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Know Everything About Mobile Game Development Industry Trends


"With fast evolving software development technologies, the global mobile games industry strides even faster. Here is everything to know about mobile game development, including trends, growth, and the future." – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know Everything About Mobile Game Development Industry Trends

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Know Everything About Mobile Game Development
Industry Trends
"With fast evolving software development
technologies, the global mobile games industry
strides even faster. Here is everything to know
about mobile game development, including trends,
growth, and the future." Smartphone usage is at
an all-time high, and the trend is sustaining.
Technologies are advancing persistently, and with
that, smartphones are getting cheaper day by day.
This trend signifies the app development
industry's expansion, and the mobile games
industry occupies a big amount of space in the
app development industry. So, let's look at
current and upcoming mobile game industry trends
and expand within the app development market? How
is the Mobile Games Industry Expanding? North
America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America
are among the top trending mobile gaming
markets. Revenue in the gaming market is expected
to grow at a CAGR of 14 by 2025. And most income
will come from China itself, which is part of the
Asia Pacific region. And India is the
second-largest in that region in terms of a
number of mobile game users. The country sees
25.2 revenue growth and 13 user growth in
2021. So, hiring game developers in India will be
beneficial for you in terms of your business's
scalability and will be very cost-effective
also. Mobile games user penetration will be
12.6 in 2021 and will go beyond 16 by 2025.
The Asia Pacific is the largest market and will
remain in the projected time period of 2021
-2025. It has 47 of the market share in terms of
total revenues. Globally, revenue is
expected to grow at 14CAGR in the projected time
period. Total hours spent on games is
growing at 10 YoY Total mobile ad spending
will cross USD 250 billion worldwide, and the
total time spent on Android devices will touch
674 billion hours. More than 90 of Millenials
opt for mobile games against PCs. Mobile games
will share 50 of the total gaming industry's
revenues. In India, the gaming market is
worth 2.4 billion dollars. Out of total
mobile app users, 50 of users play games. The
popularity of the mobile gaming market is second
best to social media platforms and more than the
online music and entertainment industry.
During the pandemic, game download saw a
significant jump worldwide, and even after the
lockdown has been lifted across many parts of the
world, the trend hasn't reversed completely.
Out of total app publishers on Google Play and
Apple Play store, 15 of publishers are for
mobile games. By 2022, Android games will
account for 56 of all mobile games revenue.
These numbers demonstrate the rapid expansion of
the mobile game development industry, and to
achieve the set targets for the industry,
developers are creating an innovative gaming
experience. So, let's look at mobile game
industry trends. Online technology and software
development are evolving faster and eventually
changing the trend in order to achieve growth for
the app development industry. As mobile games
share 50 of total mobile apps users, trending
technology is used to develop trending games.
Changing the Hyper-Casual Gaming Genre-Hyper -
casual gaming market is worth 2 billion. To
achieve a higher player retention rate,
developers will try to create a new experience in
this genre to attract more players. These games
will become more complex, skill-based. More third
parties IPs will enter this market. Games themes,
designs will become more immersive and
refurbished. AR And VR - The most prominent
example of AR (augmented reality) based game is
Pokemon Go, launched in 2016. It has been a huge
hit and
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platforms. Hardcore players love to play AR-based
games, so the trend is rising.
VR (virtual reality) enabled games to take the
players into the virtual world using VR devices.
Oculus Rift and PSVR are among those devices. To
achieve higher player retention rate and increase
the number of new users, VR based mobile games
will be developed extensively. Growing internet
speed will aid the growth of streaming in mobile
games. So, this trend is inevitable. 5G
Transformation and Cloud Gaming - Growing 5G
technology will boost the gaming infrastructure
with Cloud gaming. It is streaming of games and
allows players to play a game on any device,
making the UX more attractive and the gaming
ecosystem stronger. Google's Stadia has created
ripples in the gaming industry. The streaming
technology will bring more users to the gaming
field and bring more revenues. Apart from Stadia,
Microsoft's Project xCloud, Sony PlayStation,
Nvidia GeForce are very popular cloud gaming
examples. Social Media for Gaming - The
growing online presence in the Social Media
Platforms gives tremendous scope for integrating
gaming with it. Facebook has started it, and
there are many more examples, like Discord,
Steam, Twitch, YouTube, etc. With these
platforms, players can connect with like-minded
gamers, and the gaming experience can become more
interactive. Mobile Game Monetization -
Revenue generation is the key focus of the gaming
industry. So, there will be more emphasis on
developing strategies to monetize the games.
Ads - Reward ads, Playable ads, Native banner
ads, and other in-game ads will be used to make
money with games. You can offer your users free
to play games, and those will contain the ads to
earn revenues for yourself. To create a better
mobile gaming UX, you need to create relevant and
innovative ads. And that's why the in-game ads
will be effective in keeping the balance between
a number of ads and an overall better gaming
experience. IAP (in-app purchase) - First, you
need to provide users free to play games. And
after a player makes a deeper connection with the
game, you can offer in-app purchases to level-up
his gaming experience. In-App Bidding- Allows
publishers to auction the ad inventory to
monetize the app. This technique generates 24
more revenues. With these types of strategies,
mobile gaming ad revenues grew 30 in just last
year only. 42 of app revenue came through video
ads, display ads, and native ads. With the help
of paid ads, game downloads increased by 15. And
by 2023, global digital ad spending will be at
517. Conclusion
Mobile usage is increasing, but device rates are
decreasing. With technologies evolving faster,
the gaming industry is thriving. We have provided
all the insights and trends here, so getting on
with the mobile game development business won't
be a difficult task for you. All you need to do
is, create useful
gaming apc find T-'m and evolve around
them. Vote for this post Bring it to the Main
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