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Overview of Alternative Therapies


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Title: Overview of Alternative Therapies

Overview of Alternative Therapies The STATEMENT
was printed in The Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA), published 11
November 1998. Article it stated, the Need of
dialogue can be expected to grow in tandem with
the widespread use of alternative therapies,
especially as the insurance company enter
therapy so in one of the facilities that they
offer Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs The Most
Effective To Kill
More and more patients are using alternative
therapies while also using forms of conventional
care. However, there are patients who do not tell
the doctor what they are doing. Therefore, the
Tufts University Health Nutrition Letter
edition April 2000 urged, For best results,
consult Your actions with Your doctor, not decide
for ourselves. The bulletin added, Whether
Your doctor agrees or not, You still get the
benefits by sharing information. It does so
because it can only arise health risk if the
herbs specific combined with conventional
therapy. Be aware that some patients are
undergoing alternative therapies, many health
experts sought to have their opinions about the
treatment is not too dominant, so they can still
work together with the practitioners of
alternative therapies, for the good of the
patient. As an overview for the readers about
alternative therapies that are increasingly
prevalent in many countries, we provide brief
reviews about some of them. However, please note
that Sedarlah! don't mean to promote medical
treatment or form of care. Medicinal
Plants Medicinal plants or herbal medicine
perhaps is a form of alternative medicine that
most common. Although the use of medicinal
plants has centuries of age, only relatively few
species that have been studied carefully by
scientists. In fact, the fewer the number of
plants and the extract studied very carefully in
order to provide information about how safe and
berkhasiatnya plant it. Most of the information
about medicinal plants is based on the history
of its use down through generations Jock Itch
Remedy, The Symptoms and Treatment Of Tinea
Cruris. However, in recent years, has carried
out a number of scientific research showing the
efficacy of certain plants for treating mild
depression, dementia, and symptoms swelling of
the prostate lightly. One of the plants studied
is black cohosh, which is sometimes called also
black snakeroot, bugbane, or rattleroot. American
Indians discussing its roots and use it to
handle the issue of menstruation and childbirth.
According to Harvard Women's Health Watch
edition April 2000, a research study lately
showed that black cohosh extracts commercial
German standardized likely efficacious for the
overcome the symptoms of menopause. Apparently,
the number of demand this natural remedy is
based on the perception that these crops are
more safe than synthetic drugs. Although often
times this opinion is true, some plants have
side effects, especially when combined with other
treatments. For example, a kind of medicinal
plant that is promoted as a decongestant natural
and weight loss it can increase blood pressure
and heart rate. There are also medicinal plants
that can aggravate bleeding. If these plants
combined with medicine to overcome the
constriction of blood vessels, it can result in
problems that are serious. People who suffer
from chronic diseases, such as diabetes or high
blood pressure, or who use other drugs should be
careful in the use of medicinal plants.See the
box inserts Simple and Effective Home Remedies
To Get Rid Of Mice. Other problems of medicinal
plants is less guarantee the consistency of the
quality of its products. In recent years, there
are reports of herbal products contaminated with
heavy metals and other contaminants. In
addition, there are herbal products that turned
out to contain little or no ingredients listed
on the packaging. Of these cases, it is clear
that the herbal products, also the other drug,
should be purchased in places that are trusted
and reputable. Food Supplements Food
supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, has
been reported efficacious to prevent and
overcome a number of health problems, including
anemia and osteoporosisand can even prevent
some birth defects. A daily dose of vitamins and
minerals that suggested the government is
considered to be relatively safe and
beneficial. On the other hand, high doses
recommended for the healing of some disease can
be harmful to health. This can interfere with
the absorption or activity of other nutrients and
can also result in side effects serious. This
possibility, accompanied by a lack of substantial
evidence that supports the use of vitamins
high-dose, should not be ignored. Homeopathy
Homeopathy was developed in the 1700s as a
treatment that is light and soft compared with a
treatment that was popular at that time.
Homeopathy is based on the principle that the
same heal the same and the theory of the minimum
dose. Homeopathic treatment is prepared by
outlining the drugs repeatedly-sometimes, very
decomposed until not left a single molecule 6
Easy Ways to Treat Baby Eczema Natural
Remedies However, as compared with placebo,
homeopathy turns out to efficacious for curing
asthma, allergies, and diarrhea in children.
Products-homeopathic products are considered
quite safe, because these drugs are very
decomposed. The article in JAMA, edition 4 March
1998, states, For many patients with
chronically diseases are not diagnosed with
carefully, homeopathy can be treatment options
are important and useful. If used within its
boundaries, homeopathy can be a complement for
modern medicine, as another tool in the bag.
However, when experiencing a state of emergency
are dangerous, it would be wise if conventional
medical treatment is used. Chiropractic There
are a number of alternative therapies that use
manipulation of the body. Chiropractic is one
treatment alternative that is most commonly used,
particularly in the United States. Healing is
based on the idea that healing can be generated
if the nerves of the spine the wrong layout is
corrected. This is the reason why the
chiropractors specialise in the field of
manipulation of the spinal, in order to adjust
the spine of their patients. Conventional
medicine is not always able to relieve low back
pain. On the other hand, patients who received
chiropractic treatment reported feeling very
satisfied. Rarely there is evidence that
supports the use of manipulation of chiropractic
for conditions other than pain. Very
interesting, manipulation chiropractic are
handled by practitioner experts not contain many
side effects. Even so, should be aware that neck
manipulation risks in the form of serious
complications, including stroke and paralysis. To
reduce the risk of complications, some experts
recommend that patients be checked overall if
manipulation is safe for him Natural Health Sore
Throat Remedies For Kids and Toddlers Massage The
benefits of massage have long been recognized in
almost all cultures. In fact, this is never
reported in the Bible. (Esther 212) massage
Techniques play an important role in the
treatment of China and India, said the British
Medical Journal (BMJ) edition 6 August 1999.
Massage European-style disistematisasi at the
beginning of the 19th century by Per Henrik
Ling, who developed what is now known as Swedish
massage. Massage is considered to relaxes the
muscles, accelerate blood circulation, and remove
toxins that accumulate in tissue cells. Now, the
doctor inserts a massage in the recipe to cure
back pain, headaches, and digestive disorders.
Most people who massaged commented that this
made them feel very comfortable. According to dr.
Sandra McLanahan, eighty percent of diseases
are a result of stress, and massage reduces
stress. Most massage techniques are not so
risky, reported BMJ. Contraindications to
massage are generally based on common sense (for
example, avoiding friction on the skin which burn
or avoid the massage on parts of the body that is
experiencing the blockage of the deep veins) . .
. There is no evidence that massage cancer
patients resulted in an increase in the spread
of metastatic. While massage increasingly
popular, consumers increasingly care about the
credibility of the masseuse, and rightfully so,
said E. Houston LeBrun, former president of the
Association of Therapeutic Massage the United.
BMJ suggesting that to avoid behavior that is
not professional, patients should make sure
whether your masseuse is registered in a
container worthy organizations. Last year's
report showed that the masseuse get a license to
practice in 28 States of the usa 12 Natural
Remedies For Dry Eyes That Work. Acupuncture Acu
puncture is a healing technique that is quite
popular in all over the world. Although the term
acupuncture can include a variety of
techniques, however the most popular technique
is the use of fine needles are inserted into
specific points on the body to achieve a response
therapeutic. Research conducted since several
decades ago showed that acupuncture in some
cases work with the way the release chemicals the
nerves, such as endorphins, which can help
relieve pain and inflammation. Some research
shows that acupuncture is proven effective to
cure a number of diseases and is a safe
alternative while using the anestetis. World
Health organization recognizes the use of
acupuncture to cope with the 104 health problems.
And, a committee selected by the National
Institutes of Health U.S. showed evidence that
acupuncture is a therapy that is acceptable to
relieve pain after surgery, muscle pain,
menstrual cramps, and nausea and vomiting caused
by chemotherapy or pregnancy. Although
acupuncture is rarely contains side effects, the
patient may feel sore, stiff, or being
pin-pricked. Sterilization of the needle fitting
or the use of disposable needles can minimize
the risk of infected. Many acupuncturists lack
the medical skills necessary to make a diagnosis
which is duly or to recommend other therapies
that are better. It is not wise to ignore the
lack of ability to diagnose this, especially when
using acupuncture to help relieve the symptoms
of chronic diseases 5 Ways On How To Get Rid Of
Bags Under Eyes Remedy. A Lot Of Options The
description above just a few examples of the many
therapies now termed as alternative medicine. In
the future, some of these therapies here therapy
other not discussed here, may be considered
conventional, even now some have already
considered the case. The other, of course, could
not again used or even overlooked. Unfortunately,
the pain and the disease is already closely
linked to human life, even as the Bible itself
said, We know that all creation is the same-the
same continued to moan and be in pain until
now. (Romans 822) So, it's normal that people
want relief. However, where can we obtain it?
Let's look at some of the views that may help You
in choosing the medical treatment.
Box/Pictures on page. 8 Combine Herbs and
DrugsWHAT are the RISKS? The community is often
reminded that certain prescription drugs should
not be combined with other drugs or should not
be taken with alcoholic beverages. Is it
dangerous to combine herbs with certain
prescription drugs? How umumkah this
practice? An article in The Journal of the
American Medical Association discuss about
prescription drugs that are taken concurrently
with herbal medicine. He said, among the 44 of
adults said that they drank regularly
prescription medications, nearly 1 (18.4 percent)
of 5 people report that they use it together
with at least 1 herbal products, vitamins high
doses, or both. It is important to informed
about the dangers that can arise from this habit
Natural Remedies For IBS ( Irritable Bowel
Syndrome ). People who drink medicinal product
specific should also be careful as to undergo a
medical procedure that requires anesthesia. Dr.
John Neeld, the president of the Association
Anestesiolog America, explains, Based on
experience, it has been reported that some types
of medicinal plants, including ginseng and St.
John's wort, can cause fluctuations in blood
pressure. It can be very dangerous when
anaesthetic is given. The doctor added, other
medicinal Plants, such as ginkgo biloba, ginger,
and feverfew, can interfere with blood clots,
very dangerous as epidural anesthesia givenif
there is bleeding near the spinal cord,
paralysis can occur. St. John's wort can also
increase the effects of drugs narcotics or
anaesthetics. It is clear, it is very important
to know the dangers that can occur when herbs
specific combined with drugs. Pregnant and
nursing women in particular should be alert to
the damage that can be suffered by the baby
caused by combining drugs and herbs a specific.
Therefore, the patient is recommended to discuss
with their doctor about what treatment that they
live, whether it is alternative or not. The
development of modern medical science
(conventional medicine) when it's already up to
the stage is quite astounding. Among them is the
development of modern tools to detect the
disease to analysis disease up to the stage of
molecular (DNA). However, we also do not deny
that there are still many things that have not
been disclosed by the science of modern
medicine. For example, to date this has not been
found potent drugs to kill the infection chronic
viral Hepatitis B Effective Home Remedies To Get
Rid Of Roaches. If a person is infected with the
virus of Hepatitis B is chronic, then until now
there is no drug that can kill all the virus in
the body. Current therapies are not a cure, but
the goal of treatment is only limited to the
suppression of the proliferation of the virus and
prevention of complications. As a result, when
the Hepatitis B virus has entered the body then
there is still the possibility to develop into
chronic liver disease to cause complications of
liver cancer. The evidence, in the United States
alone that medical very forward - infections
chronic Hepatitis B responsible for the 5000
deaths every year due to perlbagai its
Similarly other diseases, of which looks
trivial such as hypertension up the scary like
a malignant cancer that has spread to to various
other organs of the body. Therefore, until now
experts of medicine, not endlessly researching
the disease process and its treatment are
appropriate and effective. In indonesia alone,
there are many research centers with financing
that is very expensive. Therefore, medical
science is a science that will not be endless,
given the new discoveries very quickly. So, from
the fact that there we often come across some
people who then turn to alternative medicine to
find healing. The reason of any variety. There
are reasonable because it costs cheaper and
affordable medical treatment is still identified
with high-cost medicine (high cost so it is only
affordable by a small portion of the community.
Until appears a term that is quite famous,
namely the Poor are Prohibited Pain. - There
are also driven because of the desire to find an
alternative to having medical treatment is not
fruitful and satisfying Here's The Best Remedy
For Constipation. Users of alternative medicine
are usually already try medical treatment first,
but not satisfactory. In this case, the want of
scientific or not scientific, not an important
thing for the patient. Because they need only
one, namely the healing. According to them, for
what is treated with scientific methods, if the
result is not healed as well? So do not be
surprised if a lot of patients who use
alternative medicine are derived from groups of
highly educated. On the one hand, alternative
medicine does have the allure of its own. Who
is not interested with the treatment of the
strange manner in which the because of the heard
or witnessed the magic of a physician? Who is
it that is not cozying up with people who are
able to move the sick person's heart to the heart
of the cat? Or simply touch a little, legs that
had been paralyzed can directly walk? Or who are
not interested with the treatment of distance by
simply send the data and your date of birth?
Moreover, if the physician is looking like the
guardian God, turbaned, wearing a white robe,
long beard, and in his hands always carry a
rosary.2 Therefore, here lies the central role
of science in a person. Someone who understands
tawheed, will certainly be able to distinguish
between treatment that is justified in the
shari'ah with which it is not. He will understand
that his quest for healing is part of the take
for which has been stipulated in the shari'ah. So
he will be selective to take the causes that do
not contradict with the shari'ah 5 The Best
Simple Natural Remedies For Dry
Scalp. Alternative medicine (alternative
medicine) refers to a practice of health care
both prevent (preventive) or treating
(therapeutic) such as homeopathic, naturopathic
and herbal medicine (herbal medicine) that does
not follow the medical method that has been
widely accepted and do not have a scientific
explanation about the effectiveness-. So, the
benefits or efficacy as well as the mechanism of
alternative treatment is usually still in the
stage of the debate. The term alternative is
actually more widely used in developing
countries, such as in our country. While in the
countries of Europe and America, the role of the
treatment alternative is mainly as a
supplementary or additional (complementary)
for medical treatment (conventional treatment or
conventional medicine). I mean, patients
utilizing such treatment
to complete the therapy given by a health
officer medical. So, the term that is widely used
in the Eopa and the United states is
complementary medicine, not alternative
medicine. In 1998, the Agency the United States
Congress established The National Centre for
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at
the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to
develop research on alternative medicine
(Complementary and Alternative Medicine/CAM).
The main mission of the agency is researching CAM
in the context of science scientific knowledge,
train researchers in CAM, and provide information
that can be trusted to the public and health
practitioners regarding the safety and efficacy
of CAM. Research results are then published in a
scientific journal entitled The Journal of
Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This
journal contains hundreds, even thousands, of
scientific research on alternative medicine so as
to provide information that can be justified
about the safety and efficacy of alternative
medicine 20 Alternative Natural Remedies For
High Cholesterol. All alternative medicine is
used in line with conventional treatment, the
majority of medical practitioners (read doctor)
to receive the various forms of alternative
medicine. The CDC (Centre for Disease Control
and Prevention) reports that most communities in
the United States (54,9) and use of alternative
medicine in addition to conventional treatment.
Other Data showed that more than 68 of adults
in the United States most do not utilize one form
of alternative treatment, and this number is
constantly increasing. The results of a survey
issued NCCAM, which is part of the National
Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States,
found that in 2002 only 36 of the population of
the United States utilizing some form of
alternative medicine in the past 12 months, and
50 have been utilizing alternative medicine in
the period of his life.3 Currently, the number
of medical institutions that started offering
courses in alternative medicine is increasing.
For example, the University of Arizona College of
Medicine in the United states offering the
program of Integrative Medicine (Integrated
Treatment) training of medical practitioners of
various forms of alternative medicine. In three
separate research that surveyed 729 universities
in the United states (125 university Doctor of
Education, 25 universities with the program
specialist Bone Disease, and 585 university with
programs Science Nursing), it was found that 60
of universities with medical Education program,
95 of universities with medical programs Experts
Bone Disease, and 95 of the university Science
program Nursing teach some form of alternative
medicine 8 Safe and Natural Cough or Cold
Remedies For Toddlers and Babies One of the top
universities in America, namely the Stanford
University School of Medicine, also has
educational programs in alternative medicine. The
Program was given the name of The Complementary
and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford
(CAMPS). This Program aims to improve the
information tentangefektivitas of CAM and its
integration with medical treatment. At this
time, the CAMPS are researching kemajuran
(efficacy) of several nutritional supplements
that is known and in particular the clinical
effect of some anti- oxidants.5
Thus, at the initial appearance of alternative
medicine is only glimpsed men when it
surrendered to the conventional treatment.
Furthermore, due to the assessed system can
support conventional medicine, an alternative
program was then categorized in complementary
medicine (complementary medicine). And lately,
alternative medicine can work complementary with
the medical conventional. Even in some countries
of North America and Western Europe are both
working together in one hospital.6
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