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The Rise of Eating Disorders During COVID-19 | Types and Symptoms


Do you know that a person suffering from eating disorders may not have any obvious signs or symptoms? Here, we talk about the various types of eating disorders and how to identify them during COVID-19. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Rise of Eating Disorders During COVID-19 | Types and Symptoms

The Rise of Eating Disorders During COVID-19
Types and Symptoms
Eating Disorder Increasing during COVID
Pandemic The vulnerability of the COVID-19 pandemi
c has ignited feelings of fear over health and
food shortage for everybody, except it has been
particularly setting off for those with dietary
problems, for example, anorexia and bulimia
nervosa or binge eating disorder. Eating
disorders and COVID-19 are an imperfect storm
booming during the pandemic. The uncertainty of
the Covid-19 emergency can make nervousness and
stress, incapacitating and confusing. This might
poke someone interestingly into psychological
wellness concerns, and may drive those as of now
with a delicate brain into deteriorating
emotional well-being. With upset schedules,
isolation, fears over loved ones and additional
time looking over online entertainment, those
battling with a dietary problem could depend on
negative behavior patterns to adapt, like
limiting food, pigging out then vomiting.
  • What is an eating disorder?
  • Eating issues are medical circumstances they are
    not a direction for living. They influence your
    body's capacity to get legitimate nourishment.
    This can prompt medical problems, like heart and
    kidney issues, or now and again even demise.
    However, there are medicines that can help.
  • Eating disorders are mostly caused by stress and
    anxiety. And, with this pandemic we have seen a
    spike in anxiety, and that can cascade into other
  • Eating disorders cause various complications,
    some of them can be life-threatening. The more
    extreme or enduring the eating issue, the almost
    certain you are to encounter genuine confusions,
  • Serious health problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts or behavior
  • Problems with growth and development
  • Social and relationship problems
  • Substance use disorders
  • Work and school issues
  • Death

  • What are the symptoms of eating disorders?
  • The symptoms of eating disorders usually vary,
    depending on the disorder you are suffering with.
    Some of the common symptoms that help to identify
    the eating disorder are listed below.
  • The symptoms of binge-eating include
  • Eating surprisingly a lot of food in a particular
    measure of time, like a 2-hour term.
  • Eating in any event, when you're full or not
  • Eating quickly during binge episodes.
  • Eating until you're awkwardly full.
  • Eating alone or in private to keep away from
  • Feeling upset, embarrassed, or liable about your
  • Often counting calories, potentially without
    weight reduction.
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