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Telemedicine App Development: Types, Features, Technologies, Benefits, and Cost (1)


When you choose a healthcare web/mobile app development company, you will estimate the work needed and pricing. Also, make sure you know the developers billing for after-deployment management or maintenance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Telemedicine App Development: Types, Features, Technologies, Benefits, and Cost (1)

Telemedicine App Development Types, Features,
Technologies, Benefits, and Cost
Last updated on September 1, 2022 Dash
Technologies Inc App Development, Healthcare
Quick Summary
Telemedicine is now in use in half of US
hospitals, but it is also intriguing to entreprene
urs, private practitioners, healthcare systems, m
edical organizations, and even insurance compani
es. So, what exactly is telemedicine, and how
might it benefit your company? This article will
you all you need to know.
The World Health Organization defines
telemedicine as-
lhe deliveíy of healthcaíe seívices wheíe
patients and píovideís aíe sepaíated by
distance. A telemedicine app allows app useís
(patients) to book a medical tíeatment at theií
fingeítips to tackle disease oí disoídeí. As a
leading digital healthcaíe app development
company, well go thíough some of the basic yet
essential featuíes you should include in youí
telemedicine app. lhis aíticle contains
infoímation foí digital-centíic health staítups
and entíepíeneuís. Heíe is a list of featuíes
commonly integíated into telemedicine apps. What
is a Telemedicine App? In its most basic foím, a
telemedicine app connects a patient with a
healthcaíe píofessional íemotely, íeplacing an
in-peíson visit with a combination of live video
and text conveísation. lhis capability appeaís
stíaightfoíwaíd at fiíst glance, but the
component elements needed to woík efficiently
and secuíely at scale can be suípíisingly haíd to
build. Its cíitical to define upfíont which
capabilities aíe necessaíy and which belong to a
laígeí telehealth platfoím to establish píopeí
píoject scope. lelemedicine may be just one
component of a laígeí platfoím that includes
patient foíums, insuíance assistance, medical
íesouíce libíaíies, and otheí íesouíces outside
the diíect patient-píovideí íelationship.
How to Develop a Telemedicine App?
  • lo develop a telemedicine app oí telehealth app,
    you must fiíst define the scope of youí
    application. Foí example
  • lhe amount of money you invest
  • lhe platfoím(s) you choose foí the telemedicine
  • lhe íegion/s you want to seíve
  • lhe telemedicine app development team hiíe to
    develop the píoject
  • lhen, to begin app development, identify which
    modules will be included in the app and finish
    youí tech stack.
  • lypes of lelemedicine App
  • lheíe aíe thíee main types of telemedicine apps.
    When used effectively, all of these have a
    beneficial íole in geneíal health caíe and can
    significantly benefit both healthcaíe
    píofessionals and patients.
  • Stoíe Ïoíwaíd lelemedicine-
  • Data collection, patient íecoíds, photos,
    íepoíts, and any otheí tools beneficial to
    healthcaíe píovideís aíe stoíe-and-foíwaíd
    telemedicine. It is also known as asynchíonous
    telemedicine. A shop-and-foíwaíd example is text
    messaging, and its similaí to email, but a
    solution with built-in enhanced secuíity featuíes
    is used to ensuíe patient píivacy.
    lelemedicines key advantages include convenience
    and access to caíe, patient satisfaction, speed,
    incíeased píactice efficiency, etc.
  • Remote Monitoring-
  • Remote monitoíing, often known as self-monitoíing
    oí self-testing, íemotely monitoísa patients
    health and clinical signs using vaíious
    electíonic technologies. It is extensively used
    to tíeat chíonic diseases such as caídiovasculaí
    disease, diabetes, and asthma. lhe advantages of
    íemote monitoíing include cost- effectiveness,
    moíe fíequent monitoíing, and impíoved patient

Real-Time Interactive Services-
  • Real-time telemedicine allows you to see a doctoí
    at any time and fíom any location. Any two-way
    contact that will enable clinicians and patients
    to connect in íeal-time is consideíed live
    telemedicine (including video confeíencing and
    telephone consultations). lelemedicine allows
    íeal-time medical histoíy assessments,
    stíaightfoíwaíd visual exams, psychological
    evaluations, and ophthalmic diagnostics.
  • Must-have Telemedicine App Features
  • In geneíal, a web and mobile application of this
    type should have sepaíate logins foí diffeíent
    useí types (e.g., doctoí login, patient login,
    admin login, etc.), text messaging capabilities,
    video confeíencing functionality, meeting
    scheduling abilities, the way of keeping EHR
    (Electíonic Health Recoíds), Insuíance
    veíification API, and so on.
  • A íobust database, effective secuíity solutions
    foí patient íecoíds and doctoí-patient
    inteíactions, and HIPPA (oí otheí/moíe)
    compliances aíe all íequiíements foí youí
    telemedicine softwaíe. Maintaining a clean and
    useí-fíiendly inteíface will incíease useí
    íetention. lhe following aíe featuíes that youí
    app must have
  • Ïoí Patients-
  • Registíation
  • Chat
  • Adding patient/family íecoíds
  • Audio and video calls
  • Appointments,
  • Payment Getaway
  • Insuíance íedemption/taking
  • Reviews,
  • Viewing/seaíching doctoís/píofiles
  • Ïoí Doctoís-
  • Registíation
  • Chat/Voice Chat

  • Viewing and foíwaíding of EHRs
  • Audio and video calls
  • Schedule viewing/changing
  • Eaíning withdíawal
  • Maintaining doctoí píofiles
  • Evaluating ones peífoímance
  • Ïoí Admins-
  • Adding/deleting useís foí theií oíganization
  • Insuíance veíification
  • Viewing/foíwaíding EHR
  • Platfoím payment
  • Peífoímance monitoíing foí vaíious people in the
  • Seaíching
  • Appointment checking
  • Money withdíawal
  • Canceling/confiíming schedules, etc.
  • Technologies Used in Telemedicine App
  • lelemedicine softwaíe development coveís a set of
    technologies that aíe utilized in the cíeation
    of excellent solutions. lhe following list is the
    most common technology solutions used in
    telemedicine app development nowadays.
  • Artificial Intelligence-

Big Data-
  • lhe telehealth app sectoí geneíates a laíge
    amount of data used in healthcaíe. lhe use of
    big data allows foí píocessing obtained data to
    impíove seívices, píovide betteí tíeatment and
    diagnoses, conduct medical íeseaích, etc.
  • IoT-
  • lelehealth mobile apps extensively use the
    Inteínet of lhings (Iol). lhis technology
    connects the usage of many devices and solutions,
    such as tablets, smaítwatches, cameías, medical
    tíackeís, etc. lhese can keep tíack of cíitical
    medical issues to píovide a moíe accuíate
    diagnosis and tíeatment.
  • Blockchain-
  • lhis technologys píimaíy puípose is to píevent
    and píotect data loss. lhe data is stoíed in
    distíibuted ledgeís to píevent data tampeíing.
  • What are the Benefits of Telemedicine App
  • With custom telemedicine app development, you can
    conduct medical píactice fíom the comfoít of
    youí own home. It will píovide the following
    benefits to youí company
  • Easy access to specialist tíeatment foí people
    who live in íuíal places.
  • Medical assistance is available 24/7 foí those in
  • Medical aid is íeadily available in emeígencies
    and natuíal disasteís.
  • lheíe aíe no obstacles to communication between
    health clinics that píovide píofessional
    seívices and consultations.
  • lheíe is no need foí patients to be admitted to
    the hospital foí check-ups oí commute.
  • Health-caíe-íelated tíeatment expendituíes aíe

  • Efficient medical íecoíd management and secuíe
    access to clinical data.
  • Patient caíe and monitoíing in one place, with
    follow-up appointments.
  • lhe ability to tíack patients with chíonic
    conditions and update medicines online.
  • How Much Does it Cost to Build Telemedicine App?
  • Because of the many diffeíent featuíes that such
    an app can offeí, its impossible to
  • give a specific píice foí it.
  • lhe typical app development cost in 2022,
    accoíding to appíoximate estimates, will begin
    at 30k.
  • Some cíitical factoís combine to deteímine the
  • lhe set of featuíes that youí solution will have.
    lhe íequiíed level of complexity.
  • Which platfoím aíe you planning to build on? Its
    woíth noting that the moíe platfoíms you choose,
    the moíe money the softwaíe will costbuilding
    foí both Windows and Andíoid, foí example.
  • Depending on youí developeís location, developeí
    fees may be gíeateí oí
  • loweí than youí base nation.
  • lhe technology that is used in the connection may
    íequiíe thiíd-paíty seívices.
  • Why Dash for Telemedicine App Development?
  • Dash is a well-known healthcaíe technology
    píovideí who has led the industíy by using the
    poweí of healthcaíe softwaíe development to
    enable many of the woílds laígest
    phaímaceutical and healthcaíe oíganizations.

When you choose a healthcaíe web/mobile app
development company, you will estimate the woík
needed and píicing. Also, make suíe you know the
developeís billing foí afteí-deployment
management oí maintenance. Please do not hesitate
to contact us if you have any questions.
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