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You may have already built up a social media campaign or at least understand the fundamentals of digital marketing. But because there are so many aspects of digital marketing and because they all change quickly, it might be challenging to know everything you need to know to pursue a career in the field. What exactly is digital marketing then? All of your internet marketing efforts are included in digital marketing. As more people use the internet to explore, communicate, and make purchases, its power to engage clients expands yearly. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?
Welcome to
You may have already built up a social media
campaign or at least understand the fundamentals
of digital marketing. But because there are so
many aspects of digital marketing and because
they all change quickly, it might be challenging
to know everything you need to know to pursue a
career in the field. What exactly is digital
marketing then? All of your internet marketing
efforts are included in digital marketing. As
more people use the internet to explore,
communicate, and make purchases, its power to
engage clients expands yearly. The report Digital
2022 Global Overview estimates that 4.95 billion
people use the internet. That amounts to around
63 of the world's population! With 5.31 billion
individuals using their phones to access the
internet, mobile usage is also growing. That is a
large number of online prospective customers to
reach, and it is the responsibility of digital
marketers to plan and carry out digital campaigns
that accomplish this. We've arranged this blog
into parts to make it simple for you to locate
what you need. If you're unsure of a term, check
out our extensive dictionary of digital marketing
  • What are the digital marketing channels?
  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  • What is a digital marketing strategy?
  • What are good examples of digital marketing?
  • How do you do digital marketing?
  • How do you get into digital marketing?

What are the digital marketing channels?
  • The range of digital channels that are available
    should be the first point of discussion when
    discussing digital marketing. You may utilize
    seven key digital marketing platforms to attract
    customers, keep them interested, and encourage
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Be aware that although though these are the most
    typical digital marketing channels, there may be
    others due to the always changing nature of the
    internet. If you're searching for an easy way to
    keep track of all the channels you use in one
    location, utilize our channel performance
    tracker. Let's explore each channel in more
    detail now.

SEO marketing or website marketing In digital
marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is
extremely important. After all, it affects how
and where people can find your information,
product, or service online.
But what exactly is SEO in online marketing?
Understanding the various components that make up
SEO and how they interact is essential to
appreciating its significance. Include the
following components in your marketing Keywords
- High search volumes for both generic and
brand-specific keywords with little
competition Local SEO - Localized keywords and
content (directories) Off-page SEO - external
links and affiliate links Content - Content is
dotted with internal links and keywords. Search
engine marketing - Paid marketing initiatives,
such as PPC, Google Ads, etc. To improve site
exposure and enhance traffic, it's critical to
incorporate these SEO components into your
digital marketing approach. Advice Read our
ebook, "A Guide to SEO for Small Business," if
you're a SME trying to enhance your SEO.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) In contrast to
SEO, which concentrates on organic traffic,
search engine marketing (SEM) is all about
maximizing your sponsored search
advertising. SEM and SEO work best together
since they ensure that your brand is present on
search engines and distribute your cash among
paid and organic channels. Although SEO and SEM
marketing strategies differ, they nevertheless
need to complement one another. Keep in mind
that both rely on keywords to drive traffic and
will become more crucial as Artificial
Intelligence (AI) plays a larger part in content
and search activity and ranks positively for good
user experiences.
PPC Advertising Although you may be familiar
with the word PPC, do you understand what it
means? Its name, Pay-Per- Click, refers to a
targeted form of online advertising in which you
get charged for each click from an ad to your
landing page or website. Make sure those sites
are optimized in advance so that your PPC
campaign can send prospects to your website or
landing page. Additionally, you need to create a
budget, conduct keyword research, and choose a
bidding strategy. If you're just getting
started, our comprehensive PPC guide will teach
you all you need to know. To monitor the budget
and goals for your paid campaigns, utilize our
convenient PPC for eCommerce tracker.
Content Marketing Although this aspect of
digital marketing is self-explanatory thanks to
the word "content marketing," it can be
challenging to master. It's simple to produce a
ton of content for online distribution, but
producing effective digital content is
essential. Content marketing includes a variety
of formats that can be used at every point of the
sales funnel, including video, blogs, emails,
webinars, social media posts, and eBooks. When
content marketing is
done correctly, it may result in an uptick in web
traffic, a surge in subscriptions, greater
revenue, and devoted consumers.
Influencer Marketing or Sponsored
Content Influencer marketing first gained
attention a few years ago, and today it plays a
significant role in the world of digital
marketing. In a nutshell, it occurs when a brand
partners on social media with an influence,
celebrity, or business titan to promote or
sponsor a good or service. Nearly half of
consumers rely on influencers for suggestions,
which speak volumes about its potential power.
When the audience can understand the
collaboration, an influence is really
useful. Take McDonald's and Travis Scott. The
rapper and the fast-food giant collaborated under
the hash tag cactus jack, and the artist also
sold sweatshirts and t-shirts while creating a
limited-edition menu of choice for the
company. Micro-influencers can be a terrific
method to promote your company without having to
spend a lot of money, even though you definitely
don't have the cash for a celebrity of that kind.
When developing your influencer marketing plan,
keep in mind that influencer marketing also
involves native advertising (paid
content/advertorial) or online PR. Use this
toolkit to keep track of your influencers so you
can determine how relevant they are for your
brand and audience.
Email Marketing Delivering marketing
communications to selected subscribers via email
requires a planned, methodical process. Email is
still one of the most efficient ways to convert
customers and move them through the sales funnel
because it is the earliest form of internet
communication. Email will be more significant
once third-party cookies on Google are
eliminated. Companies will rely more on email as
a first-party data channel (i.e., information
directly from customers) for communication and
conversion. Take some time to organize your
databases, make adjustments to your email
marketing plan, and increase subscriber numbers
because it's a vital avenue for connecting with
your prospects and consumers.
Social Media Marketing Any modern marketer's
arsenal must include social media marketing. It
provides engaging and successful methods for
connecting with customers through different kinds
of information.
There used to be fewer social channels available,
but today's networks are expanding and bringing
in more users every day. Consider the viral
potential of TikTok or the live broadcast
capabilities of WeChat as examples of the
fantastic marketing opportunities this
presents. When it comes to social media
marketing, it may be a bit of a playground, so do
your research and pick your platforms properly.
Being on the correct channels for your business
and audiencerather than every channelis what
matters. Check through the 2022 social media
schedule to see if there are any events of
interest. It's also about staying current and
capitalizing on hot topics. If you're unsure
about where to begin or need more information on
a particular platform, take a look at our social
media marketing resources.
Affiliate Marketing Despite the fact that
affiliate marketing has been around for years,
many marketers are still uncertain of how to
benefit from it. Affiliate marketing What is it?
In essence, it occurs when a business promotes
the goods of another business in exchange for
payment for a click, lead, or sale (depending on
the deal arranged). By tracking the affiliate
link, it is possible to connect it to a sale that
is later credited to the affiliate, creating a
cycle. With tremendous success, Amazon frequently
employs this strategy to direct customers to its
products through external websites. Influencers,
bloggers, major publications, or businesses that
incorporate advertisements in their emails
frequently employ this tactic. For firms aiming
to capitalize on the growing trend of consumers
recommendations from friends, family, or other
influential people before making a purchase, it
can be quite helpful.
Video Marketing Wyzowl 2022 Research claims that
81 of marketers believe that video marketing
directly and favorably affects sales. Since
2016, the contribution of video to sales has
increased steadily, and in 2022, video will
still be a major trend. One of the most widely
used content formats is video, and the new
emphasis on video content on Instagram and
TikTok has solidified its place in audience
engagement and lead generation. Video is
significant because it gives users a fun method
to learn and stay informed. It's an essential
component of social media marketing, but it can
also be used to boost traffic to your landing
pages and website, or it may be used to host
live webinars to gather email addresses. SMS
Marketing Sending transactional messages to
clients who have provided previous consent via
SMS (short messaging service) marketing is a
successful strategy. According to Juniper
Research, a surge in online retail in 2020 caused
the amount of worldwide mobile business message
traffic to reach 2.7 trillion, a 10 increase
from the previous year. Marketers can utilize
this channel to interact with customers, offer
customer service, advertise products, and send
transactional communications.
Instant Messaging Marketing When two people
engage in a conversation using messaging apps,
this is known as instant messaging marketing. It
can be text-based or used to send and receive
pictures and videos. Over the past two years,
this channel has flourished and is now utilized
by individuals all over the world to connect
with friends, family, and brands. WhatsApp's
acquisition by Facebook made it clear that this
was a platform with enormous marketing
possibilities. It gives businesses the chance to
communicate with clients directly without the
distraction of social media or search engine
noise. It is already being used successfully by
brands like KLM and Santander to enable queries
or updates. If you're not already using it, you
should consider using this channel.
Omnichannel Marketing Digital marketing now
encompasses more than simply technology. It's
about cross-channel integrated marketing that
complements traditional marketing, not competes
with it. Businesses must utilize an omnichannel
strategy for their marketing as the consumer
journey changes and new touchpoints are added.
The objective is to build an integrated
experience so that customers will have a
meaningful and simple online trip via your
omnichannel ecommerce campaign, regardless of
whether they utilize an event coupon or click on
a social media post. As an illustration, consider
the Starbucks Rewards app. Customers can add
funds using the app to facilitate purchases, and
they also have the ability to check and refill
the card via a mobile device, online, in-store
terminal, or in-app. It will update in real-time
across all channels whenever you make any
changes to the account or contribute money. It's
a terrific method to create a seamless experience
for customers and increase consumer
loyalty. Operating in separate silos for
traditional and digital marketing is absurd. For
both B2B and B2C businesses, streamline your
marketing procedures by implementing an
omnichannel strategy.
What are the benefits of digital marketing?
The great thing about digital marketing, as we've
already mentioned, is that it enables you to
interact with customers through several touch
points. This implies that you and your company
can engage with potential clients and customers
in a way that fosters relationships that,
ideally, will last a long time. Let's examine the
main advantages of digital marketing in further
Reach new audiences You are already aware of the
countless numbers of people you can interact with
and sway online. But did you know that with
regard to digital, there are no
restrictions? Because everyone worldwide can read
your blog post or social media post at any
moment, unlike traditional marketing, the
opportunities to engage are endless. Online, time
zones don't matter, and you can contact
individuals at the correct times and on the right
days through scheduling and automation. In order
to attract new audiences, you can also provide
engaging content. Create a tailored campaign that
only targets that audience through the
appropriate digital channels if you're having
trouble engaging a certain audience. Enable
Hyper-Targeting - location, demographics
psychographics Through segmentation, digital
marketing enables you to target particular
audiences. This means that you can use location,
demographics (such as gender, age, and work
function) and psychographics (such as
objectives, desires, and hobbies) to target
people in your online marketing efforts. However,
you must first identify your target audience in
order to target them. To achieve this, create a
buyer persona. Simply said, a buyer persona is a
profile of your ideal client. That doesn't always
imply it's just one person you can create
several personas to represent your varied
audience. Knowing your audience allows you to
provide material that is tailored to them and use
channels that are appropriate for their
personas. Simply download our persona-development
guide if you need assistance. Become
cost-efficient Forget about placing an
advertisement in a newspaper or magazine and
wondering who sees it, or forget about handing
out fliers in a crowded mall and worrying whether
anyone takes advantage of the offer. Digital
marketing initiatives' cost-effectiveness and
trackability are two major advantages. You may
set a spending limit for all of your campaigns,
including paid search, display advertising, and
social media, to keep tabs on expenses. This
implies that you can create a daily, weekly, or
even monthly budget to ensure that you always
stay within the limits that were established. The
simplest method to achieve this is to prepare
your budgeting in advance and determine your
spending cap for a specific time frame. Get
measurable results Digital marketing is not only
economical, but it is also quantifiable. Key
performance indicators (KPIs) are simple to
select and follow across digital media.
The key to KPIs is to concentrate on the
important measures. On social media platforms,
stay away from vanity metrics like likes and
comments. Set clear, action-oriented KPIs in its
place that demonstrate quantifiable outcomes
like conversion rates, sales, and money - items
that are important to the bottom line. If you
need assistance tracking your analytics, download
our toolbox for objectives and KPIs. Personalize
customize campaigns It should come as no
surprise that campaigns that are pertinent and
customized succeed. According to HubSpot's State
of Marketing 2021 study, message personalisation
is the most effective strategy employed by email
marketers, increasing engagement rates by
20. The same applies to all digital outlets.
Consider your Twitter feed as an example. Would
you click on an advertisement if it had nothing
to do with your interests? Or, as you navigate a
website, do you come across content that is
relevant to your journey? See how crucial
personalisation is to user experience and
communication in the video below (UX). Marketers
must produce timely and relevant content if they
want to stand out from the online noise.
Incorporate customization into your marketing
plan to guarantee that you connect with your
personas and engage them with relevant
Easy to adapt or quickly change strategy Online
is quick. This implies that you can easily modify
content or campaigns. When you notice that one
of your social media initiatives isn't working,
this might be a tremendous help. To determine if
it makes a difference, you can modify the
messaging, change the area, or narrow the
audience. The ability to test campaigns or copy
is another feature. Many marketing teams find
that A/B testing is invaluable since it allows
them to compare the effectiveness of two
initiatives at once. This prevents wasting time
and resources on a campaign that will never
succeed because you know from the start what the
best course of action is. Watch our instructional
video or grab our free guide if you're new to
A/B testing.
  • Engage audiences at different stages of the
  • The marketing and sales funnel will be familiar
    to you if you've been reading marketing-related
    articles. There are a few areas of the funnel
    that give marketers a way to produce content that
    is specifically designed to take prospects on a
    journey toward conversion.
  • The funnel comprises four steps, which are shown
    in the illustration below
  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • The funnel is crucial since each stage needs to
    be nurtured according to the level of intent of
    the buyer. For instance, someone who is only
    browsing at the awareness stage might be
    interested in learning more about your company
    or industry. While a person who is making a
    selection requires comfort and credibility in
    the form of customer testimonials or evaluations.

Level out the playing field for big and small
brands Digital marketing helps big firms, but it
also helps smaller brands. The beautiful thing
about digital is that it gives businesses of all
sizes the same opportunity and levels the playing
field. You can utilize customer relationship
management tools to streamline your email
marketing and have access to social media
networks that can send targeted messages. For
display ads and search marketing, your company
can set budget caps to ensure that you stay
within your means. Yes, a major brand might have
a bigger marketing team and a bigger budget. Your
small business will succeed online if you
understand your personalities, have determined
the most important digital channels to use, and
are aware of the kinds of material that are
effective. To educate clients about societal
concerns like racism and the environment, you
might also think about corporate social
responsibility (CSR). For inspiration, have a
look at 16 brands who successfully implement CSR.
How do you enter the world of online marketing?
There are many chances for motivated and
dedicated individuals in the fascinating and
quickly developing field of digital marketing.
If you decide that this is the path you want to
take, there are a few things you can do to break
into the field and get your first job in digital
marketing Recognize the sector. Obtain an
accredited certification in digital marketing
Connect with colleagues and business leaders Join
blogs or podcasts that offer advise and track
trends. Boost your online presence on social
media and create a portfolio. Consider applying
for internships or taking on freelance digital
marketing jobs. Apply to work as a digital
marketer at a company With any luck, following
these suggestions will enable you to develop your
unique brand and network your way to a fantastic
position in digital marketing. Digital marketing
is the process of promoting products or services
using digital technologies, including the
internet, mobile devices, and other digital
channels. It encompasses a wide range of tactics,
such as search engine optimization (SEO),
pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media
marketing, content marketing, email marketing,
influencer marketing, and more.
In conclusion, digital marketing has
revolutionized the way businesses reach and
interact with their target audience. By
leveraging the latest digital technologies,
companies can engage with their customers in
real-time, build brand awareness, drive traffic,
and ultimately, increase conversions and sales.
In today's highly competitive digital landscape,
digital marketing is a crucial component for
businesses of all sizes looking to succeed and
grow in the online world.
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