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Event App: The Key to Unlock Event Success with Audience Engagement


Learn all about integrating a mobile event app with your next event to maximize ROI and enhance attendee experience. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Event App: The Key to Unlock Event Success with Audience Engagement

Volume 1
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What is an Event App ?
Evolution of an Event App.
Organisers App What? Why? How?
Organisation App All Your Events in One Place
Why your Event Needs an App?
Why Every Organiser Should Invest in an Event App?
Mobile is Everywhere - It is Part Of Our Daily
And just as our phones are getting smarter, the
business of apps is growing bigger and better.
Theres an app for everything! No wonder the
events industry has whole-heartedly accepted the
concept of mobile apps for events. Over time,
event organisers have opted for event apps for
tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars,
etc. With its many-fold bene?ts, it is essential
for the event planners of now to be updated on
this integral trend. You must understand the
concept of mobile app for events from every
essential perspective. How so, you ask ? Worry
not, for weve got your back! Learn all about
event apps, right from the basics in this epic
volume containing the ABCDs of mobile event apps
Harvey is a master of event planning! He was
known for his impeccable event organising
skills. If anybody wanted to organise an event
that people would cherish for years, they knew
whom to call! Fast forwarding to 2017, Harveys
charm isnt what it used to be. As per him, he
isnt much smooth with event technology.
He says, attendees expectations have increased,
engaging them is more of a challenge
with outdated tactics, especially networking, and
events are no more just events, people expect
events to be an experience in itself.
What is an Event App? If you are just like
Harvey, youre not alone. He failed but you
wont! Because you have an Event App !
Event App is a great tool to showcase your event
online in a well-organised fashion so that your
attendees get a personalized experience and can
make themselves a part of your event in a better
way. It has come o? as an ultimate event tech
tool which helps in better execution, precise
event management and robust engagement of
attendees. They are more than just mobile they
are ways to connect your audience no matter the
device. A way to engage your audience, before,
during and after the event. Helps you in saving
your time and money A better platform to showcase
your ROI Helps in lead generation to your
exhibitors and sponsors Not just the
above-mentioned things, an event app helps you do
What is an Event App? A great event app will
provide better value to your audience, on any
device with all of the event information right
at their ?ngertips, before, during, and after
the event. Plus, you get more peace of
mind. Want to take the next step ? Lets have
a look at the evolution of mobile event apps and
get to know them better.
Early on event apps were meant to merely simplify
navigation for the attendees. The features that
event apps provided were pretty basic.
Earlier event apps were more or less a mirror of
an event website. With time, the need of doing
more than just digital ?yers arised. Developers
began innovating various aspects of the app and
integrated a lot of creative features such as
interactive maps, gami?cation, etc. The list of
tasks that the app ful?lled also grew longer
venue management, check-ins, registrations and
ticketing, integrating food coupons, event
networking, etc. The list of tasks that the app
ful?lled also grew longer venue management,
check-ins, registrations and ticketing,
integrating food coupons, event networking,
etc. Then came in app messaging. Then came the
integration of VR AI and Chatbots ultimately!
Event Apps have embraced the technology and they
are continuously evolving. Lets plunge into the
next chapter and learn a little about event
Organisers app.
Event industry has embraced the tech revolution
whole and sole. There are multiple event tech
tools to vouch for this fact. Among them, one of
the prominent and more persistent ones is an
event app.
Mobile apps for events have been a trend for a
while now. People have been using mobile apps
for conferences, for trade shows, expos and even
informal events like festivals. There are a lot
of event app providers in the market that create
such apps for event organisers. These apps,
however, are meant for the event attendees, these
are event attendee apps. Organizers opt for an
event attendee app for n number of reasons
ranging from engagement, convenient to maximizing
attendee ROI in order to ensure the overall
event success. But, what if I tell you about the
possibility that all these bene?ts every one of
these advantages could be enhanced considerably
further? Wondering how? Simple enough, with the
assistance of a very utile event tech tool called
Event Organisers App
Organisers App What ? Why ? How ? There are a
lot of event app platforms in the market that
provide a subsidiary app to the organizers apart
from the main event attendee app. This app is
called the event organizer app and is meant
solely for their use. What exactly is an event
organizer app ? The event app creator that you
opt for provides you with a dashboard to
automate the whole process. These event
management software dashboards have all the
features to take care of the entire online aspect
of your event. An event organizer app is the
replica of the organizers dashboard. Following
are the main features of an event organizer app
Organisers App What ? Why ? How ? Organisers
are often in a dilemma in terms of whether or not
should they opt for their own event organiser
app along with an event attendee app. Wondering
why opt for a mobile app for event
organisers? Here are a few key bene?ts of the app
that you should consider 1. Keep the attendees
updated on the entire event proceedings Event
organisers can keep a track on the entire event
proceedings through their app. One of the main
features of the event organisers app is the
ability to send out noti?cations. Organisers can
update the attendees about the event proceedings
from time to time and also keep them up to date
with any last minute changes or additions. The
noti?cations that the organisers send out will
be received by the attendees on their event app
in the form of push noti?cations. Thus an easy
communication channel is built between the
attendees and the organisers whereby attendees
can be noti?ed of any changes immediately.
  • Organisers App What ? Why ? How ?
  • Hassle free check-ins Easy crowd management
  • Digital check-ins are extremely convenient and
    not to mention, much quicker. Organisers can
    implement digital check-in in their event with
    the help of their event organisers app.
  • This can be done either manually i.e. through the
    online attendee database or directly i.e. by
    scanning the attendees QR code.A QR code is a
    kind of bar- code on which information can be
    stored. Organisers can directly scan the
    attendee QR code with their app for check-ins.
  • Apart from this, they can directly register
    on-spot entries on their app and this data would
    be added to their main database. These on-spot
    registrations can be thus checked-in the same way
    through the organisers app.
  • Keep a track of their event progress
  • Organisers can get access to real time event
    analytics through the organiser app.
  • They can get access to their event data in terms
    of number of visitors, engagement on the app,
    their social media posts and engagement,
    registrations database, etc.
  • Throughout their event, the organisers can keep a
    check on their analytics and track their
    progress. It is easy to track whats working and
    whats not. They can know where their attendees
    and what aspects of their event are driving more

Organisers App What ? Why ? How ? 4. Entire
event accessible at any point of time An event
app created through an event automation software
helps you automate a lot of planning tasks. You
can automate multiple tasks ranging from event
website creation, event marketing, promotions,
networking to feedback from your dashboard. Send
out noti?cations, track whats working and whats
not and optimize your strategy in real time. An
event organiser app is the replica of this
dashboard from where the organiser accesses
their entire event. Basically, to put it into
simpler words, its your entire event in the palm
of your hands. Access it anywhere at any point
of time.
5. Manage multiple events from one single
app An organiser can create multiple events on
their dashboard and keep a track of all of them
from one single dashboard. One of the many
bene?ts of an event automation software. As
mentioned earlier, an event organiser app is
more or less an exact duplication of your
dashboard in the form of an app. All the events
created on your dashboard can be accessed
through one single organiser app.
Dashboard Website Marketing Promotions
Networking eedback
Organisers App What ? Why ? How ? 6. Chatbots
direct connect with the attendee One
additional feature that is not yet a main
feature of such an event organiser app is the
chatbot integration. With multiple developments
in the tech space, AI is a trend thats gaining
popularity with quite a momentum. A product of
AI, chatbots have become quite the trend. The
most recent development when it comes to
chatbots is their integration in messaging
app. The event industry isnt far behind when it
comes to adopting this trend. Many event app
creators now integrate a chatbot in the form of a
virtual assistant with their event app. These
chatbots perform an extensive list of tasks from
aiding the attendees to network more e?ectively
to solving all their queries pertaining to the
event. One major bene?t of the chatbot is that it
connects the attendees directly to the
organisers. Say for example the chatbot is unable
to help out the attendee or solve their query
it will send a direct message to the event
organiser which they will receive on their
organiser app. Thus, the organisers are always
directly in touch with their attendees. Managing
your event becomes 10x easier with an event
organiser app. You can perform all your tasks on
the go. Opting for it along with an event
attendee app seems worth the investment, doesnt
With the revolution that technology has brought
about, humans are getting smart, our devices
smarter. You guessed it right the product of
this ever evolving technology that Im talking
about is smart phone. The ?rst smart phone made
its debut in 1992 and the world was never the
same. Today, these phones are very much a part of
our lives, a regular commodity in a way and now
there are more than 2 billion smart phone users
in the world. According to this article on the
mobile app trends in 2017, More smart phones
equals more apps. There is an app for everything,
The increasing number of smart phone users in
the global market has led to a tremendous
increase in the number of apps that consumers
use on their phones. The Apple App Store boasts
close to 2 million of these apps while Google
Play has over 2.2 million Apps.
be it for passing time by connecting coloured
dots or calling a cab for going to the
o?ce. Hence, it is inevitable that the event
industry would act upon this rising trend and
create mobile apps for events.
Organisation App All your Events in one
place These event apps are de?nitely a la
mode/in style.There are mobile apps for
conferences, mobile apps for trade shows, apps
for festivals etc. These apps usually are event
apps for attendees and have a set list of
features to them such as Registrations and
ticketing, Networking, Social Wall, Venue map,
Activity stream, Discussion forums, etc. These
features are meant mainly to make it easier and
more convenient for the attendees in order to
engage them with the app and in turn, the
event. An event organiser opts for an event app
with an intention of utilizing the app for a
single event. But what about entities like major
companies or organisations who conduct multiple
events, be it 10, 20 or even 50 events in a year?
It isnt feasible for the organisers to create
10, 20 or 50 separate apps for each of their
The Organisation App
Whats the solution to this problem?
This makes it all the more convenient. You can
manage multiple events simultaneously or
otherwise right from your phone through just one
  • Organisation App All your Events in one place
  • An organisation app is an app that a company or
    an organisation creates exclusively for its
    members i.e. the prospective attendees of their
  • Heres how it works
  • It is a platform where they can list all their
    events. Each event will lead the attendees to a
    separate platform that is similar to the event
    attendee app. Each event app has all the main
    features including attendee pro?les, meetings
    and schedule, speakers, networking, etc.
  • The organisation app also has its own individual
    features apart from these event app features
  • Members listing
  • Events listing
  • Polls
  • Discussion forum
  • About the organisation

  • Organisation App All your Events in one place
  • Why opt for this whole other platforms rather
    than a basic event app, you ask? One of the most
    basic and important bene?t to do so is
  • Apart from it, here are a few more bene?ts of the
    organisation app
  • Easy ticketing
  • Think about it, for organisers with, say, 3
    events a month, managing the ticketing process
    through di?erent apps for each event is a major
    hassle. With an organisation app, it is possible
    to manage your ticketing processes collectively
    from one single platform.
  • Organisers can sell and manage tickets for
    multiple events from a single organiser app as
    it is with any other event attendee app.
    Attendees can select the upcoming events that
    they would like to attend from this
    organistation app and can register and purchase
    their tickets directly from the same app.
  • Payments and other data pertaining to ticket
    sales can be tracked from the event organiser
    app. This makes ticketing easier and much hassle
  • Easy to send out noti?cations
  • Having an organisation app makes event management
    10x simpler. Again, emphasizing the bene?ts of
    listing all your events in the same platform
    where all the members of the organisation are
    listed, it is much easier to manage your events.

  • Organisation App All your Events in one place
  • With the organisation app, it is possible to
    update the attendees on any upcoming events or
    send out live updates for any ongoing events to
    all these members at once.
  • Event organisers can send out a push noti?cation
    to all their members in bulk using their own
    organisers app. Attendee management was never
    this easy!
  • Possible to create member community
  • One of the main features of the organisation app
    is creating member listings. An organisation app
    user is able to see a list of all the members
    associated with the organisation.
  • These members may be the executives of the
    organisation, their attendees or other similar
    stakeholders. One can go through this member
    list, see their pro?les and can direct message
    them through the app.
  • It also makes it possible for the organisation to
    create separate member communities based on
    multiple criteria. This makes it easier for
    members with similar interests or belonging to
    the same industry to interact and network with
    each other.
  • Targeted event listing
  • The organisation app enable the organisers to
    segregate and target their event listings. How
    does this work?
  • When the attendees click on the Events feature
    of the app, the organisers can decide the events
    that shall be visible to each member.

Organisation App All your Events in one
place For e.g. certain events, such as high
pro?le meetings or networking events are meant
for certain members only. So, these events will
be visible only to those selective members in
the listing. It becomes easier to ?nd relevant
events for the members as well. 5. Branding As
the name suggests, the organisation app is a
representa- tion of your company, your
organisation. Hence, branding is essential to
this whole process. You can brand your app your
way. From the colour schemes you use to the
features you choose to incorporate, you can
branding has to be consistent throughout the
app. Take the TiE Chennai organisation app for
example. TiE is a non-pro?t network for
entrepreneurs, The organisation app for TiE thus
contains an additional feature called Post Your
Requirement whereby members can list down their
requirements in terms of recruitment, vendor
requirements, etc. and other members can help out
for the same. My point is, the more e?cient you
make your app, the better is the impression your
brand creates. Its a platform for establishing
your brand amidst your members, be sure to use
it wisely.
Organisation App All your Events in one
place 6. Saves cost An organisation app is a
saviour when it comes to reducing the costs for
those organisations that conduct a lot of events
in an year. Even with a subscription model,
creating and managing say 3050 apps a year,
every year will de?nitely take a toll on your
time and budget. That de?nitely isnt a feasible
option. The organisation app will help you save
up your budget where all your events will be
listed in a single place. Multiple apps at a
very reasonable cost of one. Thats a pretty fair
deal, in my opinion. Thus, an organisation app is
a boon for those companies and non-pro?ts who
wish to simplify it for themselves and their
attendees. A single platform for all your members
and all your EVENTS. Now that you know about the
basics of di?erent Event apps, lets delve into
the reasons why your Event needs these apps.
  • Event organisers have one of a kind opportunity
    to o?er attendees an intuitive and personal
    alternative to mundane programme brochures, and
    to associate with them in a more straightforward
  • Choosing to get an event app can be a speculation
    which requires numerous considerations, for
    example, cost, advantages and adequacy.
  • So, lets get started and examine 10 reasons why
    an event app is an absolute necessity for your
    next event
  • 1. Its where the attendees are!
  • Yes, true! It is of utmost signi?cance to be
    available in front of your participants. It is
    the era of connectivity and if you are loosing
    the connection then youre losing the game.
  • 87 of mobile time is spent in apps. Mobile users
    spend over 3 hours a day in mobile apps so meet
    your attendees where they are- on their mobile

  • Why your event needs an event app
  • Stay current
  • In 2017, more than 86 of planners will be using
    event apps. To ensure events are keeping up with
    the trends, organisers need to have mobile apps
    for events.
  • You cannot expect epic accomplishment with basic
    things. Keeping in mind the end goal to make
    your event stand out, an event app is a must.
    Keep yourself always updated and youre good to
    go. You may also like 8 technologies every
    event planner must embrace.
  • Youll save money. Thats right !
  • I am certain a signi?cant part of your event
    budget is allocated to printing enrollments
    forms, lea?ets, signage and other material.
    Imagine a scenario where I disclose to you that
    you can spare a decent lump out of this cash!
  • Well, a fundamental event app can cost you under
    1000 which is basically not as much as what
    youll need to spend otherwise.
  • Also, sustainable event planning is the new
    trend this season. Get your attendees on board
    and make your event green.

  • Why your event needs an event app
  • Youll increase sponsorship revenue
  • Battling in ?nding better approaches to promote
    your patrons? Try not to stress! An event app
    will open numerous entryways for you to advance
    your sponsors. 75 of event sponsors are
    constantly looking for new partners.
  • Event apps provide organisers with di?erent
    options to feature your sponsors or other key
    partners so that you can wow them. It could be a
    sponsored piece in the activity stream, banner
    ads or sel?e contests.
  • PS Check out this free Ebook
  • Event Sponsors Sponsorship
  • Have a ?awless schedule
  • It is highly unlikely that your attendees will
    love vague information on the proceedings of
    your event. According to a survey, access to
    schedule is extremely important to 88 of
  • All things considered, event app is your ultimate
    solution. Ensure that they have the most
    up-to-date agenda with instant publishing. Plus,
    attendees can personalize their schedule. Where
    to go? When to go? It is all simple.

6. Get real-time analytics
Why your event needs an event app
What gets measured, gets improved! What if I tell
you that there is room for optimizing your event
experience during and post the event? And what if
you can actually gauge whether your undertakings
are going in the right direction or not? 82 of
marketers cant quantify data from attendee
interactions at events. Mobile event apps give
you real-time analytics so you can make changes
to the app, enhance the attendee experience, and
event draw learnings for your next event. Track
app downloads, engagement and much more. 7.
Enable networking 75 of attendees say that
networking is important to them. If you are not
providing the networking platform then your
attendee will ?nd the new technology and events
to network. But dont make that mistake.
Networking platform has built-in features like
an activity stream and attendee pro?le through
which attendees will be able to network easily
and make new connections.
  • Why your event needs an event app
  • Keep attendees informed
  • Push noti?cations are 1 of top 5 app features for
    the planners. They allow organisers to instantly
    connect with attendees to keep them informed
    about any changes or key happenings, even when
    theyre not on the app.
  • Sounds like magic? Give it a try!
  • Reduce stress and time
  • Event planning is not as easy a job as it looks
    like. There are tons of things that are needed
    to be executed perfectly. An event planning is
    the 8th most stressful job.
  • But mobile apps make the event planning and
    management process as well as the hassle of
    logistics dramatically easier. With event app,
    everything is in your hands!
  • Engage younger audience
  • 60 of the world smartphone users are between the
    age group of 18 to 34. In fact, most of them
    cant live without their phone which means they
    are bound to be on their phone during your
  • Apparently, no mobile phone at an event is an
    ancient thing. An event app ensures theyre
    still engaging with the event. Not only does it
    glue your audience to your event but also
    transforms an ordinary experience into an
    intriguing one.
  • Still not convinced? Lets check out some amazing
    bene?ts of an event app that are bound to
    convince you that it is the perfect investment.

Event-planning is an amalgamation of multiple
aspects pertaining to the event. From venue,
budgeting, speakers, logistics, promotions,
registrations to feedback, every step has to be
properly planned and executed. The upsurge of
tech has paved its way into the event-planning
industry. So, how can an event planner leverage
event technology to optimize the planning
process? Multiple tech-trends have emerged in the
market that have simpli?ed as well as optimiz
various aspects of an event, be it audience
engagement, feedback, etc. One of the most
signi?cant tools among them is the mobile
event-app. It is one of the most popular
event-technology tools this year. According to a
recent article, there were 4.6 billion mobile
users worldwide in 2016. Keeping the statistics
in minds, it is very much a possibility that most
of the attendees at the event will be using
their smartphone either way. So why not use it
to your bene?t? Here are a few reasons as to how
a mobile event application will be bene?cial to
the event organizers
  • Why every organiser should invest in an Event App
  • Simpli?es the Registration Process
  • Old-school registration forms often tend to
    complicate the registration process. Automation
    of registration process through an event app
    simpli?es it entirely. You can also link it to
    ticketing as well as your mailers to further
    optimize the task.
  • Thus, it eliminates the unnecessary hassle of
    managing hard-copy registration forms and
    in-person ticketing, thus making it easy for the
    event- planner to keep track of everything from
    one single mobile application.
  • Hassle free ticketing
  • To further simplify registrations, the entire
    ticketing process can be automated through the
    app itself. Using e-tickets, through the mobile
    application will decrease the hassle.
  • The tickets can be integrated with the payment
    portal. Furthermore, the event-organisers can
    also get auto-generated analytic reports based on
    the number of tickets sold which makes keeping a
    daily track really easy.
  • It can be further optimized by linking ticketing
    directly to the networking platform. So, as soon
    as an attendee registers, theyre a part of the
    event community, ensuring engagement.

  • Why every organiser should invest in an Event App
  • Easy check-in
  • Individual check-ins at the event venue on the
    day of the event can be tedious at times when
    done the traditional way. With an event
    application, the whole check-in process can be
    digitized. One way to do it is through a
    bar-code scan.
  • Attendees with the app can each get a bar-code
    which in turn will be scanned at the venue and
    they can be digitally checked-in. This will
    simplify managing the attendees and will also
    help in maintaining event security.
  • Live polling
  • With an event-application on hand, it is possible
    to get real time feedback from the audience
    through Audience response technology. The
    attendees can interact with the organizers in
    real-time in terms of livepolling seconds after
    the sessions.
  • The event-organisers can take immediate feedback
    from the attendees on areas of their concerns,
    may it be sessions, presentations, overall
    organisation of the event, etc.
  • This helps them to engage their audience and
    receive credible feedback. Also, they can map
    out the overall attendee experience for the
    current event as well as future events.

  • Why every organiser should invest in an Event App
  • Leveraging speakers through promotion
  • A line-up of good speakers ensures good content.
    The event-planners take a lot of e?orts in
    reeling in great speakers for their events. All
    this e?ort should be put into use by leveraging
    these speakers and them popularity in the
  • The speakers, their designation and their work
    can be listed down in a separate section of the
    app. Updates , discussions, speaker interviews,
    etc. can be posted and promoted through the app.
    The social networking platform also plays a
    major role in this.
  • Audience engagement through social media
  • One of the bene?ts of having a mobile event
    application is that it can be directly linked to
    various social media accounts such as Facebook
    and Twitter. The audience may be encouraged to
    make use of the event app prior to as well as
    during the event.
  • The live updates as being posted on Social media
    can be made available in the app itself. This
    can prove to be a really good promotional as well
    as audience engagement tool.

  • Why every organiser should invest in an Event App
  • Promoting sponsors
  • Sponsorship is extremely essential to any event.
    An event application can be leveraged in a way
    to gain as well as promote sponsors. Pop-ups,
    additional features, etc. can be displayed on
    the app as a way to promote your sponsors.
  • The analytics pertaining to attendee engagement
    can even help you gain more sponsors. Thus an
    event app goes a long way in terms of sponsorship
  • Networking
  • While registering for an event, attendees are
    always looking to make new connections and
    network apart from gaining knowledge and
    experience. An event application will provide
    you with a networking platform for your
  • They can interact among themselves and ?nd
    right-minded people on the platform. This will
    help you increase audience engagement prior to
    the event itself.

  • Why every organiser should invest in an Event App
  • Leveraging one app for multiple events
  • One of the major concerns that organisers, as
    well as attendees, tend to have in terms of an
    event application is the life-span of the event
    application. One of the major bene?ts of an
    event application is that it can be reused for
    future events as well.
  • A single event app created by the organisers for
    one event can always be leveraged for multiple
    events. An event application is useful for easily
    managing multiple events.
  • Event-analytics
  • An event application helps you generate updated
    reports on multiple aspects of the event such as
    event website, promotions and engagement, etc in
    the form of event-analytics. This helps the
    event-planners in monitoring the growth of the
  • These event analytics can also be used to attract
    sponsors as well as other speakers. The
    engagement of the attendees prior to the event,
    the number of registrations received, the
    interests of the attendees, etc. can all be
    tracked through event-analytics.
  • Apart from this, another major bene?t of using
    the event application is the amount saved on
    prints. Event application also helps in
    budgeting, saving the cost of paper printing.

Why every organiser should invest in an Event
App Event-technology is rapidly growing in the
market. Event-application as an event-tech tool
has great potential. Event-planners can optimize
this potential and reap multiple bene?ts from an
event application so as to simplify certain
complicated aspects of event-planning as well as
ensure the success of their event by making
optimum use of the event-app. So, how do you
create a mobile application for your event? When
it comes to event-tech, a few organisers may shy
away from the same due to lack of technical
experience. Lack of IT knowledge maybe a
concern. The question that they may be faced with
is how to create their own event-app and make it
go live? Here is where event-management software
can help you out with end-to end automation. An
event-organiser can create their event app within
minutes. You dont need to be tech-savvy for
this one! Now that you know why you need an event
app, know how to choose the perfect one! Lets
learn it in the next section.
Jay Sitapara is an engineer having an inclination
towards innovation in technology. Currently,
associated with Hubilo, an event-tech startup
which aims to change the way how events are
organised and people network at events. Jay is
particularly passionate about crafting
stimulating, resourceful and in-depth guides for
Event Planners to keep them updated and
acknowledged about latest event industry trends.
He is speci?cally interested in e?ective use of
event technology and social media for greater
ROI through innovative thinking and skills. Jay
is also a Digital Marketer, Editor, Community
Manager and a regular contributor to Hubilo
Blog. His philic nature is prone to dogs, poetry,
co?ee, friends and co?ee with friends. If you're
on Twitter, say Hello to him _at_jsitapara and
follow his articles on blog.hubilo.com. And Jay
says, do not forget to share this Ebook!
About the author Hemani Sheth is a Mass
Communication major and an event enthusiast. She
is currently associated with Hubilo, a cloud
based event management platform that aims to
help event professionals create exceptional
events. Hemani strives to create resourceful
guides that pave way for insightful discussion
built around various facets of the event
industry. She has a keen interest in event
technology and how multiple innovations in the
?eld can help transform the way events are
created, marketed and executed. Hemani is also a
content marketer and a key contributor to Hubilo
Blog. Go check out more of her handy articles on
blog.hubilo.com. An avid reader, traveller and a
movie bu?, she is open to conversations on any
topic under the sun! Go ahead, say hello to her
on twitter _at_HimaniSheth .
With a vision of building a one-stop solution for
any type of event - may it be a conference, a
seminar, a workshop or an off-site event, Hubilo
helps you in executing a dynamically interactive
event by setting up the entire online management
suit required for the event within a few
minutes! Say goodbye to the mundane task of
doing things manually and allow the event
management software to do it an easier and much
more ef?cient way. Automate the whole process and
get your event powered by Hubilo. The value
addition that Hubilo offers is equivalent to the
services offered by 7 vendors, making it a
perfect recipe for successful event planning.
From event creation, event promotion, event
engagement to analytics, we tech-care of all your
event-tech worries.
We tech-care of your event
Contact us Meghna Mittal meghna_at_hubilo.com 91
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