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The Basics of Salesforce DX


Salesforce DX is a series of development tools available in the Salesforce App Cloud that affords the ability to develop applications in a more efficient manner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Basics of Salesforce DX


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  • The Basics of Salesforce DX

Well explore these essential aspects of
Salesforce DX
  • What Is Salesforce DX?
  • Benefits of Salesforce DX
  • Challenges of Salesforce DX
  • Features of Salesforce DX
  • Integrating DevOps Tools with Salesforce DX
  • Is Salesforce DX Right for You?

1. What is Salesforce DX
  • We mentioned earlier that Salesforce DX is a
    development tool offer in the App Cloud. But what
    functionalities does it afford? Basically, it
    allows developers to integrate existing
    functionalities into a source-driven environment.

2. Benefits of Salesforce DX
  • Source-driven development makes it much easier
    for development teams to test new features and
    functionalities. This supports the development
    team and enables them to confidently introduce
    new features, creating an environment more
    conducive to productivity.

3. Challenges of Salesforce DX
  • Salesforce DX offers a lot in the way of
    benefits, but like any other tool, there are some
    potential downsides. Its best to be aware of all
    the concerns when trying to decide if Salesforce
    DX is right for you.

4. Features of Salesforce DX
  • Salesforce DX offers a series of powerful tools
    that assist DevOps teams create an optimized
    pipeline. These tools are scalable to your
    individual needs and are aimed at creating a
    development environment that suits your needs.
    Here are a few of the options you have with
    Salesforce DX.

5. Integrating DevOps Tools with Salesforce DX
  • The benefits of Salesforce DX can be augmented
    through the implementation of an Automated
    Release Management system.
  • The tools that support a standard Salesforce
    development pipeline can also be utilized within
    the Salesforce DX environment.

6. Is Salesforce DX Right for You?
  • Salesforce DX isnt going to be a good fit for
    every development team. Here are a few questions
    you can ask yourself to decide if
    implementing Salesforce DX would be beneficial
    for your team.

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