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Benefits of AngularJS Development for Your Business - APPNWEB Technologies


Here, APPNWEB Technologies have shared knowledge about the benefits of AngularJS Development. it will be to help develop web application for your business. For More Info:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of AngularJS Development for Your Business - APPNWEB Technologies

Benefits of AngularJS Development for Your
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  • When it comes to developing attractive user
    interfaces and mobile responsive websites,
    AngularJS is a highly popular framework among
    developers. AngularJS development powers Gmail,
    Forbes, Upwork and Netflix and other big names.
  • JavaScript is a gamechanger for building
    customized, enterprise-grade web and app
    solutions. As a robust JavaScript framework,
    AngularJS provides greater flexibility and
    scalability for developing dynamic web apps.
  • Search engine giant Google maintains this
    open-source, front-end framework. Some of the key
    features of this framework are the MVC
    architecture, Dependency Injection, and Data
  • When you want an optimal ROI at the cost of app
    development, AngularJS should be your choice. You
    may question, why? Let us know about the major
    benefits of AngularJS development services as an
    answer to your question.

Business Benefits of Using AngularJS
  • One of the biggest advantages of AngularJS is
    that Google upgrades the framework regularly.
    Every new version of AngularJS framework brings
    improvements and fixes all the bugs. For example,
    the recent version of Angular 9 fixes the issues
    with Angular 8.
  • It is an improved version of all previous
    versions plus it comes with Ivy as the standard
    renderer. It facilitates to ship less code to
    Angular developers as compared to other similar
  • Here are the major business benefits of AngularJS
    development services.

TypeScript Advantage
  • The Angular framework is built with TypeScript, a
    programming language maintained by Microsoft. As
    a strongly typed, base language for Angular, it
    enables developers to keep their code clean. Such
    a clean code results in a smooth and well
    performing app.
  • TypeScript also lets developers find and
    eliminate bugs as they are being typed. When you
    hire AngularJS developers, they can easily build
    enterprise-grade apps because of JavaScript's
    ability to manage and maintain large codebases.
  • TypeScript version 3.4 has features such as type
    inferring, reduced build time, and syntax
    changes. It also has refactoring services,
    autocompletion and other features that contribute
    to the enhancement of AngularJS development

Seamless Functionality
  • AngularJS provides out-of-the-box functionality.
    It provides tools to fetch the app's data and
    provides a pre-configured environment for
    advanced development and testing processes. This
    is one of the major reasons why developers prefer
    the AngularJS framework.
  • The Angular framework does not require any third
    party libraries to be included in order to build
    basic functionality for web and app solutions.
    Developers can easily accomplish this task by
    using the framework's official library. This
    ensures the security and quality of the code.
  • Overall, you can get enterprise-level solutions
    while saving time and development costs. This is
    a major advantage of AngularJS when it comes to
    enterprise mobile app development.

High Consistency
  • Incompatibilities in coding can affect the
    performance of the app and increase the
    time-to-market. It also increases the development
    cost for your enterprise app. Every entrepreneur
    wants to avoid delay in TTM while keeping the
    development cost under control. Here, AngularJS
    development comes in handy.
  • Angular has coherent code that can make web and
    app development easier. Also, this framework
    enables developers to use templates and
    predefined snippets of code. Compared to React,
    the AngularJS framework is a more responsive web
    design framework.
  • The Angular CLI tools are useful for creating
    specific repeatable blocks of code from the
    command line, this further enhances consistency.

Better Maintainability
  • This is one of the biggest advantages of
    AngularJS-based solutions. The platform provides
    better maintainability in two ways, using
    TypeScript and testability.
  • These days, all reputable mobile app development
    companies bank on TypeScript to find bugs as
    developers type code. Also, the TypeScript
    language enables developers to quickly become
    familiar with the codebase, even if they are
    unfamiliar with it.
  • This is because developers can easily view the
    types of data through the application in
  • Talking about testability, Dependency Injection
    in AngularJS can play a vital role in simplifying
    test writing. The framework also provides support
    to Protractor to ensure end-to-end testing of
  • As a result, you can get a seamless app for your
    enterprise that is easy to maintain and modify.

Increased Productivity
  • The Angular framework is able to take care of the
    usability, functionality and components of the
    solution. It can save developers a lot of time
    and effort in tracing these aspects. Productivity
    also increases with the code consistency of this
  • Developers can easily read the code during an
    ongoing app project. Furthermore, the Angular
    framework organizes the code into modules which
    can improve the functionality of the app.
  • AngularJS also facilitates web application
    development in such a way that developers can
    easily dissect and separate the labor while
    ensuring organized and consistent code. As a
    result, you can get web applications with better
    productivity and properly built modules.

Declarative UI
  • AngularJS developers can use HTML to define the
    UI (User Interface) of the customized mobile app.
    Now, HTML is considered one of the less
    declarative and intuitive programming languages. 
  • As a result, when you hire AngularJS developers,
    they need not invest unnecessary time in deciding
    program flows and what to load first. They can
    readily define their requirements and the
    framework can do it effectively. 

Easier Unit Testing
In this framework, all the components are
independent of each other which eases the unit
testing process. The framework supports the
development of highly testable applications and
websites for modern enterprises. The team of
AngularJS developers at Google takes into account
the ease of testing when upgrading this
framework. Developers can fully test the app in
less time. As a result, you can expect flawless
digital solutions for your enterprise without
impacting TTM.
Wrapping Up
  • AngularJS is a complete framework with elegant
    MVC architecture. Extensive documentation, a
    thriving global community of developers, and
    regular improvements are just some of its
    benefits. AngularJS development services enable
    modern enterprises to take advantage of the above
  • Solution Analyst is a well known AngularJS
    development company in USA and India. Our
    experienced in-house Angular developers can
    efficiently meet complex business needs with the
    help of state-of-the-art tools and advancements
    in the AngularJS platform. Even startups and SMEs
    can take advantage of the benefits of our top
    AngularJS development services in a
    cost-effective manner.

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