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The Future of Organization Development The Global Committee on the Future of OD Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D Ted Nguyen Elena Feliz Center for


Access to wide array of choices around models for building organizations, careers and learning ... Pharmaceutical/BioTech/Medical Device (PBM) Linda Klug, Aventis ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Future of Organization Development The Global Committee on the Future of OD Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D Ted Nguyen Elena Feliz Center for

The Future of Organization DevelopmentThe
Global Committee on the Future of OD

Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D
Ted Nguyen Elena
FelizCenter for Human Resource Management
StudiesFairleigh Dickinson UniversityOctober
15, 2004
Global Committee on the Future of ODOctober 15,
  • Objectives
  • Introduce The Global Committee on the Future of
    OD A catalyst for change
  • Describe how we are linking OD values and
    contributions worldwide to create vital,
    successful organizations and communities
  • Present Highlights from Phase I and plans for
    Phase II Research
  • Assessment of the current state of OD Key
    Strengths and Areas for Development
  • Global Business Challenges and Opportunities
  • Implications for the OD Profession and OD
    Practitioners to Add Value
  • Phase II Survey and Action Learning research
  • - Describe Community Outreach and Communities
    of Practice Uniting, energizing and mobilizing
    OD practitioners, business leaders and academics
    worldwide to advance the field of OD in an
    ever-changing world

Global Committee on The Future of OD Strategy
  • Linking OD values and contributions worldwide to
    create vital, successful organizations and
  • Uniting energizing and mobilizing thousands of OD
    practitioners, business leaders and academics
    worldwide to advance the field of OD and add
    value to all stakeholders, in an ever-changing

Accomplishments To Date
  • 1. Literature Review
  • An extensive analysis was conducted synthesizing
    business challenges and opportunities from more
    than 80 recent research documents.
  • 2. SWOT
  • A survey was sent to over 6,000 OD practitioners
    with over 900 responses.
  • 3. Business Leader Interviews
  • Business leaders from the companies represented
    by the Advisory Board members were interviewed
  • 4. Business and Academic Advisory Board
  • OD Leaders represented on the Business and
    Nonprofit Advisory Board as well as the Academic
    Advisory board members were interviewed
  • 5. Knowledge Management Portal
  • An electronic tool has been developed to connect
    people worldwide in the creation and sharing of
  • .
  • 6. Established Advisory Board of OD Executives
    from business, government and non-profit sectors.
  • 7. Established Communities of Practice for
    business, government and non-profit sectors.

Global Committee on the Future of OD
Chair Ted Nguyen Sponsors Don Cole, President,
The O.D. Institute
Mila Baker, Chair of Board of Trustees, OD
Network Rita Aloni,
President of International OD Association
OD Global Committee Current Progress and Future
KM Portal
Appointment OD Global Comm.
Advisory Boards
Communities of Practices
Q1 - 05
Q4 - 03
Q1 - 04
Q2 - 04
Q3 - 04
Q4 - 04
Knowledge Management OD Body of Knowledge
Knowledge Management Portal Design
Set up Boards Business/Academic
Knowledge Management Portal Launch
Government/Non-Profit Board Mtgs.
Business Advisory Board Mtgs.
Phase II Client Survey
Business/Academics Interviews
Literature Review
Communities of Practice
Marketing Communications
Change Management
Business/Academic Partnerships
Global Committee on the Future of OD
  • Action Plan
  • Conducting Global Research with clients in every
    sector and region of the world, to understand
    their business challenges, and co-create ways for
    OD to help their businesses succeed.
  • Establishing Global Communities of Practice in
    every sector and region of the world to support
    OD practitioners in the collaborative creation,
    sharing, and application of best practices and
  • Building a Knowledge Management strategy to
    identify the OD body of knowledge and provide
    technology tools (KM Portal) and infrastructure
    for the virtual sharing of information and best
    practices globally.
  • Designing and implementing a targeted
    Communications and Marketing strategy to build
    greater understanding of the field of OD.
  • Strengthening business and academic partnerships
    to research and create new models and theories to
    solve business problems.

Research (Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD)
Phase I OD SWOT Survey Over 900 Responses
Top Three Strengths ? Systemic
Orientation/Change Management ? Techniques and
Processes Teamwork/Leadership Development ?
Values OD Brings to Practice Top Four Areas For
Improvement ? Lack of Definition and Distinction
of the Field of OD ? Lack of Quality Control of
Practitioners ? Insufficient Business Acumen of
Practitioners/Insufficient Emphasis on
Customer Needs ? Insufficiently Clear ROI/Value
of the Work
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Globalization, Multi-Cultural, and Whole
System Perspective Industry
Consolidation, M/A, and Strategic Alignment
Business and Product Life-Cycle
Global Economy, Market and Shareholder Demands
? Implications OD Profession
? Build collaborative global/multicultural
OD networks and partnerships ?
Support business leaders in becoming whole
system thinkers ? Address
business issues appropriately at each stage of
the life cycle ? Partner with
other OD and non-OD professional associations
? Teach business theory in OD Academic
programs ? Identify best practices
for industry consolidations, MA, strategic
alignment, and different phases of business life
OD Practitioner ? Build skills and
competencies in multi-cultural sensitivity and
diversity ? Focus on addressing
most formidable business challenges and adding
value (based on
understanding of basic business theory)
? Foster collaborative relationships across
traditional organizational
? Value to Business Leaders and Businesses
Strategies are aligned and executed in a way
that meets both financial goals
and core values More positive
results from organizational realignments,
industry consolidations,
MAs, by understanding and addressing cultural
dimensions Increased market share
and shareholder value, due to effective
application of change
management principles to business and product
life cycles
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Building Great Workplace, Productivity, and
Performance Culture Organizational
Alignment Speed, Innovation, and
Flexibility Capturing Elusive
Customers ? Implications OD
Profession ? Embed and Leverage OD
strengths to foster employee engagement
? Enhance skills around fostering innovation
and flexibility in workforce ?
Increase focus on what it takes to build a
performance culture (e.g., training in
productivity and quality methods)
OD Practitioner ?
Partner with business leaders to build great
workplaces ? Focus on enhancing
productivity and performance ?
Ensure work is linked to business imperatives
around speed, customers,
innovation, etc. ? Value to Business
Leaders and Businesses Enhanced
productivity and profitability through
organizational alignment Enhanced
commitment of workforce for better overall
performance Clarity of purpose and
mission to inspire and engage workforce
Improved ability to attract and retain top
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Leveraging Technology and Worldwide Integration
Leveraging and aligning technology
with business strategies Speed,
flexibility and innovation Learning
and Knowledge Management ? Implications
OD Profession ? Marry
capabilities of technology with individual and
organizational needs ? Understand
best practices in technology integration and
implementation ? Model virtual
training and learning in professional activities
? Recognize and address challenges
of technology from a people perspective
(e.g., virtual teams and meetings) OD
Practitioner ? Support business
leaders in implementing new technologies
? Build resiliency into organizations as
they integrate new technologies ?
Foster continuous learning and knowledge sharing
in organizations ? Stay current
with technology advances and incorporate them in
our practice ? Value to Business Leaders and
Businesses Leveraging and alignment
of technology with business and people
strategies Exploit
technology and readily adapt to the latest
technological advances for competitive
advantage Use technology to support
learning and innovation for better results
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Corporate Social Responsibility is Increasing
Greater accountability for business
ethics and governance Corporate role
in human rights and widening economic gaps
Accountability for the use of natural
resources ? Implications OD
Profession ? Identify best
practices in socially responsible business
practices ? Develop skills and
competencies in supporting socially responsible
business practices, ethics and
governance ? Embed socially
responsible values and associated results in
corporate drivers and key metrics
(e.g., balanced scorecard) ? Use
our values based heritage to create a paradigm
shift in the way business is
perceived and conducted OD
Practitioner ? Coach and support
business leaders in shifting/enhancing socially
responsible orientation and
actions (show them whats in it for them)
? Build expertise in skills, competencies
and understandings re ethics,
governance, and socially responsible practices ?
Value to Business and Business Leaders
Improved reputation among citizenries, consumers
and investors Enhanced commitment of employees
as they find increased meaning in work
through focus on corporate citizenship and
contributions Mitigate/reduce costs
and negatives associated with litigation
Enhanced sustainability of Enterprises through
responsible use of natural resources
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Building Leadership and Organizational
Capabilities for the Future Changing
Work and Workforce Leadership Talent
Identification, Development, and Retention
Leadership Courage, Decision Making and
Problem Solving ? Implications OD
Profession ? Ensure business leaders
have basic understanding of OD theory and
? Build competencies in leveraging diversity
for business advantage ? Leverage
conflict mediation and appreciative inquiry
skills and
competencies among OD professionals around the
world ? Create HR/OD collaborative
relationships and partnerships OD
Practitioner ? Coach leaders to find
meaning and purpose and provide an environment
that supports
the whole person ? Work with HR
and business leaders to actively advocate our
beliefs and
values for individuals and workplaces
? Model leadership courage, decision making
and problem solving ? Value to Business Leaders
and Businesses Greater leadership
bench strength to build long-term business
success Enhanced ability to make
difficult decisions and address paradoxes
Access to wide array of choices around models
for building organizations, careers and learning
Phase I Action Research - Integrated Key Themes
? Regulatory Environment and New Organizational
Forms Business and Government
Partnerships are creating both challenges and
opportunities In U.S.,
increasing government regulations pose
competitive challenges New
organizational models emerging across traditional
sectors (public-private) ? Implications
OD Profession ?
Research best practices and new models in
public-private partnerships
Stimulate interest and awareness about emergent
organizational forms ? Do action
research/action learning with pioneers in
collaborative cross-sector emergent
organizational forms OD
Practitioner ? Be open and
opportunistic in identifying emerging
organizational forms ? Explore
new organizational forms through experimentation
(e.g., high potential
experiences on special projects)
? Leverage high potential talent to fuel interest
and awareness ? Use OD win-win
values to shift paradigm from adversarial to
partnerships across traditional boundaries
(organizations, sectors, industries) ? Value to
Business Leaders and Businesses
Intractable problems that can only be addressed
at the systems level are
understood and ameliorated Better
results through enhanced win-win collaborative
relationships and
partnerships among public, private and nonprofit
sectors Reduced costs and faster
speed to market for critical products (e.g.,
drugs) as shared
commitments and values become more of a priority
Phase I Action Research Visioning Themes
? The field of Organization Development is
clearly defined, well understood, recognized and
valued by practitioners and clients alike. OD
professional associations speak with one voice
and have a common identity. OD professionals
demonstrate competencies and practices that are
distinguishing hallmarks of excellence.
OD profession easy to recognize and
differentiate from others. ? OD Practitioners
demonstrate business savvy. OD supports strategy
identification, execution and measurement. The
focus of OD is on enhancing productivity and
profitability, and we use metrics to monitor our
progress. The OD field is clear about its ROI
and OD professionals are credible partners to
leaders. Practical - business focused
- able to move from the conceptual to application
and bring others along.
? Academia and Business partner synergistically.
This partnership develops practical applications
of OD, new models, research and theory. The next
generation of OD practitioners are prepared to
succeed in all sectors. Business and
academia partner to research and create new
models and theories to solve
business issues. ? We create sustainable and
humane Enterprises, embedding values, and
creating a positive work environment. We build
bridges, help to find common ground, and address
organizational and cultural divides. We manifest
our belief that social responsibility and
business results can successfully co-exist.
I feel satisfied in my work. I feel cared
about. I want to stay.
Phase II Research Client Survey Research Goals
1. Validate Business Success
Factors Understand the relative importance of
the factors driving business success from a
people and organizational perspective, and
current organizational effectiveness in each of
the key areas 2. Determine Future Intentions
to Utilize OD in key areas 3. Identify
Preferred Sources of Expertise and Support 4.
Ensure Capacity to sort Data by Key
Demographics e.g., Industry, Size, Region,
Phase II ResearchAction Learning Guiding
  • How can we create the conditions for
    collaborative deep inquiry and learning from our
    actions and activities on an ongoing basis?
  • How can we leverage Action Research and Action
    Learning both as
  • A SERIES OF EVENTS marked by inclusivity,
    reflection, and feedback
  • A transformational PROCESS that creates and
    embeds the conditions and competencies for
    inquiry and continuous learning?
  • To what extent would viewing OD practice as
    transformational Action Learning create the
    requisite paradigm shift for OD practice in
    organizations in a diverse, interdependent world?

Phase II ResearchAction Learning Outcomes
  • Design and implement a plan to identify and
    capture learning relative to
  • The process of reinventing the profession
  • Lessons learned along the way
  • Translating tacit learning / knowledge to
    explicit recorded knowledge
  • Identifying and sharing successes that can be
  • Learning from mistakes that can be avoided
  • Creating vehicles, conditions, and processes for
    continuous reflection and learning from OD
  • Create vehicles that enable all components of the
    Global Committee (COPs, Communications and
    Marketing, Change Management, Integration and
    Liaison, Knowledge Management, Research) to
  • Develop insight and capture learning on a regular
    basis (within group)
  • Share insights and learning (within group and
    across groups).

Communities of Practice (Elena Feliz)
The Global Committee on the Future of
OD Landscape of our Communities of Practice...
  • THE BUSINESS SECTOR Jenny Flowers, Chair
  • Strategy Grow the grassroots industry teams and
    contacts, maximizing
  • the Team Leader, Volunteer and
    Advisory Board relationships
  • to achieve world-wide
    participation in assessing challenges,
  • state of OD, best practices, and
    competencies in that specific
  • industry.
  • Four teams, with Team Leaders and members
    identified, are working
  • toward objectives
  • Pharmaceutical/BioTech/Medical Device (PBM)
    Linda Klug, Aventis
  • High Tech/Telecom (HTT) David Lipsky, Sony
  • Financial Services (FS) Dorothy Obeirne, UBS
  • Energy/Manufacturing/Utilities (EMU) Lucille
    Maddalena, Morris Business Group, Inc.
  • Three Teams need Team Leaders and volunteers
  • Healthcare and Hospitals (HH)

The Global Committee on the Future of
OD Landscape of our Communities of Practice...
Government Sector Genevieve Jones,
Chair Strategy Leverage key stakeholders,
advisory board and membership
to focus on federal, state and local/municipal in
the U.S. to grow grassroots
team to renew our focus and to evolve our
approach to OD in this
sector. Nonprofit Sector Terri McNichols,
Chair Strategy Explore how OD as a profession
can add value to U.S.-based
nonprofit organizations. The Nonprofit sector
team will look at how OD can
empower the sector to deliver their missions
more effectively. Country/Region
Elena Feliz, Chair Strategy Belief in the
Power of One designate Country Liaison in
countries like Canada, Thailand,
Finland, Germany, India, Africa,
etc., who will create local team linking with
ODI, ODN, IODA as appropriate.
In the U.S., leverage OD regionals and network.
Using the Global Committee on the future of OD
Step 1 Access the Portal using your Internet
Public Main Page
Click for members only area
Strategy and objectives Review Expected
Outcomes Key Deliverables
workstreams Purpose, Structure Scope
teams Leadership Team information
register New Member
Step 2 Click on the Existing Members link
Step 2 New members Register
View mission statement
Existing users
New users Enroll by clicking on the Register
Accessing the Members Area
Step 3 Logon using your Userid and Password
Step 4 Navigate through the Portal by clicking
on the appropriate link
The Future of Organization Development
  • Three Thought Questions on the Future of OD
  • Should OD be considered a Profession and/or
    Discipline? If so, how should standards and
    qualifications for OD practitioners be
  • Does/should OD have a unique identity that OD
    practitioners own and/or is our focus more on
    transferring OD competencies and knowledge to
    business leaders and/or project managers so that
    can be more self sufficient? What are the
    implications for the OD profession?
  • Can and should OD practitioners leverage our
    values-based OD heritage to support fundamental
    shifts in the way business is perceived and
    conducted (i.e., building more humane,
    sustainable enterprises)?
  • If so, what are the key results we want to
    achieve? What are the most effective ways we can
    influence others in these areas?

The Future of Organization Development
  • Comments?
  • Questions?
  • Suggestions?

The Future of Organization Development
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