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Safety Management Systems - Getting employees to put the plan into place


Safety Management Systems Getting employees to put the plan into place – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Safety Management Systems - Getting employees to put the plan into place

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Safety Management Systems - Getting employees to
put the plan into place
  • Debbie Hagenbruch
  • HWE Mining Pty Ltd South Middleback Ranges

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HWE Mining Pty Ltd Safety Aim
  • Safety
  • HWE Mining is committed to conducting its
    operations safely. It is the company's objective
    to eliminate injury-causing accidents from its
    operations and thereby record and sustain a zero
    injury frequency rating.

HWE Mining Pty Ltd Safety Performance
Ref http//
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Dump Truck tires go most of the way through
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Zero Harm philosophy is Prevalent in many
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Planning Safety Footprint to Success
Safety Planning Foot print to Success
  • Plans are projected courses of actions aimed at
    achieving objectives
  • Planning provides the groundwork for the future
    and gives us a way to track performance and
    assess achievements.
  • Good plans help us identify and focus our efforts
    on important issues.
  • If you are failing to plan you are planning to

Source Cole, Supervision, the theory Practice
of front line supervision, 2001,
6 Step Process to Successful Planning
Source Cole, Supervision, the theory Practice
of front line supervision, 2001,
Establish Visible CommitmentSafety Planning
Targets Responsibilities
  • Top managements modeling of the desired behaviour
    is essential.
  • This can sometimes be affected by
  • Workplace culture or perception
  • Production Targets
  • Time Management
  • Client demands
  • If management drop their expectations so will the
    workforce. Management/ supervisors need to
    continuously walk the talk with no exception

Visible Commitment?
Corporate Level Commitment Establish Visible
  • Safety and health policy
  • Everyone at has a personal responsibility for
    their own safety and that of their workmates. In
    pursuit of our goal, HWE Mining will provide
  • Leadership
  • Systems for identifying, reporting, correcting
    and managing all hazards
  • Training
  • Open communication with our people.
  • We will not carry out any job if it cannot be
    done safely

Corporate Level CommitmentEstablish Visible
  • Safety Leadership Program
  • 3 Day interactive / classroom based training
  • Characteristics of effective supervision
  • Modelling behaviour walking the talk
  • Overview of SMS AS4801
  • Legislation Duty of Care
  • Interpreting Instructions Practical
  • Decision Making / Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Applying the risk management process

Corporate Level CommitmentEstablish Visible
  • Safety Trainee Program
  • 2 year Development Program
  • 8 Trainees spend as much time as possible out in
    the field gaining experience and exposure to the
    many different operational activities on a mine.
  • Providing a safety resource for the future

Site Level Commitment Establish Visible
  • Safety Integrated into the Business
  • Dedicated safety resources
  • Safety key component in position descriptions
  • Hazards and Safe Act Observations discussed at
    daily management meeting
  • Change Management includes safety inspections and
    sign off
  • Risk assessment incorporated in task planning
  • Training Induction, on the job, refresher
  • Monitoring of high consequence low probability
  • Promotion of reporting and investigating near
    miss situations
  • Active Health and Safety Committee

Site Level Commitment Establish Visible
C ontact with the employees in their work
environment A ccessibility of relevant
information and assistance when it is required R
eassurance of the Safety First principle and E
ncouragement to Stop the Job and take action if
they think it is unsafe
  • Provide a physical presence of safety in the
  • Safety Professionals should interact with
    employees in the workplace so as to generate a
    better understanding of the employees tasks and
    be available to coach front line supervision in
    safety requirements.
  • Establish a relationship with employees to combat

Generate Understanding and Appreciation
Communicate Safety Planning - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • Clearly consistently communicate performance
    expectations about safety
  • Make the communication relevant to the audience
  • Generate understanding/appreciation of why safety
    is a crucial issue
  • Decentralise the issue i.e. not department or
    area specific. If someone is hurt on site then
    we all need to take responsibility
  • Its not just the safety departments role to
    identify hazards or manage injuries

Communicate Safety Planning - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • SMR Safety The Way Forward
  • The first five standards
  • Personnel to be compliant to JSAs and procedures
  • Pre-start checklists completed correctly
  • Obey speed limits and wear seatbelts
  • Logbooks for registered equipment completed prior
    to use
  • Windrows to be at appropriate height (1.6m).

Communicate Safety Planning - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • Lifesaver safety rules
  • Lockout procedures will always be followed and
    verification always applied
  • No one will be at work under the influence of
    alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Confined space procedures will always be followed
  • No one will stand under a suspended load
  • Working at heights procedures will be followed
  • Seat belts will be worn where fitted
  • Everyone will stop at flashing railway signals,
    red traffic lights
  • and stop signs

Communicate Safety Planning - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • To support these lifesavers effectively the
    following leadership
  • lifesavers will be applied. Leaders will
  • Never walk past an unsafe act
  • Always challenge unsafe behaviour
  • Positively reinforce safe behaviour
  • Communicate lifesavers effectively and ensure
    they are applied
  • These messages are sign posted on site,
    communicated in the Induction, reinforced via
    communication processes

Communicate Safety Planning - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • Face to Face Discussions
  • Project Manager Face to Face discussions with
    employees at daily preshift meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Return to work newsletters are developed and
    provided to employees on the bus whilst returning
    to work following rostered time off. They
    highlight changes and provide updates to
    employees prior to going on site
  • Hazard Cards / Safe Act Observations

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Communication Site LevelCommunicate - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • Preshift Meetings

Communication Site LevelCommunicate - Generate
Understanding Appreciation
  • Communication Notes
  • Sent out when a change of procedure required as
    an interim measure until quality documents are
    formulated. Employee sign off required
  • Health Safety Committees
  • Safety Representatives are the eyes and ears of
    safety in the workplace. They are a valuable
    asset as they help clarify employee understanding
    and can assist in delivering the safety message

Safety Plan Implementation Individual
Involve Employees Allow Time Safety Plan
  • Involve your employees
  • Involve your employees in the development and
    implementation of the safety plan. Demonstrate
    how their activities directly impact on the
    safety of their workmates and the business
  • Allow the necessary time for safety
  • Encourage employees to take the time to assess
    the hazards when preparing for a task and before
    starting the task
  • Share the responsibility for employee safety.
    Employers need to provide a safe system of work
    but the employees are the best people to review
    the effectiveness of safe operating procedures

Involve Employees Allow Time Safety Plan
  • Encourage consistency in risk calculation
  • Compare apples with apples. Educating employees
    in standard risk assessment processes assists in
    ensuring more effective risk review and management

Probability Consequence Risk
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Review JSA if change to job steps/team/environment
Res Risk
  • Identify the
  • hazard(s)

Write the step here. Start with an action word
and end with the subject.
Determine the control measures for each hazard
What Happens When Things Go Wrong Emergency
Emergency Response
  • Ensure an Emergency Response Plan is in place and
    people are aware of their responsibilities
  • Ensure equipment is readily available and working
  • Ensure emergency contact numbers are readily
    available and communication centres are visible
    and manned.
  • Have a contingency plan.
  • Ensure emergency services are aware of where you
    are located and that plans are available to
    highlight relevant areas
  • Practice, practice, practice

Emergency ResponseHWE South Middleback Ranges
  • On site ERT made up of employees from HWE and
  • Members are operators, tradesman and staff
    personnel who respond when an emergency is
  • Emergency response controlled by Production
  • 40 minutes away from Emergency Services
  • Train with SA Ambulance Services once a month 5
  • Also trained in fire and rescue
  • Aim is to sustain life until help arrives
  • Currently finalist in OneSteel National Safety

Emergency Response
  • Recognise the value of your emergency response
  • Allow them the time to maintain their skills
  • Debrief the ERT following an incident
  • Ideally the aim is for them to be redundant
    however when things go wrong they are literally
    your life line
  • Ensure systems are in place to preserve the
    incident scene

Forward Thinking Incident Investigation Safety
Plan Implementation
  • Make accident investigation forward looking
    rather than punitive. It is much more important
    to maintain a level of openness and receptivity
    to determine the root cause of the incident
  • Record minor incidents / near misses reveal
    patterns which will provide clues to larger
  • Encourage and support mindful leadership. Probe
    for problems instead of providing assurance of
    compliance, become personally involved
  • Strengthen the voices of safety professionals
    within the organisation

Manage Claims Closely Safety Plan Implementation
  • Manage workers compensation claims closely. Stay
    in touch with those employees who are out on
    disability and, if possible. Institute a flexible
    return to work program.
  • Communicate with the employee and medical
    profession. Demonstrate real commitment to
    ensuring the employee is taken care of during the
    time of impairment and an eagerness to return the
    employee to normal duties.
  • Be honest medical practitioners are not always
    aware of industry safety politics.

Reward Positive Performance
Montior Reward Performance Safety Plan
  • Monitor reward performance. Establishing a
    benchmark is a valuable way to leverage the
    natural internal competition that exists within
    an organisation. Internal competition to
    measure up can be a catalyst for change within
    the organisation
  • Managers / supervisors safety measures to
    performance reviews
  • Employees acknowledge and reward positive

HWE Mining Pty Ltd - SMR Monitor Reward
  • Day to Day good performance - A Day given at
    Prestart Meeting
  • Nomination for Safety Awards
  • BBQ for good team performance
  • Supervisor / Project Manager give praise when
    individuals perform well

  • Organisations with a good safety record still
    need to maintain focus
  • Safety Planning is critical to Safety Performance
  • Clear communication is required to generate
  • Make individuals aware of their responsibility
  • Management need to walk the talk
  • Encourage your safety team to have a physical
    presence in the workplace
  • Standardise risk evaluation processes
  • Be prepared for an emergency
  • Make accident investigations forward thinking
  • Manage workers compensation claims closely
  • Monitor and reward positive performance
  • Network and learn form others experience
  • Continuously evaluate and review Safety Plan