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How To Impress Google For The Local Search Pack – Jain Technosoft


You must understand the three main factors of relevance, proximity, and prominence that Google depend upon to rank local businesses. Or, you may hire professional local SEO services in India for the same. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Impress Google For The Local Search Pack – Jain Technosoft

Google is who decides where your page will rank
for which keyword. If you are a local business,
you would always want to rank at the top, at
least in the top 3, so that you can have maximum
visibility and more visitors walking into your
store. So, how do you attain that position?
Obviously, by impressing Google, isnt it? But
how? There are three basic factors that drive
Googles local algorithm and rankings, which you
must know about and understand so that you can
work on them and build up a reputation of your
brand in Googles eyes, so as to rank
higher. Factor 1 Relevance Relevance is one of
the biggest factors that Google emphasizes on.
The search engine giant wants to provide only
the best to its users. When visitors search for
a term, they want to offer them with the most
useful and relevant solutions. Thus, your
content needs to be relevant to what the
searchers are looking for. Google will always
check for those businesses that are the most
popular and most well- regarded in the local
market area and if you are one of them, you will
move higher on the list, depending upon the next
two considered factors.
Factor 2 Proximity People always want to opt
for the store that is nearest to them. Thus, when
a searcher is looking for a particular product
or service, Google will always show them the
stores offering them that in the order of
distance the distance between the searchers
location and the store in ascending order.
Thus, it is important for you to optimize your
page for the location you are in. After creating
relevant content around your keywords, also make
sure to include your location or locality on
your page. This will help Google put your page
before any others if the searcher is just near
you. Factor 3 Prominence This is very much in
parallel to the factor number 2. In any case, it
is important for a website or business to
indicate its locality. This is because while
Google will let searchers know of the
product/service being offered nearest to them
when they ask for a particular one, the search
engine will consider the location first, if
entered into the search bar. Even if the searcher
is living some 10 kilometers away from a
particular area, but if he particularly types a
locality in search, Google will first show the
results in that particular location. So, be very
specific in mentioning your exact location so
that you are highly focused upon if a searcher is
looking for your product/service in that
particular location. To conclude, Google will
look at a variety of thinks to determine which
pages to show in local search. Google will show
a particular set of pages depending upon the
query, the searchers intent, the searchers
location, the relevance to the query, and the
prominence of the business. So, now you know how
the local algorithm works. But, you may always
hire the best local SEO services in India to help
you out even better. For more information,
visit https//
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