowed.

System Access
  • Only IMA employees will have access to the IMA
    ATAAPS database, except when certification or
    timekeeping duties are performed by military,
    contractor (timekeeping only), NAF or mission
  • Garrisons are responsible internal management
    controls and should ensure that System Access
    provides for segregation of duties, such as, if
    an employee has Timekeeper access and is also an
    alternate Certifier, management must ensure that
    the Timekeeper is not able to certify timesheets
    that he/she recorded.
  • DISA will perform most database administration
    duties to include password resets. System access
    to the database admin module for creation of new
    Workcenter Codes and Job Order Numbers will be
    restricted to the IMA Level 1 Superusers (3 at HQ
    and 2 at each Region).

Recording Labor
  • TA must be recorded and certified by COB Friday
    following the end of every pay period. When the
    Friday following a pay period end is a Holiday,
    then TA will need to be complete by COB on
    Thursday. Other exceptions will be addressed as
    they occur.
  • All employees are assigned to a default
    Workcenter and a default Job Order Number (APC).
    If a Timekeeper has to record labor for an absent
    employee and a timesheet is unavailable, labor
    will be recorded against their defaults.
  • Employee concurrence of TA is required lack of
    electronic concurrence will not stop the payroll
    process, however, timekeepers should print the
    timesheet for the employees signature and retain
    the hardcopy file.

Recording Labor
  • Retroactive changes in ATAAPS must be
    accomplished within three pay periods.
    Corrections to payroll more than three pay
    periods ago must be accomplished through the DCPS
    Timekeeper or CSR. Corrections to labor cost
    charges more than 3 pay periods ago must be done
    with a STANFINS cost transfer.
  • Default labor processing for the entire IMA
    database will be run by DISA the second Tuesday
    of the pay period. Default labor processes will
    populate the entire pay period with regular hours
    for the tour of duty plus holidays, if
    applicable, to the default workcenter and job
    order number.
  • Employees who enter Labor Equipment (LE) in
    the Integrated Facilities System (IFS) for labor
    cost distribution to APCs at the SSP detail level
    will record time and attendance in ATAAPS in
    their default APC/JON.

Employees Who Enter Labor Into IFS
  • For DPW and other employees who enter detailed
    Labor and Equipment (LE) at the SSP level in
    IFS, time and attendance in ATAAPS will be
    recorded against the default APC. Cost
    distribution to the workorder and the correct APC
    and SSP will be accomplished in IFS.
  • When setting up APCs in the JON field of ATAAPS,
    it is important to use the same default APC that
    is used as the default in DCPS and in IFS, and to
    ensure that Timekeepers know not to change that
    default in ATAAPS.

Flowchart of labor cost detail entered in IFS
When IFS is used to record Labor Cost
Distribution To Workorders, DPW employees record
all TA in ATAAPS to the Default APC
ATAAPS 80 hrs in Default APC ABCD
DCPS 80 hrs in APC ABCD
IFS Employee enters Labor Cost Distribution to
workorders 10 hrs in ABCD 20 hrs in EFGH 50 hrs
STANFINS 80 hrs is charged in ABCD received from
the Gross Pay File in 11xx series of
EORs ---------------- STANFINS records the IFS
entries in 27xx series of EORs ABCD (80) hrs
ABCD 10 hrs EFGH 20 hrs JKLM 50 hrs
IFS generates Type Action 20s in EORs 2711,
2712, 2714 ABCD (10 hrs) ABCD 10
hrs ABCD (20 hrs) EFGH 20 hrs ABCD (50
hrs) JKLM 50 hrs
Flowchart of Labor When EmployeeDOES NOT Enter
Cost Detail in IFS
If DPW employees DO NOT use IFS to record Labor
Cost Distribution To Workorders, they should
record Their labor cost detail directly in ATAAPS
ATAAPS Direct Charge the 80 hrs to appropriate
APCs ABCD 10 hours EFGH 20 hours JKLM 50
STANFINS Records Labor Costs in the multiple APCs
entered in ATAAPS via the Gross Pay File received
from DCPS ABCD 10 hours EFGH 20 hours JKLM
50 hours
DCPS 80 hrs in the multiple APCs flows through
DCPS to the accounting system
  • Certification of all TA is mandatory for payroll
    to process.
  • Certifiers cannot change labor. If a certifier
    disagrees with a labor entry, changes must be
    entered by the employee or timekeeper.

File Maintenance
  • The electronic concurrence and certification in
    ATAAPS serve as the official signed Timesheet.
    There is no requirement to print and maintain a
    hardcopy file of these timesheets unless to
    obtain missing employee concurrence. All manually
    prepared and signed documents (timesheets, leave
    requests, comp/overtime requests) must continue
    to be maintained for 6 years and 3 months.

IMA Policies/Procedures
Problem Resolution
  • Problems, questions and requests for assistance
    should be resolved at the lowest possible level.
  • Employees report routine time and attendance
    problems to their Timekeepers for resolution
  • Timekeepers elevate questions/problems to their
    Garrison Superusers
  • Garrison Superusers can request password resets
    and other system access assistance directly from
    the DISA ATAAPS helpdesk.
  • Garrison Superusers elevate other
    problems/questions to the Region Superuser.
  • Region and HQ Superusers may contact the DISA
    helpdesk for assistance. All email contact with
    DISA should be copy furnished to the HQ IMA

IMA Roles/Responsibilities
  • Individual input of Time and Attendance via
  • Complete recording and concurrence of TA in
    accordance with locally developed procedures.
  • Enter time against appropriate Job Order Numbers
    to capture CLS/SSP labor
  • Review their own time and attendance charges and
    electronically concur every pay period. An
    employee can retroactively concur with their time
    and attendance within ATAAPS in the event they
    are unable to during the pay period. If an
    employee is unable to electronically concur, a
    manual signature is required.
  • Notify timekeeper of corrections that need to be
    made directly in DCPS, ie., more than 3 pay
    periods ago, discrepancies in leave balances.

IMA Roles/Responsibilities
  • Timekeepers are responsible for their assigned
    Team. A Team may have one or more Rosters of
  • Every Team should have a primary timekeeper and
    at least one alternate.
  • Timekeepers may be civilian, military, or
  • Maintain complete and accurate TA hardcopy
  • Request for Leave or Approved Absence
  • Overtime Work Request and Approval form
  • Record of Individual Time and Attendance when an
    employee is on the DCPS Missing Time / Created
    Leave Report or unable to electronically concur
    with time and attendance in ATAAPS.
  • Work Schedules.
  • Serve as central timekeeper in offices where
    recording of TA online by individual employees
    is not possible.
  • Record labor for employees who are absent.

IMA Roles/Responsibilities
  • Ensure ATAAPS TA is ready for supervisory
  • Reconcile electronic postings for leave, comptime
    and overtime against approved request forms.
  • Run Missing Time inquiry to ensure all TA
    recorded prior to certification.
  • Run the Uncertified time inquiry and use to
    ensure all time entered has been certified.
  • Perform ATAAPS functions to include, assigning
    tour of duty, default labor, and workcenters and
    job order numbers authorized by the supervisor.
  • Coordinate with the Garrison Superuser for
    changes to the Teams or Rosters.
  • Review DCPS invalid transactions and make ATAAPS
    corrections or provide to the CSR for DCPS

IMA Roles/Responsibilities
  • Certifiers are normally Supervisors and are
    responsible for their Roster of employees.
  • Every Roster will be assigned a primary certifier
    and at least one alternate certifier.
  • Certifiers may be civilian or military, but not
  • Responsible for job order management
  • Coordinate with the Timekeeper to ensure
    appropriate Workcenter and Job Order assignments
    are made in ATAAPS for CLS/SSPs
  • Ensure employees within Roster are aware of what
    JONs they are authorized to charge to capture
    their CLS/SSP labor

IMA Roles/Responsibilities
  • Certifiers review and certify time and attendance
  • Only those individuals who have been properly
    designated as primary or alternate certifiers are
    authorized to certify time and attendance
  • An employee is NOT authorized to certify his/her
    own time and attendance.
  • Errors should be corrected with timekeepers prior
    to certification.
  • Certification of time and attendance must occur
    no later than close of business Friday at the end
    of the pay period.

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