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Title: Create Communicate Collaborate

Create Communicate - Collaborate
  • Projects for the Global Classroom

Howie DiBlasi Emerging Technologies Evangelist
Digital Journey www.toolsfor Presentation 2009
Conference LinksTools For The Classroom - Web
Site www.toolsfortheclassroom.comThis
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The kids are OKWant to be uplifted watch this
lie Steele10 Years Old
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Why? B.L.C. ..What is it?
  • A group of administrators, school staff and
    PARENTS who are united in their commitment to
    student learning.
  • They share a vision, work and learn
    collaboratively, visit and review other
    classrooms, and participate in decision making.
    (Hord, 1997b).
  • The benefits Better informed and committed
    teachers, and academic gains for students (AND A
  • "As an organizational arrangement it is seen as a
    powerful staff-development approach and a potent
    strategy for school change and improvement."

The following projects have the following
criteria associated with each and our goal is to
teach our students how to
1. Deal with massive amounts of information2.
Become self-directed3. Create global
communications and connections4. Create
life-long learning skills5. Collect and/or
retrieve, organize and manage information6.
Interpret and present information7. Evaluate the
quality, relevance, and usefulness of
information8. Generate accurate information
through the use of existing resources9.
Information and effective communications
skills10. Thinking, problem-solving
interpersonal skills11.Self-directional
skills12. Use digital technology tools 13.
Teach and learn in a 21st century context.14.
Understand Digital Age Literacy15. Understand
Inventive Thinking 16. Produce High Productivity
  • Educators need to be genuine, authentic leaders
    that will infuse meaning in what we do as
    teachers. We all need to tell our success
    stories, assist others in helping, influence and
    inspire people around us.

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How has the world changed since you graduated?
Has education at large made the same strides?
Skills for successhttp//www.graduateopportunitie
  • So what skills do employers seek.
  • Core skills which employers seek include

Skills for success Success or Fail ?
Skills for success -TOP 4
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Information gathering, evaluation and synthesis
  • Team work and collaboration

  • Adaptability
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Time management and organization
  • Oral and written communication
  • Initiative and enterprise
  • Ability to apply discipline knowledge and
  • Emotional intelligence interpersonal skills
  • Balanced lifestyle and capacity to manage stress
  • Community involvement
  • Personal attributes such as ambition,
    self-awareness and an inquiring mind.

Creative problem-solvingCritical and analytical
thinking .Lets see if this individual
understands the concept and can apply it
Creative problem-solvingCritical and analytical
thinking .
What Are 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Digital-Age Literacy
  • Inventive Thinking (creative)
  • Effective Communication
  • High Productivity

Quote from Alan November
  • The six jobs described below outline creative
    ways that your students can make valuable
    contributions to their learning community. While
    these jobs can be successfully implemented
    individually, it is bringing them together in
    harmony where we can create a more balanced
    vision of teaching and learning.

Change the classroom
My Digital 21st Century Classroom
  • Team of students
  • Researchers Goolge AltaVista Search
  • Tutorial Designers Jing (Create Screencasts)
  • Curriculum Team Podcasts (Recordings)
  • Official Scribes Google docs (take class notes)
  • Collaboration Coordinators-Global team e-pals
  • 6. Contributing to Society World issues are
    important, and we can use them to teach students
    about social justice and empathy.

What needs to change about our curriculum when
our students have the ability to reach audiences
far beyond our classroom walls?
Where Do I go to find Global Partners?
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  • ePals The home for meaningful learning through
    global collaboration
  • Safe and Protected E-mailSecure,
  • Award Winning Blogging
  • TechnologyConnections with other classrooms
  • Collaborative Projects Language Practice
  • Robust Tools and Learning Resources for Schools
    and Districts

FREE student e-mail accounts
  • ePals SchoolMail is the recognized leader in
    FREE school-safe email for students in grades
    K-12, providing easy-to-use multilingual
    electronic communications solutions to schools
    and districts worldwide in a protected,
    customized, and collaborative environment.

New Video
  • Take a virtual field trip to New Zealand to learn
    about their native plants and animals. Ask
    questions of the New Zealand class who submitted
    the video.-- Submit your own virtual field trip
    by creating a video with your students
    highlighting animals and plants in your community
    to share with students around the world.

Classroom Matchhttp//
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e-Pals Language and Learning Portal
  • You can find a classroom in several ways
  • Find a classroom by searching on a topic or
  • Find a classroom using maps.
  • See all the new classrooms that have joined
  • There are many more options in our advanced
  • When you find a match, click the "Contact" link.

E-mail from a teacher
  • Howie,
  • Thank you for keeping in touch. I have to share
    one thing that I have done this week. Out of all
    of the suggestions you shared last week I was
    most intrigued with the ePals program.  I
    immediately registered and posted a profile. I
    literally got goosebumps when I sent my first
    international email-----which was to Greece. Over
    the last few days I have heard back from schools
    in Japan, Germany, and Colombia.  I cannot even
    begin to tell you how excited my students are
    about this project! Thank you for telling me
    about it.  I will share more projects as we go.
    Beth Still

The Way We Are
  • What makes me who I am? In this project, students
    will engage in a collaborative learning
    experience. Through e-mail exchanges, students
    learn about the daily lives, cultures, climates
    and geography of children who live in other
    regions of the world.
  • What is "The Way We Are"?
  • http//

Global Warming
  • How can we help to save our planet from global
    warming? In this project, students learn about
    the effects of global warming and ways to reduce
    its effects on our planet.  Through email
    exchanges, students collaborate on ways kids
    around the globe can make a difference. 
  • http//

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  • If a camel lived in a rainforest, would it still
    have a hump? In this project, students research
    habitats, and the animal and plant life within.
    Students will learn about  threats to habitat
    life, as well as unique qualities of each
    habitat. Email exchanges help students identify 
    differences between their own habitat and that of
    their ePals.
  • http//

  • Why in the world would you need more than one map
    of the same location? In this project, students
    will learn to use three different types of maps
    (physical, climate, political) to gather
    information about where their ePals live.
    Students will participate in email exchanges
    focusing on how geographic location impacts their
    ePals' daily lives.
  • http//

Natural Disasters
  • What do you do when the news warns of a big
    storm? In this project, students learn about the
    natural disasters of the world.  Through email
    exchanges, students will learn about natural
    disasters, where and under what conditions they
    are most likely to occur, particularly those
    natural disasters common in their ePals'
  • http//

  • When is water good to drink?  In this project,
    students will research the world's water
    problems, focusing on how their personal water
    use affects aquatic ecosystems in their 
    communities.  Students will participate in email
    exchanges, exploring the global importance of
    water, particularly in their ePals' location.
  • http//

Web 2.0 Tools Communication -Collaboration -
  • Demo -Talks Johnny Lee Creating tech marvels out
    of a 40 Wii Remote Video on Remote Control
    White Board
  • http//

Johnny Lee Creating tech marvels out of a 40
Wii Remote Video on Remote Control White Board
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Google In Education Web Site
  • http//
  • What is/are Google Docs ?????

Google for Administratorshttp//
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Cool things to do in Google Maps50 Things to do
with Google Maps Mashups See 50 MORE Things to
do with Google Maps Mashups!)
  • Drill earth
  • http//
  • Google earth education
  • http//
  • http//
  • Google Mashups
  • http//

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  • Drill earth
  • http//

  • Back for an encore are two posts which generated
    a huge amount of interest in 2006. I put together
    two posts which listed 25 things you can do with
    Google Maps mashups.
  • Absoutely AMAZING
  • http//
  • http//
  • After you've seen them all, learn how to record
    your own tours in Google Earth 5.0!

  • Google Sky http//
  • To help you explore the far reaches of our
    universe, we have teamed up with astronomers at
    some of the largest observatories in the world to
    bring you a new view of the sky. Using Google
    Maps this tool provides an exciting way to browse
    and explore the universe. You can find the
    positions of the planets and constellations on
    the sky and even watching the birth of distant
    galaxies as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Google Mars http//
  • We've included three different types of data in
    Google Mars
  • Elevation - A shaded relief map, generated with
    data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)
    on NASA's spacecraft. Visible - A mosaic of
    images taken by the Mars Orbiter Camera.
    Basically, this is what your eyes would see if
    you were in orbit around Mars. Infrared - A
    mosaic of infrared images taken by the Thermal
    Emission Imaging System
  • Google Moon http//
  • Apollo Series These six missions of the
    Apollo Program,which lasted from 1963 to 1972,
    were the first and last times that Mankind has
    set foot on another world.

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Google Workshops For Educatorshttp//
.com/site/cuegli/events/pomona/projectsProof of
Concept Projects
  • As you participate , consider which of the tools
    you might want to explore in more depth.
  • When we begin the proof-of-concept projects,
    select a partner (or two) from within your team.
    You will work with this person (or these two
    people) to create a "mock up" of something you
    might use in your role as an educatoror that
    students might create themselves.
  • Keep an open mind about collaborating with others
    who teach different grades or different
    subjectsor who have other roles as educators.
    You may be pleasantly surprised by the results of
    collaborating outside your own professional silo.
    Remember you need to have a product in 30
    minutes, so don't let little details (or big
    egos) bog you down.
  • With your partner(s), spend about 30 minutes
    creating a proof-of-concept that meets the
    following criteria
  • Utilizes at least one NEW tool
  • Is tailored for a specific educational purpose
  • Illustrates how you or students would use the
  • Demonstrates the concept sufficiently that other
    educators might implement it

6 Words To Define My Life
  • Dont let fear make your decisions.
  • Woman. Mother. Friend. Lover. Adventurer.
  • "I was born, lived, and died"
  • Above all love, laughter, and family.
  • To a nail, everything's a hammer.
  • My parents took away my child.
  • Fell for the devil in disguise.
  • Waiting to turn 50 to cry.
  • Blindly in love lost way home.

Tutorial DesignersAbbott and Costello - Math -
Explain this math
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  • http//
  • Completing The Square
  • http//
  • What is a URL?
  • http//

The idea of SIMPLE SCIENCE is to have informative
music videopresentations for use in the primary
school classroom.
  • http//

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Project BlogsSoftwaree-Pals
www.epals.comBlogger https//
E-Pals Blog---FREE
My First Blog Experience
  • I created a blog and in the first 24 hours this
    was posted
  • Hey Howie-hows it goin..Im Kristy and I just
    moved to Durango.I would like to meet a nice guy
    like you. I came here 2 weeks ago and I have
    nothin to doI read your profile and youre cute
    and I liked what you had to sayI am 21-f-/single
    and I like a guy who is easy to be comfortable
    around. I really like guys who are a little bit
    older than me and 64 is just about right. I have
    posted my profile and have lots of photos of
    me.come check it out ..OK

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Ning - Ning lets you create new social
experiences for the most important people and
interests in your life.Lets join a Ning and
collaborate http//toolsfortheclassroom.ning.
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Welcome to Classroom20.comThe social network
for those interested in Web 2.0 and
collaborative technologies in education.We
especially hope that those who are "beginners"
will find this a supportive community and a
comfortable place to start being part of the
digital dialog. http//
Welcome to, the social network
for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative
technologies in education.
Weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE! Show
  • This Saturday, June 6th Kim Caise, Lorna
    Costantini, and Peggy George will be hosting
    another Classroom 2.0 LIVE show. As an extension
    to the Classroom 2.0 Ning community, Classroom
    2.0 "LIVE" shows are opportunities to gather with
    other educators in real-time events, complete
    with audio, chat, desktop sharing, and sometimes
    even video. A Google calendar of shows is
    available at http//
    html. The topic this Saturday is "Google Search
    Tips" with special guest Lisa Thumann, author of
    the Thumann Resources blog. Please join us as
    Lisa shares tips on creating advanced searches
    using new and little known Google search tools.
    More information and session details are at
    http// If you've never
    participated in a live webinar, don't be afraid
    to come and observe. 'Dip your toes in the
    conversations until you feel comfortable enough
    to "jump into the conversations with both feet"!
    We want to encourage "experienced Web 2.0 users"
    to join us by contributing and extending the
    conversation by sharing real-life examples and

The Global Education CollaborativeHelping
Teachers and Students Reach the World
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Taking IT Global http//
ns/ This section of TakingITGlobal focuses on
online community building and cross cultural
dialogue. Total Members 237,543
  • Discussion Boards Discuss everything from the
    digital divide to peace and conflict with
    hundreds of other TakingITGlobal members!
  • Member Stories Are you inspired, informed and
    involved? These people are! This section is
    dedicated to showcasing the personal
    perspectives, ideas and issues facing TIG
  • Member Search Browse through TakingITGlobal's
    vast youth network! You can find members based on
    location, language, interests, and more.
  • E-Cards Let a friend or family member know
    you're thinking of them on their birthday or
    other special occasion with one of the free
    e-Cards in our collection!

Contributing to Society World issues are
important, and we can use them to teach students
about social justice and empathy.
Pay-It-Forward I'm collecting donations for Kiva
Micro-loans Security Pro Funding Pool...
  • We Let You Loan to the Working Poor
  • Kiva's mission is to connect people through
    lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

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The following projects can be completed and
shared by using
  • Web Pages
  • Social Networks
  • Ning
  • E-Pals
  • CILC
  • Google Docs
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Podcast
  • Visual Literacy
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Voice Thread

My Hero
Who is your hero?
Define a Hero Groups of 3
  • What is a hero?
  • What qualities are common in hero's?
  • Pick one Hero for the group
  • Why are they a hero?
  • Be prepared to share with everyone

My Hero Project
  • http//
  • http//

  • The study of heroes applies across the curriculum
    in all grade levels. It can be an integral part
    of character education, media arts and computer
    literacy and a tool for reading comprehension and
    the development of writing skills. MY HERO can be
    used to enrich thematic studies in the arts and

  • Objectives
  • Students are expected to be able to
  • Describe the characteristics of a hero.
  • Recognize the hero in a story.
  • Name heroes in their lives and express why those
    people are heroes to them.
  • Use a computer to access the Internet, find and
    read stories on the MY HERO Website.
  • Distinguish between a hero and a celebrity.

My Hero Sample Project My Grandpa Said.
My Grandpa Said.
Curriculum Team Podcasts (Recordings)Students
and Teachers, From K to 12 Hit the Podcasts
Podcasting-What is it?
  • Tivo for radio-an audio broadcast similar to a
    news or entertainment radio show.
  • Audio- images video) online and uses the
  • Works on any Internet-enabled computer
  • Can be downloaded to MP3 player (iPod)
  • Configure the latest episodes of your favorite
    Podcasts to automatically download to your
    computer and/or audio player whenever it is
  • You can subscribe to a Podcast through services
    like iTunes, Podcast Alley and Yahoo Podcast,
  • Anyone with a computer and a microphone can
    record a show about any subject

Apple - Education - Guided Tour - An Introduction
to iTunes U http//
  • This I Believe is an international project
    engaging people in writing, sharing, and
    discussing the core values that guide their daily
    lives. These short statements of belief, written
    by people from all walks of life, are archived
    here and featured on public radio in the United
    States and Canada. The project is based on the
    popular 1950s radio series of the same name
    hosted by Edward R. Murrow.

  • Personal essay Focused on belief or insight
    about life that is significant to the writer
  • Personal narrative Focused on a significant
  • Personal memoir Focused on a significant
    relationship between the writer and a person,
    place, or object

This I Believe Thirty Things I Believeby Tarak
I believe life is good. I believe God is in
everything. I believe we're all equal. I believe
we can help people. I believe everyone is weird
in their own way. I believe hate is a cause for
love. I believe we should be generous. I believe
I should not whine.
This I BelieveNPR
  • Essays New and Old
  • Thirty Things I Believe
  • January 18, 2009 When Tarak McLain's
    kindergarten group celebrated their 100th day of
    class, some kids brought 100 nuts or cotton
    balls. Tarak brought a list of 100 things he
    believes. Now a first-grader, Tarak shares his
    top beliefs about God, life, nature and war.

Five FramesUsing Memories On The Web
Tell a Story in 5 Frames
  • Has two important parts.
  • The first part is creating and telling a story
    through visual means with only a title to help
    guide the interpretation.
  • The second part is the response of the group to
    the visual story. The group response can take
    many forms such as, a poetic or prose rendering
    of the visualization, a critique on the structure
    of the story, comments on the photograph, or
    other constructive forms of response.
  • Telling and enjoying stories should create
    entertainment for the group as well as offer
    insight into the universal elements that help
    create a story for an international audience.
  • The more people who respond, as either
    storytellers or respondents, the greater the
    reward for all.

A good story has characters in action with a
beginning, middle, and an ending.
  • Title words or a photo with words
  • 1st photo establish characters and location.
  • 2nd photo create a situation with possibilities
    of what might happen.3rd photo involve the
    characters in the situation.4th photo build to
    probable outcomes5th photo have a logical, but
    surprising, end.


Sample 5 Frame ProjectTime
To complete the project
  • Make a PhotoStory using photos and music

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Project WikisSoftwarePB Wikihttp//
/WikiSpaces-For teachershttp//www.wikispaces.c
Pitot House
Natalie Watt Pitot House,
  • Natalie Watt has taught her third graders in New
    Orleans how to deeply understand the
    inner-workings of Wikipedia by organizing the
    class to publish an article about a local
    historic mansion, the Pitot House, on the site

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  • this site was inspired while we were _at_ school, we
    read an article about the schools in Afghanistan.
  • WE WANT TO HEAR FROM U!!!!!!!!!! we may just be
    kids but we have great ideas! and the more money
    we make the better education they get!!!

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My Townsample project
  • Students will obtain lyrics from the song My
    Town by Montgomery Gentry. A Photo Story will
    be created to tell about the students town that
    they live in. Connections about the community,
    schools, people, government, families, children,
    intercultural, environment will be demonstrated
    in digital photos. Contact will be made with
    the songwriter to obtain permission to use the
    song in the student presentation. Students will
    insert photos, determine timing, visual effects
    and show the final project for evaluation.

  • Label Curb Records address 48 Music Sq. E
    Nashville, Tennessee , 37203 Phone
  •  Reference Song Title Let Them Be Little
  • Artist/Composer Billy Dean
  • Songwriter Richie McDonald/Billy Dean
  • Recording Company Curb Records
  • Dear Sir
  • I am the Technology Director for the Durango
    School District in Durango Colorado.
  • As a part of our Technology Integration Project,
    we are instructing our teachers and students
    about Visual Literacy and Digital Story Telling.
    In the class each student creates a project with
    digital photos, images and/or slides. I am
    creating a Multimedia Power Point/ PhotoStory as
    an example. I am seeking permission to use one
    song from the Billy Dean Album Let The Be
  •  I have completed my research on the Internet and
    located the following information
  • Reference Song Title Let Them Be Little
  • Artist/Composer Billy Dean
  • Songwriter Richie McDonald/Billy Dean
  • Recording Company Curb Records
  • I would like to use the above songs in my
    Multimedia Power Point Project. The complete
    songs will play and show my digital photos of my
    grandchildren, clip art, text and digital images
    that I have created. I have included a slide in
    the presentation that provides the credits for
    the Song title, the artist, songwriter and the
    recording company. Below that information I have

My Townsample video
  • How to make My Town
  • 1.     Select 3 members for your group
  • 2.     Person A Lyrics
  • 3.     Person B Power Point
  • 4.     Person C- Audio/Music
  • 5.     Group selects a song
  • 6.     Look for lyrics on the Internet
  • http// or
  • Or do a search on Goggle sample type in Name of
    song and lyrics
  • Sample My Town lyrics or My Way lyrics
  • 7.     Print out the lyrics
  • 8.     Locate the song on CD
  • 9.     Do a search on the Internet for the title,
    artist, song writer and publisher
  • 10. Write the publisher for permission see
    sample letter
  • 11. Rip the song into WMP format so it will
    play in Windows Media Player
  • 12. After ripping the song time it
  • 13. Make a folder for the slide shop call it
    the name of your song with PP at the end
  • 14. Decide how long each slide will be on the
  • 15. Make a storyboard for the slide show

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(No Transcript)
SkypeGlobal Connections
WEB Cameras - 19.95 - 89.95
I.V.C. Interactive Video Conferencing
  • Use the Internet to communicate with audio and
  • Take a field trip around the block or around the
  • Visit and communicate globally
  • Share and communicate student projects
  • Get started for 198
  • Camera 49.00PolyCom IVX 149.00 H323
    Standard IVC

1st Graders-Seahorse
1st Graders-Seahorse-Video
IVC Global Connection
The Best Part of Me
Students will
  • Students will identify a positive physical
    feature of themselves.
  • Students will work in pairs to take part in an
    online writer's workshop.
  • Students will create a descriptive poem about
    their favorite feature.
  • Students will create a digital photo of the
    physical feature.
  • Students will create a Photo Story Frame about
    their favorite feature.
  • Students will record the audio of their poem for
    Photo Story about their favorite feature.

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Voice Thread
Our TownPast and Present.
Our Town
Journey North
  • Web Site
  • http//

  • Journey North engages students in a global study
    of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12
    students share their own field observations with
    classmates across North America. They track the
    coming of spring through the migration patterns
    of monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds,
    whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles and
    other birds and mammals the budding of plants
    changing sunlight and other natural events. Find
    migration maps, pictures, standards-based lesson
    plans, activities and information to help
    students make local observations and fit them
    into a global context. Widely considered a
    best-practices model for education, Journey North
    is the nation's premiere "citizen science"
    project for children. The general public is
    welcome to participate.

Video on Journey North
My Familyhttp//
  • Early childhood education ideas, activities and
    lesson plans that promote young children's
    self-esteem and self-identity. This education
    theme encourages self-awareness and enhances
    learning about family.  At the beginning of a
    child's experience these activities help ease
    separation anxiety and during the year they help
    youngsters cope with the birth of siblings.

Preschool Multicultural Activities Passports
  • Promote multicultural awareness and self esteem
    with this early childhood education activity by
    Matina. Materials Paper and a camera.
  • Description We made passports by stapling white
    paper to construction paper. Then from January
    until May we studied a different country. We
    studied Russia, Africa, Ireland, Israel, China,
    Antarctica, Australia, Mexico, Japan, France,
    Hawaii, and Saudi Arabia. Then for each country
    the youngsters wore a hat or a prop from that
    country (ex France, beret). We took digital
    pictures of each child wearing his or her hat or
    prop. Then I glued the pictures into each child's
    individual passport and gave it to them along
    with a world traveler certificate at the end of
    the year.

Family Project "Me and My Family"
  • Early childhood activity gives each child the
    opportunity to share information about their
    family as well as themselves.
  • Materials A note sent home to parents.
  • Description Send a note home to the parents at
    least 1 week before you plan to begin sharing the
    posters, pictures, etc. Ask the parents to help
    their children put together a poster or a collage
    of family pictures for the children to share with
    the class. 
  • Have each child return their poster or collage to
    school on a different day to share with the
    class. Each child gets to stand up in front of
    the class and tell all about their poster,
    pictures or collage. They can answer any
    questions that the other children might have
    after sharing their information.
  • Comments This activity was WONDERFUL in helping
    to create self-esteem and confidence in these
    young children. They loved getting to stand up in
    front of the class and telling about their
    pictures, posters and collages. They liked having
    the other children ask questions about the
    pictures and sharing their own thoughts and
    memories of their pictures.

Art Activity Me and My Family Pictures
  • Lesson encourages self-awareness, self-identity,
    self-esteem and family relationships.  During
    this lesson children will use fine motor and
    representation skills.
  • You will need  Drawing paper, crayons, felt tip
    markers, a mirror (full length if possible)
  • Description Ask preschool children to look in
    the mirror and describe themselves, "What color
    is your hair?  How many eyes do you have?  What
    color are they?" etc.  Describe the clothes that
    you are wearing and then ask children to describe
    what they and their classmates are wearing. 
  • Next, ask children to draw pictures of themselves
    (remember that many young children will only be
    able to manage organized scribbling).  Say, "Tell
    me about your picture" and accept what each child
    tells you.  Label the pictures accordingly (eyes,
    nose etc.).  Some children may want to draw
    pictures of their families, friend and pets.
  • Let each preschooler help you write his/her name
    on their individual drawings or, if they can, let
    them write their own names. Some children will
    want to take their drawings home others may
    permit the teacher to put their picture on
    classroom display.
  • Vary this lesson throughout the year with
    drawings of relatives, friends, pets, home,
    neighborhood etc.
  • Teacher Tip Save a few examples of each child's
    drawings from the beginning of their preschool
    experience and place them in individual
    children's developmental portfolios.  Repeat the
    lesson a few times during the year and note the
    development of the children's fine motor and
    representation skills.

This Is My Country
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SoftwareYour own LIVE TV station to broadcast
your projectsuStream http//
uStream http//
  • uStream Click here to check out some samples
  •  This is a show for finding out all the latest
    from the world of life extension and advancing
    technology. Hear from researchers, engineers, and
    advocates from around the world. Have fun
    discussing the latest technological and
    biological breakthroughs that will extend life
    and bring an end to the suffering of age-related
    disease and poor health. Prepare yourself for the
    great societal transformation that lies ahead.
  • Dan Pinkhttp//

SoftwareYour own software site individuals
can visit to see your videos and projects
QuantumShift TV http//
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Is this what will happen if we do not change our
This product is meant for educational purposes
onlyViewer discretion advisedNot recommended
for children.May be too intense for some viewers
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead
is purely coincidental. Approved for veterans.
Void where prohibited. No other warranty
expressed or implied.This is not an offer to
sell securities. Subject to change without
notice. Simulated picture. Breaking seal
constitutes acceptance of agreement.We have sent
the forms which seem to be right for you. List
was current at time of printing. Not responsible
for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential
damages resulting from any defect, error or
failure to perform. Sanitized for your
protection. Some equipment shown is optional.
Prerecorded for this time zone. Reproduction
strictly prohibited. No anchovies unless
otherwise specified.Driver does not carry
cash..Decision of judges is final.
Is this what the future in the U.S. looks like?
Let Them Be Little
  • Our final Project
  • Why do it ?

7 elements for creating effective stories
  • A Point of ViewNot just a recitation of facts.
    Direct the point of the story to your audience.A
    Dramatic QuestionCapture audiences attention at
    the beginning and hold it throughout the
    story.Emotional ContentAchieved through the
    images, effects, music and tone of voice.The
    Gift of Your VoiceTone of voice is very powerful
    in a story. Make sure to practice your
    script.The Power of The SoundtrackMusic/sound
    effects can set the right mood of the story, but
    can also distractEconomyNot every picture and
    sound effect needs to be in the final cut.Pacing
    Keep the story moving. Use music tempo, speech
    rate, image duration and panning and zooming to
    help establish pace.

  • Introduction of Self
  • Legacy
  • Biography
  • Memoir
  • Reflection
  • Transition
  • Decision Direction
  • Change over time
  • Collaboration
  • Documentary
  • Oral Language

  • Song by Billy Dean
  • Tell a story of child growing up-
  • Preschool to 4th grade
  • Use PhotoStory or
  • Use Memories on Web
  • Use Windows Movie Maker

Let Them Be Little..Billy Dean
  • from the book The Backdoor to Enlightenment
  • Eight Steps to Living Your Dreams and Changing
    Your World

Will you be the 10th person?
  • For every nine people who denounce innovation,
    only one will encourage it.
  • For every nine people who do things the way they
    have always been done, only one will ever wonder
    if there is a better way.
  • For every nine people who stand in line in front
    of a locked building, only one will ever come
    around and check the back door.
  • Our progress as a species rests squarely on the
    shoulders of that tenth person. The nine are
    satisfied with things they are told are valuable.
  • Person 10 determines for himself what has value.

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On or off the bus??? Good to Great by Jim
  • How to change and transform a good company into
    a great company.
  • 1. Get the right people on the bus.
  • 2. Get them in the right seats- Put the right
    people in the right place in the bus
  • 3. Get the wrong people off the bus.
  • One way to find out who the wrong people are If 
    you have to actively manage the people they are
    the wrong people.

What is 21st century professional development?
Professional Development 21st Century Models
  • How to retain good teachers
  • -effective professional development
  • Workshops That Focus on Real Needs... -
    Face-to-face presentations
  • Don't Forget the Administrators
  • - Well-trained leaders are key to
    the success
  • Topics for staff development
  • - center on academic goals
  • School administrators are being targeted in
    technology-based professional development
  • School principals celebrate completing a "Laptops
    for Leaders" course
  • Professional development for superintendent is
    a step they never leave out

National Education Technology Standards for
Administrators (
  • Superintendent take a 50-hour technology literacy
    course along with other administrators
  • Progressive superintendents and executive leaders
    can and should lead the way.

Use a Blog to post your comments or share your
  • http//

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What leads to success???
There's something going on here that's hard to
explain.Bob Dylan Quote .. on a visit to
Israel in the early 1970s
High School Graduation Rates Plummet Below 50
Percent in Some U.S. Cities
  • WASHINGTON   Seventeen of the nation's 50
    largest cities had high school graduation rates
    lower than 50 percent, with the lowest graduation
    rates reported in Detroit, Indianapolis and
    Cleveland, according to a report released
  • Tuesday, April 01, 2008

As Jobs Leave America's Shores...The New Face
(No Transcript)
"When more than 1 million students a year drop
out of high school, it's more than a problem,
it's a catastrophe," said former Secretary of
State Colin Powell, founding chair of the
  • Report, issued by America's Promise Alliance,
    found that about half of the students served by
    public school systems in the nation's largest
    cities receive diplomas.
  • Students in suburban and rural public high
    schools were more likely to graduate than their
    counterparts in urban public high schools, the
    researchers said.
  • Nationally, about 70 percent of U.S. students
    graduate on time with a regular diploma and about
    1.2 million students drop out annually.

4-year colleges graduate 53 of students in 6
  • Hundreds of schools are failing to graduate a
    majority of their students in six years, a report
    says today.
  • Nationally, four-year colleges graduated an
    average of just 53 of entering students within
    six years, and "rates below 50, 40 and even 30
    are distressingly easy to find," says the report
    by the American Enterprise Institute, a
    conservative think tank. Bsed on data reported to
    the Education Department of 1,400 schools about
    full-time first-time students who entered in fall

(No Transcript)
  • Last year, of the 2.8 million science degrees
    awarded around the world, 1.2 million were gained
    by Asian students
  • -- in Asian universities.
  • Friedman, Thomas L. The World is Flat A Brief
    History of the Twenty-First Century. New York
    Farrar, Straus Girous, 2005.

  • 30 40 of the people we depend on for computer
    science and engineering are FORIGN BORN.
  • Under the age of 45, it is nearly 70. for
    computer science and engineering are FORIGN BORN.
  • Florida, Richard. Flight of the Creative Class.
    New York HarperCollins, 2004.

  • In China last year B.S.s in engineering
    represented 46 of all university degrees
  • In America, it was 5.
  • Friedman, Thomas L. The World is Flat A Brief
    History of the Twenty-First Century. New York
    Farrar, Straus Girous, 2005.

  • We will require 200,000 workers in science and
    engineering, 400,000 in arts, music, culture, and
    entertainment, and millions in other creative
    sector jobs.
  • Florida, Richard. Flight of the Creative Class.
    New York HarperCollins, 2004.

Globalization to wipe out U.S. makers of
surfboards.Austun American April 2008
A factory in China that makes 20 million irons a
year 76,629 a day 9,578 an hour 159 every
Pain From Free Trade Spurs Second Thoughts Alan
Blinder's Shift Spotlights Warnings Of Deeper
  • http//
  • Alan S. Blinder -- Princeton University
    economist, former Federal Reserve Board vice
    chairman, remains an implacable opponent of
    tariffs and trade barriers. But now he is saying
    loudly that a new industrial revolution --
    communication technology that allows services to
    be delivered electronically from afar -- will put
    as many as 40 million American jobs at risk of
    being shipped out of the country in the next
    decade. That's more than double the total of
    workers employed in manufacturing today. The job
    insecurity those workers face today is "only the
    tip of a very big iceberg," Mr. Blinder says.

Bottom line 42 million to 56 million U.S. jobs
could be lost to offshoring.
(No Transcript)
Parents around the world see the change and know
that the traditional 3 R's reading, writing,
and arithmetic are necessary, but not enough.
Their children need to become far more
responsible, creative, and tolerant of
differences. They need to increase their ability
to think for themselves, take initiative, get
along with others, and solve problems.
Digital Kids-Analog Schools
Digital Kids-Analog Schools
If you want change be the changeGhand
,Michael Angier, guykawasaki , Will Richardson,
Angela Jackson, Shri Ram Katha , John W. Snider,
Howie DiBlasi
Have we changed our classrooms in the last
  • Starbucks
  • McDonalds
  • Your bank On-line banking-bill paying
  • Malls
  • Sports stadiums
  • Cameras
  • Pay phones
  • Travel agents
  • On-line shopping
  • Cars-motorcycles
  • Churches
  • Schools classrooms ???

Who said that.
  • I am not complacent at all John. I have gone
    through experiences such as this for a very long
    time. I know I am right. I make the good
    argument, write the wise articles, and the
    persuasive letters. And sometimes I feel as
    though I am preaching to a stack of wood. People
    do not easily embrace change. Convincing them to
    turn in a new direction requires a patience and
    persistence that tax everyone. It does not help
    matters that the course we are attempting to
    follow could get us all hanged
  • Ben Franklin talking to John Adams , June 7, 1776

Why do people resist Change?
  •  Nudge your neighbor.

Why do people resist Change?
  • Routine is disrupted
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Purpose is unclear
  • Tradition resists change
  • Creates fear of failure
  • To much effort
  • People are satisfied with the way things are

Featured Video America's Innovation
Shortfall.The Failed Promise of Innovation in
the U.S.
  • During the past decade, innovation has stumbled.
    And that may help explain America's economic
  • http//

Lifelong KindergartenAn interview with Mitchel
  • The director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group
    at the MIT Media Lab, Mitchel Resnick discusses
    the role of play in the innovation process and
    the imperative of creativity and innovation

Lifelong KindergartenAn interview with Mitchel
On or off the bus??? Good to Great by Jim
  • How to change and transform a good company into
    a great company.
  • 1. Get the right people on the bus.
  • 2. Get them in the right seats- Put the right
    people in the right place in the bus
  • 3. Get the wrong people off the bus.
  • One way to find out who the wrong people are If 
    you have to actively manage the people they are
    the wrong people.

What is the primary purpose of education?
  • Prepare students for higher education and the
    world of work
  • To pass along knowledge and values to the next
    generation of society.
  • To mold a new generation of good citizens
  • Creating good citizens
  • Preparing workers for jobs
  • Helping the industrious raise their social
  • To learn how to learn
  • to learn how to research
  • to develop your body
  • to develop artistic skills

to have fun to become well-rounded to make
friends to learn job skills to increase
IQ to meet boy/girl friends to learn social
skills to prepare for living in society to
become open-minded to prepare for tests to
become cultured to make connections
Now, reflect on your classrooms
  • What are you doing that is innovative?
  • How is what your students learning pertinent to
    todays world?
  • Will what you are teaching your students help
    them be successful in todays global economy?

  • What will the world look like 30-40 years from
  • What kind of skills and knowledge will today's
    school kids need to thrive in the world?
  • What's education's role?
  • What are we currently doing to help
    administrators be effective technology leaders?
  • What are we doing to help non-positional leaders
    ( people who lead but lack authority/power) ?
  • What kind of research do we need on this topic?
  • What kind of research do we need on this topic?
  • What could/should educational leadership programs
    be doing to help admin be effective tech leaders?

Goals for today
  • What is a BLC
  • Projects Criteria
  • High School and College graduation rates
  • Jobs leaving the U.S.
  • What is success?
  • My Digital Classroom
  • Lifelong Kindergarten
  • Change
  • 21st Century Skills
  • What do companies want for their new employees?
  • Projects
  • 21st Century Staff Development

Can your students
  • Make a Global Connection
  • Make a Authentic Connection
  • Make a Family Connection
  • Be self directed by writing, directing and
  • Make a contribution to the community
  • Be empowered to make a legacy
  • Engage with others so they will contact authors
    and researchers
  • Credit to Alan November

(No Transcript)
Lessons in Politically Incorrect Accountability
by Dave AndersonWhat's Your Excuse, White Boy?
  • How can you rationalize, trivialize, or
    marginalize the fact that you aren't successful?
    It's been a white male's world in this country
    since it began. You've made the rules, held the
    highest offices, run the major corporations, and
    controlled the country's purse strings. Compared
    to your coworker counterparts, you haven't had to
    fight prejudice, march for civil or equal rights,
    petition for the right to vote, or sue for equal
    wages in the workplace. Your color and gender
    have made you more immediately acceptable,
    preferable, and prone to promotion for centuries.

If you are a mentally and physically healthy
white male and can't find success in this
country, under these most favorable conditions,
you are without a doubt the biggest loser in the
history of mankind. Whine all you like about
affirmative action, reverse discrimination, and
other injustices you see, as the balance of power
begins to slowly shift away from your domain.
While these corrupt practices are misguided and
wrong they're not to fault for your sorry state.
Your problem is that you surrendered much of the
head start granted at your conception to a
combination of smugness, laziness, arrogance,
sloppy character, absent discipline, failure to
educate yourself, and complacency-and now you've
got to suck it up, swallow your pride, and get
back to work before you become an irrelevant
pimple in the white trash wing of the has-been
hall of fame. Don't expect anyone to shed tears
for you. It's high time you put down the can of
Meisterbrau, get off your puke green sofa, pull
up your pants over your butt cheeks, bleach the
tobacco stains from your hands, brush your tooth,
and get a job!
Checklist For Change YES NO
  • Will this benefit the followers?
  • Is this compatible with the purpose of the
  • Is this change specific and clear?
  • Are the top 20 percent (the influencers) in favor
    of this
  • Is it possible to test this change before making
    a total commitment to it?
  • Are physical, financial and human resources
  • Is this change reversible?
  • Is this the next obvious step?
  • Does this change have both short and long-range
  • Is the timing right?

And finally
  • Is the leadership capable of bringing about this

Build A Plane..We are building dreams !!!
Google Docs
  • At the top of the section put your names
  • Answer the 3 questions
  • Put a break line with the at the
    end of you answers
  • What is a hero?
  • What qualities are common in hero's?
  • Pick one Hero for the group
  • Why are they a hero?
  • Be prepared to share with everyone
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