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Latest mobile technology developments that will drive the future of businesses


Emerging technology advancements are providing new opportunities to app development companies to create applications that promise to be smarter and are innovative. Have a look at the tech trends shaping the future of mobile app development. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Latest mobile technology developments that will drive the future of businesses

Latest Mobile Technology Developments That Will
Drive the Future of Businesses
We know that the tiny screen of a smartphone can
help us to fulfill most of our basic needs. From
paying online bills, booking cabs, shopping and
ordering food to conducting business and
socializing virtually, everything is possible at
our fingertips through different mobile apps.
These mobile apps are making our lives ea sier
daily, and in the process, generating huge
amounts of revenue. According to Statista,
mobile apps are estimated to generate
approximately 189 billion by 2020. Recently,
the number of smartphone users crossed 5.135
billion combining business and personal mobile
devices (source). This is a clear indication of
the continuous boom and need of smartphones in
our lives. Even in modern enterprises, digital
experiences for employees are being delivered
using mobile apps. According to Forbes, 81 of
CEOs see mobile technologies as being
strategically important for their
enterprises. If you as a business owner, are
looking to strengthen your market presence
through mobile strategies, you will have to
understand the latest technology trends that are
gaining prominence in the market. This will help
you to optimize your apps for modern and future
platforms, positioning them to meet customers
mobile needs and stringent compliances.
  • The adoption of emerging technology in the
    tech-space largely covering Blockchain, IoT,
    AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence technologies,
    that seemed futuristic, are now being adopted at
    an unprecedented rate. The potential of emerging
    technologies to breathe a new life into your
    mobile apps is huge. Introduction of these
    technologies in mobile apps will also shift ways
    of interaction with the on-the-move consumers.
  • Lets find out how these new technologies will
    enable you to take your apps to the next level.
  • IoT The Internet of Things A Smart Revolution
  • IoT is disrupting the mobile industry.
    Enterprises have started realizing the potential
    of IoT enabled applications that are helping
    them to promote a smart interconnected
    technology ecosystem. The latest developments in
    the IoT space, to name a few
  • A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat for homes or offices
  • Sensor-enabled buildings, bridges, or pavement
  • All these systems are interconnected through
    cloud-based technology to a mobile network,
    which can be controlled through an app from a
    users smartphone, tablet or smart wearable.
  • This is how Smart Devices connected through
    sensors and software within a network strengthen
    the IoT ecosystem creating a new world of
    opportunities. As we progress towards smart
    homes and smart cities, IoT is well poised to
    penetrate in different industries in the coming
  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoins
  • Blockchain has grown beyond conventional
    cryptocurrency application. It is thriving in the
    financial industry due to its ability to bring
    an unprecedented level of security and
    transparency in all the types of financial
    transactions. In addition, industries lik e
    retail, supply chain and healthcare are
    exploiting blockchain to its full potential.
  • In a recently concluded project, Cygnet Infotech
    developed a highly efficient eCommerce
    application that uses smart contracts to promote
    trustless transactions among the business
    community across the globe without any regulation
    or third -party security.
  • Soon, popular blockchain use cases for mobile
    apps will be

  • Providing self-service with AI Chatbots
  • Virtual assistants just a voice command away from
  • Individualized and personalized experience by
    predictive analytics
  • Now that AI technology has moved out of its
    infancy, it is moving towards smart applications
    with its rule-based algorithms. Moreover, virtual
    assistants powered by AI will find their place
    in wearables. Intelligent predictive apps with
    built -in AI will transform the age-old
    smartphone experience to serve us better.
  • In short, AI will dominate the business space by
    enabling apps that mine social data to drive
    engagement in CRM, facial recognition and
    encryption for increased security, and to
    optimize logistics and efficiency by tracking and
    managing assets.
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Builds a
  • We are in the second wave of mobile apps innova
    tion, and since the mobile screens have very
    limited real estate, its time to experience
    something beyond the screens.
  • According to Techcrunch AR/VR is expected to
    generate 150B revenue by 2020 Augmented Reality
    and Virtual Reality technology are no longer
    restricted to games and other interactive apps.
    It is playing a major role in developing apps for
    various industries such as Travel, Education,
    Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc., to
    provide an immersive experience to consumers,
    stakeholders, employees and clients globally.
  • The development of applications for HoloLens or
    Google Glasses is predicted to take huge leap in
    the nearing future. With an aim to offe r more
    pleasant and interactive user experience, the
    mobile app development domain will rely more on
    both VR and AR in the coming years and beyond.
  • Conclusion
  • IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR and AI technologies have
    the potential to open new business frontiers and
    ways to interact with the customer. Enterprises
    can take advantage of these emerging
    technologies in formulating their mobile
    strategies. So, if you have an idea or a vision
    or even a wish to develop mobile applications
    based on emerging technologies, then write to us