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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should Know About


digital marketing is a highly dynamic domain that keeps on changing and in 2022 Digital marketing trends have a greater potential to digitally engage consumers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should Know About

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should
Know About od o
  • It is not each passing year, it is with
    each passing day, digital marketing gets
    complex because what might have worked as a
    digital marketing strategy today, might not work
    a few days later.
  • The pandemic has left a lot of businesses in
    havoc and now as we enter the New Year 2022,
    there are a lot of evolutions that took place in
    the digital market that have a greater potential
    to digitally engage consumers more
    effectively. This pandemic has bought a new
    era of marketing called digital marketing
    though this domain has been for long,
    during this pandemic when the physical
    stores started to shut down, they were
    forced to search for alternative business
    solutions and one such solution that a
    business could afford is digital marketing.
    This has completely changed the way a
    business operates, as it made them aware of
    the latest trends that work for their
    business and how to leverage them for their
    business advantage.
  • We will now get into the 2022 digital marketing
  • Artificial intelligence This trend has the
    potential to transform Digital marketing to
    a greater level and the business world has
    been buzzing that Al would take over the future
    of marketing. This is so true, as there
    are more than 60 of the business owners
    already started using Al chatbots and more
    than 90 of the internet users might have
    already interacted with one.
  • Al can be used and has the capacity for
    improving communication, analysing the data,
    predicting consumer behaviour, and yes, of
    course, it helps in easing out manual stress.
  • Let us look at some of the examples of Al in
    Digital Marketing
  • For customer interaction Al chatbots are used
    as live chat interfaces which helps in
    interacting with the users as if they are talking
    to a real human being. These chatbots

  • will keep the conversation quick as they
    would provide the answers to the users'
    queries within a second, reducing the time taken
    in a conversation.
  • With the introduction of Alexa, Siri, Google
    Assistant, which are known to be Al tools that
    interact with the users just like a human
    being and follow the requests that the users
  • Al in voice search After the introduction of
    voice search, there is a super hike in the
    raise of Al-powered virtual assistants. The
    users will just have to use their voice
    search to push a query and Ding! the virtual
    assistant will provide the answer within
    seconds. Since the users are being dependent on
    such virtual assistants, many apps have added
    these as their key feature and
    started giving the customers a
    personalised experience.
  • Augmented and virtual reality Few of the
    biggies have adopted augmented and virtual
    reality as a part of their marketing
    strategy. IKEA is one such business that
    has adopted this so well, that it has started
    to give its users an experience that they could
    feel the furniture that they wanted to
    purchase right in from of them and try it
    before purchasing. Even Flipkart has this
    feature where the user can try how the
    product looks at their place and then purchase
    the same.
  • Programmatic advertising This trend comes
    very handy for the advertisers to target
    segmented audiences and use real-time data
    that yields advertisements delivered at the
    right time to the right people. Advertisers
    have the opportunity to target age
    demographics, on a particular day and at
    a specific time. What attracts the
    most of programmatic advertising is, it
    has the choice of customization, targeting
    and data-driven technology behind purchasing
    of impressions on a website.
  • Shoppable content This trend was introduced
    by lnstagram where the product or service
    can be marketed in a simple and interactive
    form rather than keeping boring, long length
    product descriptions. The users can find this
    feature on lnstagram, where marketers post
    shoppable content features through a post or
    story and the users can simply swipe or click
    on the link to redirect to the product page
    on the website. Users have appreciated this
    feature as it gives a smooth user experience,
    faster loading visuals and changes the entire
    experience of shopping on an eCommerce website.
  • WhatsApp Marketing There is no doubt that every
    person who has a smartphone would have WhatsApp
    installed in it and businesses have thought why
    not take advantage of this and started
    marketing products and services through
    WhatsApp. This trend has completely changed
    how businesses reach consumers and engage
    with them. Businesses can reach out to the
    consumers through a WhatsApp business
    account and inform the consumers about the
    available products, order status, make
    payments, etc. This business account will also
    create trust in the mind of the consumers
    and will reach out to the business if
    they require anything else.
  • Micro-influencers These are the people who
    have an online presence more than a normal
    person but less than a celebrity.
    Micro-influencers are generally thought
    leaders in their niches, where they keep
    growing and become an expert in their
    industry. Businesses

step on this new trend where they take the help
of micro-influencers and build trust with their
followers and create an authentic endorsement of
the products and services. 6. Vernacular SEO
It is no doubt that English is a universal
language and in earlier days most internet
users were dominantly from English speaking
countries since the internet has invaded into
a much deeper part of the world, users of
different regional languages have flared and
to rewrite the internet with regional languages
is an alarming need for businesses. With
vernacular SEO, businesses have started
developing their websites, keyword targeting,
advertising and have enhanced their SEO
strategy for a different language other
than English. This makes the internet more
accessible to everyone, as the user can read in
their regional language and help build users to
build trust that every business desires. Now
that you know how these new 2022 digital
marketing trends would shape up a business.
You can try out these new and exciting trends
where the digital marketers would help you in
inculcating these and deliver you with the best
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