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healthcare app - benefits and features


In this file, you will get detailed information about the top benefits and features of healthcare app development. How the development of a mobile app can change the outlook of the healthcare industry, how the development of a mobile app is the solution to so many issues prevailing in the healthcare industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: healthcare app - benefits and features

Healthcare App Development
Healthcare Industry Overview
  • Healthcare professionals now have realised how
    mobile apps can change their lives. They have
    understood the importance of mobile applications
    in the healthcare industry.
  • In the modern times, hugely efficient and speedy
    healthcare services are in demand. These mobile
    applications can help providing industry the
    solution to this demand.
  • If you are looking to expand the reach and the
    delivery mechanism of health related services,
    then the investment in healthcare mobile
    application is the way to go.

Why do you need to develop a healthcare app?
  • More than 60 percent of the world population use
  • Most of them have the access to internet and
    which is why mobile applications have become
  • Healthcare services are one of the biggest
    untapped market in the context of mobile app
  • This sector is assumed to grow by 300-350 per
    cent in less than 5 years.
  • Overall these mobile apps can help improve the
    healthcare industry, making the service speedy
    and cost effective.

Healthcare App Development
1. Helpful to residents of remote areas 2.
Helpful to doctors 3. Decline in medical
expenses 4. Decreases chance of wrong
diagnosis 5. New Business Model and Opportunities
1. Telemedicine 2. Appointment manager 3.
Surgery updates 4. Medicine ordering 5.
User-friendly interface 6. Prescription reminder
  • 1. Helpful To Residents Of Remote Areas
  • One of the most important benefits is that the
    development of healthcare apps will help the
    residents of remote areas who can book their
    appointment with doctors without travelling to
    the hospital while sitting at home.
  • They can also buy the medicines online with the
    help of these apps.

  • 2. Helpful to Doctors
  • The development of healthcare apps also helps the
    doctors in the industry. These apps help the
    doctors to keep updated with the current health
    of the patients. Doctors can even prescribe their
    patients online on the apps.
  • Thus, the development of healthcare apps
    simplifies the process for both, doctors and

  • 3. Decline in Medical Expenses
  • One of the major benefits of development of
    healthcare apps is the decline in medical bills
    and expenses. Huge amount of medical bills and
    expenses have always been a problem for people.
  • Thus, with the development of healthcare apps,
    the patients will be able to do a lot of things
    such as medical tests on their own on the apps
    and therefore these expenses will be declined.

  • 4. Decreases chances of wrong diagnosis
  • It is common, specifically in earlier past that
    doctors made the wrong diagnosis. The development
    of healthcare app reduces the chances of wrong
  • Now, with the help of these apps, correct and
    accurate reports are provided which declines the
    chances of wrong diagnosis. These apps help the
    doctors to perform their duty at their best.

  • 5. New Business Model and Opportunities
  • The development of healthcare apps also provides
    the new business model and creates opportunities
    as well.
  • The medical staff does not use traditional
    approach but instead use mobile apps and make the
    process a lot more easier and effective.

  • 1. Telemedicine
  • One of the important features of healthcare apps
    is the Telemedicine. This feature makes the
    functionality of the app extremely easier.
  • This feature arranges a platform for doctors and
    patients where they can organise their
    appointments via remote communication. With the
    help of this feature, doctors can provide the
    solution to their patients over a phone or video

  • 2. Appointment Manager
  • This feature helps the patients book, view and
    cancel the appointments with their expected
    doctors. This feature also helps the doctors
    manage their appointments regularly and
  • Both doctors and patients can be saved from
    wasting time with the help of this feature.

  • 3. Surgery Updates
  • Develop Healthcare app with the latest features
    keeps patient updated with an ongoing surgery as
    well as provide a better experience.
  • Thus, this feature can save the doctors from the
    disturbance and keeps patients and their
    relatives updated at the same time.

  • 4. Medicine Ordering
  • On the app where a patient can book an
    appointment, can get telemedicine services and
    surgery updates, he/she should also be able to
    purchase the medicine online without actually
    going to the hospitals or medicals.
  • An app developer can add this feature where
    customers can order the required medicines online
    and get it delivered at their home.

  • 5. Feedback
  • A patient/customer can also write about his
    experience with the services of the app and
    submit their feedback so that future customers
    can have a good idea about the app and do not
  • This is a very basic and very important feature
    of an app and can be developed by the developer.

  • 6. User-friendly Interface
  • The interface of the app must be user- friendly.
    It must not be complex. Things must be kept in
    mind while developing the app to keep the process
    of the app as simple and as easy as possible.
    This adds value in user experience of your mobile

  • 7. Prescription Reminder
  • This feature is extremely helpful for the
    patients. The patients often tend to forget
    taking prescription on time which worsens the
    disease. Therefore this feature, prescription
    reminder can provide the solution to this
    problem. Through this feature, the app users are
    reminded via a notification on the time set by
    the users.

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