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Don’t Forget These 9 SEO Trends In 2020 - Infinite IT India


Start optimizing your website in 2020 with actionable SEO strategies. Don't forget these tips and tricks for SEO to improve your website rank. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Don’t Forget These 9 SEO Trends In 2020 - Infinite IT India

Dont Forget These 9 SEO Trends In 2020
  • Presented By Infinite IT India Pvt Ltd

SEO is always important for website health. A
website without SEO is useless even if it has
been designed beautifully to attract people.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is digital
marketing technique that is constantly changing.
SEO services gurgaon is important for all type of
businesses as it makes your website visible on
Google search results. For startups in 2020, this
quite be difficult as Ads are ruling over search
results. Lets dive into some creative approaches
to SEO techniques that every digital marketing
company should know!
The SEO 2020
9 Tips Tricks
  • Search results got consolidated
  • Deep Keyword Research
  • Improving Site Engagement Metrics
  • Dominating Voice SEO
  • Key to local SEO
  • Making Videos Crucial
  • E.A.T Content strategy
  • Data focused SEO
  • Mobile usability for higher rankings
  • Found around the house!

Search results got consolidated
  • The percentage of organic search results has
    decreased due to advanced ads and featured
    snippets. The Google is now focusing more on data
    thus showing answers to the user queries on the
    0 rank featured snippets.
  • This has decreased the click shares for search
    results by 10 down by around 50 that it used to
  • Therefore, the experts have to now focus on to do
    SEO for rank 0 position to increase their website
    visits and clicks.

Deep Keyword Research
  • Google has now evolved itself from search engine
    to an Answer Engine. To master the digital
    marketing and SEO, you need to add some
    activities to your keyword research
  • Use combination of tools to prepare a list of
  • Think about topics rather than direct keywords to
    find your secondary keywords.
  • Find keywords that results in more clicks than
  • Use long-tail keywords to grab more users

Site Engagement Metrics
  • The website engagement metrics identifies the
    effectiveness of your content. Some of them are
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  • Time on page
  • Return visits
  • Click to call
  • Comments
  • Social shares
  • Here, influencers plays a key role to change the
    SEO strategy in 2020.

Dominating Voice SEO
  • By 2022, the voice will totally dominate the SEO
    industry. Even Google is improvising its
    algorithms according to voice search commands .
    The BERT update that totally works on natural
    language processing and semantics of the user
    query, t understands the users language and give
    out the best and relevant results. The website
    design company gurgaon and digital marketers have
    now to work more on these tricks.

  • Key to local SEO
  • Entity popularity and Entity engagement will be
    the key to local seo.
  • The authority of the local business is a key
    factor higher ranking in SEO 2020. Some of the
    entity engagement signals like how much do people
    like your business?, positive business reviews,
    recommendations, etc are all such Google
    MyBusiness ranking factors and impact your
    business popularity.

Making Videos Crucial for SEO strategy
  • Video marketing will be the most important
    digital marketing trends in 2020. Adding videos
    to the SEO strategy to improve brand engagement.
    Here are some tips to boost SEO with video -
  • Using engaging thumbnail image
  • Adding accurate schema tags to rank better
  • Uploading videos to multiple platforms
  • Adding correct captions and transcript
  • Adding optimized title and description and making
    videos mobile friendly.

E.A.T Content strategy
  • With the launch of BERT algorithm, Google is now
    able to understand the context of user queries
    more precisely and trying to give out the best of
    the search results. The web design company
    gurgaon need to focus on the great content that
    focuses on E.A.T strategy
  • Expertise content written by expert writers
  • Authority the website must have some authority
    on the subject
  • Trustworthiness the website should have some
    authoritative links to that site.

  • Data focused SEO
  • The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
    is crucial for SEO strategy. The data science
    can help you make concrete decisions on data to
  • Visualize which combination has better impact
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Understand preferences and pain points
  • Identify referral sources to convert traffic
  • Identify source of unusual traffic

Mobile usability for higher rankings
  • In 2020, your entire SEO strategy must be mobile
    driven. Google announces Mobile First Indexing
    algorithm, which says bots are going to crawl
    your website according to mobile responsiveness.
    Your website must be mobile friendly and must
    have content serving websites according to the
    user device size.

  • When it comes to SEO, it becomes difficult for
    digital marketers to apply those tips and tricks
    according to the demands in the industry as SEO
    strategy continuously changes with the user
    queries and Google algorithms.
  • But you can get over a competition by being up to
    date and employing all SEO strategies wisely.
  • Start revising your SEO strategy by starting with
    voice search SEO, zero click search, featured
    snippets, a more focused use of influencers,
    interactive video marketing, enhancing data
    quality content.

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