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Improve The Quality Of Care Delivery With A Telemedicine App


Want to reap the benefits of a robust Telemedicine App? Zimble Code, a leading mobile app development company in Canada can help digitize healthcare services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Improve The Quality Of Care Delivery With A Telemedicine App

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Introduction Assume you are starting to feel
sick and the hour is getting late. Sore throat,
red eyes, throbbing pain, or any other physical
discomfort what is going to be your action
plan? Can you afford to stay in discomfort until
its morning and you can go and visit your
favorite physician? What is more feasible
crashing into an emergency department in the
middle of the night or having a digital health
care facility present in your mobile device which
you can use whenever the situation
demands? Thats the reason why a good
telemedicine app is highly sought-after in
todays time. If you dont want to or are unable
to travel to a doctors office, you can simply
pick up your phone and, with a few taps, describe
your problem and symptoms to a health expert
online who can quickly recommend you the best
medication via a virtual visit with the help of a
telemedicine app. Doctors, on the other hand, who
are already under a great deal of stress, can
leverage these apps to help them manage their
time better. It eliminates the necessity for
patients to be seen in person.
Why Telemedicine? There is no debate that
doctors are overworked, and emergency departments
are packed. On top of that, the expense of
healthcare has been steadily growing. The
healthcare sector is changing at a rapid rate
since the advent of telemedicine mobile
applications. Telemedicine is acknowledged as
one of the key advances in health services, not
only from a technology standpoint but also from a
sociocultural one, because it improves access to
medical services while bettering medical care
quality and organizational effectiveness. The
revamping of mobile applications, or better
still, telemedicine apps, is the reason for
this significant transformation in this
sector. II(A). Market Overview The telemedicine
market was worth roughly USD 38,289 million in
2020, and it is projected to generate USD 168,396
million in 2026, with a CAGR of 28 between 2021
and 2026. Mobile healthcare is likely the widest
word in the telehealth sector, including
everything from applications that assist users to
perform breathing exercises to virtually
interface with health practitioners, among other
things. Get in touch with expert mobile app
developers in Canada to get the required
technical support
  • II(B). Solutions Offered By Telemedicine To The
    Pressing Issues In 21st Century
  • Pressure on health care facilities.
  • Aging populations
  • Higher mobility of citizens
  • The necessity to manage large amounts of
  • Rising global competitiveness
  • Increasing demands for a better quality of
  • Lets see what statistics have to say
  • An Increasing Count Of Patients Are Demanding
    Remote Care
  • In the United States, there are just 43 medical
    experts for every 100,000 people living in rural
    areas. Such patients suffer longer commutes for
    consultations and have difficulty getting
    necessary medical consultations for specific
    diseases or persistent treatment plans.
  • Telemedicine Mobile Application

With a bespoke telemedicine app, patients can
easily connect with doctors in real-time and
explain their medical issues. This data is saved
in the cloud storage of doctors. It helps
healthcare professionals to assess and diagnose a
patients condition and treat them accordingly
afterward without the need for an in-person
visit. A custom telemedicine app offers a range
of services for primary care as well as urgent
care. However, developing a robust healthcare
mobile app is unquestionably demanding, and
anybody working in the healthcare industry should
seek the assistance of a top mobile app
development company in Canada to get the work
done. III(A). How Does A Telemedicine App
Benefit The Society? Boost Patients
Satisfaction If you are in the healthcare
industry, you must be aware that the sole way to
keep patients satisfied is by making it
convenient for them to contact the required
doctor, without having to face the discomfort of
packed waiting rooms or standing in queues for
the manual checkout process. This is where a good
telemedicine app comes in. The app will enable
you to offer good quality care by bridging the
gap between a patient and the doctor through
digital means which will save a lot of precious
time at both ends.
The Face-To-Face Interaction In Real-Time Online
telemedicine care delivery involves real-time
video and audio calling. This is a criterion for
reimbursement as well. Furthermore, the video
call module provides visual quality comparable to
in-person meetings, minimizing frequent stalls or
low visibility. HIPAA-compliant Digital
Solution Since sensitive patient information is
shared, a telemedicine app is safe and complies
with The Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPPA). The technologies that
are not HIPPA-compliant, such as Skype should
never be employed for interactions with
patients. Smooth EHR Integration A telemedicine
software is able to integrate in a hassle-free
manner with your current process. To be certain
of this, you must opt for a solution that
integrates straightforwardly with your electronic
health record (EHR) and practice management
Record Of Appointment Schedules A
well-thought-out telemedicine app offers a record
of every session just for records management and
in the event that you are examined. This log
file, in conjunction with detailed clinical
recording in your EHR, is a telemedicine standard
protocol. Cost-Effectiveness Telemedicine
significantly saves the patients, healthcare
providers, and payers money in comparison to
the conventional procedures. Virtual evaluation
and monitoring services, as well as electronic
data storage, cut medical expenses tremendously,
economizing for you, your patients, and insurance
agencies. The app also decreases non-urgent
visits to the emergency departments and lowers
travel expenses for routine checks. Coming back
to the statistics, Telemedicine consultations
provide incredible comfortability. Patients spent
an average of 2 hours at a healthcare facility
which includes the travel time. In contrast, the
average virtual consultation takes around 20
minutes, thereby saving 83 percent of the time
that goes extra in an in-person visit.
Amazed? Get in touch with an experienced mobile
app development company in Canada
today! Considerations for Creating a
Telemedicine App IV(A). App for
Patients Schedule Appointment With The Suitable
Health Care Expert Patients can use this feature
to schedule appointments with a variety of
doctors, physicians, nurses, or therapists based
on individual needs. Video Conferencing Patients
can use the telemedicine app in a simple and
reliable manner. Patients can quickly communicate
with their respective doctor or nurse, thanks to
two-way communication. A successful telemedicine
app is strengthened by a video conferencing
feature. The scheduling of the live session
function helps patients to connect with the
expert and the expert can gain additional
information from the visual cues.
In-App Chat In-app chat is another powerful
feature in the telemedicine app that facilitates
smooth communication between the patient and the
health care expert in a situation where the
health issues are minor and video calling is not
required. The in-app chat feature also allows
sharing of multimedia information. Medical
Records Information Tracking It is an
essential feature that helps users to keep their
health information organized and track the
information whenever required. Patients who have
undergone long treatments and are still
continuing need a strong and safe system to have
all their medical information available in a
single place. This way any piece of information
can be retrieved at any point of time in the
future. This feature may sound like a simple
feature but it has great medical importance for
the patients as well as the care
provider. Delivery Of Medicine From A Local
Pharmacy Another crucial aspect that can help
your telemedicine application amazing is the
ability to make tasks easier for users of all
ages. Once the patient has completed his or her
appointment with the doctor, the medicine
prescription can be sent to a local pharmacy and
have it delivered to the patients address.
IV(B). App For The Doctor Appointment
Acceptance/Rejection The telemedicine app for
doctors has a function that allows them to accept
or reject patients requests for booking
appointments based on their availability. To keep
track of history, they can also maintain a record
of approved and refused appointments. Video
Conferencing The video call function is similar
to the one in the patients app. The doctor uses
this function to treat a patient virtually. The
most important aspect of the telemedicine
platform is virtual healthcare appointments.
Doctors can connect with their patients via video
calls and gather information about their symptoms
to help them with their medical
conditions. In-App Chat Even if the doctors and
patients are not around at the same time, they
can communicate via chat. The in-app chat feature
also allows sharing of multimedia information.
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) RPM or
telemonitoring is a type of telemedicine
technology that allows healthcare professionals
to observe a patients condition remotely. Remote
Patient Monitoring (RPM) makes it simpler for
professionals to spot warning signals in patients
who are at high risk of illness or are
recuperating from surgical procedures, and to
promptly administer medications or provide
emergency medical care. Have you taken advantage
of this feature yet? If not, give it a thought.
Top app developers in Canada can help you offer
patients and healthcare specialists great
convenience and quality. Calendar To Manage
Appointments A doctor can use a telemedicine app
to keep account of all consultations, whether
they are daily, weekly, or monthly. It makes it
very easy for the doctor to plan their time. The
calendar helps the doctors to keep their future
appointments organized and also receive reminders.
Endnote With the outbreak of coronavirus
disease, we have witnessed a rapid transition to
non-visit-based patient care. Being treated at
home makes patients feel more comfortable and
safe. Besides, advanced technology has made
medical treatment available in remote locations
as well. Models for care delivery are reformed
and greatly modified to improve the quality of
care delivery. Now that youve learned the
wonders a telemedicine app can do, youre ready
to consider how your healthcare facility can
approach this burgeoning healthcare
trend. Zimble Code can provide you with all the
technical support needed to unleash the potential
of advanced technology to boost primary care and
urgent care. Article Resource -
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