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What is Full Stack Development, How to Become Full Stack Developer ? A Step by Step Guide


"Learn what is full stack development, how to become full stack web developer? A full stack developer has to gain multiple skills like HTML, PHP, SQL &other – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Full Stack Development, How to Become Full Stack Developer ? A Step by Step Guide

What is Full Stack Development How to Become Full
Stack Developer? A Step by Step Guide What is
Full Stack Development, Definition? Full stack
development refers to the development of both
front end and back end portions of an
application. This web development process
involves all three layer- Presentation
layer(front end part that deals with the user
interface), Business Logic Layer(back end part
that deals with data validation) and the database
Layer. It takes care of all the steps from the
conception of an idea to the actual finised.
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  • Having a specialist work on each of the different
    subsystems of web development process proves
    quite complex and expensive. Companies are
    demanding full stack developers who are
    proficient in working across multiple stacks.
  • Sounds interesting! Lets see what is the skill
    set required to enter this upcoming field.
  • Full Stack Web Developer definition
  • A full stack developer has the functional
    knowledge and the ability to work on all aspects
    involved in building an application. He is
    proficient in
  • Writing optimized front-end code in HTML, Java,
  • Creating and using APIs and writing backend code
    in Ruby, Python/Java
  • Working with system infrastructure including
    hardware and OS
  • Networking, Security
  • Understanding, creating and querying databases
  • Project management and Client coordination
  • Hence a full stack developer can develop
    strategies for every part of the web development
    process. He develops this deep knowledge of the
    systems through years of experience in working
    in this field. So a full stack developer is
    nothing less than a veteran who has high
    responsibilities. Such skills are difficult to
    gather and people who possess these skills are
    greatly in-demand in the industry.
  • Scroll down to Learn how to become full stack web
  • Though experience makes one an expert in this
    field, there are various courses that one can do
    to start off the journey and become a full stack
    developer. Here we have listed down the 4 most
    popular courses in full stack. Read on to find
    out which course matches your capabilities and

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Companies are looking at hiring web developers
who are experts in all facets of the web
development process. They are looking at people
who can play different roles like a designer,
developer, and database specialist. Specialist in
single subsystems like only front-end or back
end cannot understand the bigger picture of the
entire system. Moreover, when multiple experts
work on the development process it becomes
complex and time consuming. Coordination and
strategizing also become an issue. That is why
Full stack developers are the most sought after
by companies today. Though there are several
courses that one can do to learn different
technologies, these courses are only a few pieces
of the jigsaw puzzle. Even after learning a few
of these technologies one will not understand how
these pieces fit in to complete the puzzle. With
a full stack web development course, you can gain
expertise in multiple technologies and also
learn how they work in sync with each other.
These courses provide a seamless transition from
a simple developer to a full stack developer.
The developer learns how to use different
technologies to design, develop, and launch the
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  • A full stack web development course will teach
    you how to design and develop complete websites
    from start to finish. You will learn how to work
    on different aspects of web development
    including front-end, back-end, databases,
    debugging, testing, version control and other
    essential technologies. You will go through each
    of these segments in a step by step manner and
    gain expertise in each of them. The courses
    cover both theory based learning as well as
    practical application. Live projects give hands
    on experience to work as a full stack developer.
  • AWA is offering the best full stack development
    courses in Hyderabad. Attend demo today!
  • Here are some of the most common technologies
    that you will develop expertise in, under each
  • Front end- HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, J Query, CSS3
  • Backend- Ruby on Rails, PHP, Angular2, Node.js
  • Database- MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB
  • Debugging/Version Control- GIT, Grunt, Xdebug,
  • So basically these courses begin with giving you
    a fundamental knowledge of front end
    development. You will learn how to use HTML5,
    CSS3 to create simple applications. Then you
    will go on to learn advanced concepts needed to
    create interactive and responsive designs. With
    knowledge of popular backend technologies like
    Node.js and Ruby on Rails you will become a
    master in developing and coding complex server
    side applications. You will also learn how to
    make powerful use of relational database and
    how to secure and configure the server and host
    applications. You will explore how to implement a
    number of advanced features like email
    notifications, user authentication and many
    more. Working with servers,

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performing database integrations and
troubleshooting development issues will be a
piece of cake for you. Looking to learn front
end development find best HTML Training
institutes in Hyderabad here Rich learning
content including training videos, online
resources, e-books, interactive quizzes,
exercises will be provided to you to facilitate
learning. You will be taught by top industry
professionals who have ample experience of
working in this field. Assignments, Case
studies, and live projects help you to learn by
doing it hands on. Effective feedback on the
projects and personalized attention will make
learning a very smooth process.Once you learn
how to design, develop and launch a website
single-handedly you will have a bright career
path ahead of you. Some training institutes also
help you with placements in leading companies, so
that you can get a head start in your career
Become Full stack PHP developer in 30days Top
PHP Training in Hyderabad Other areas to become
Full Stack Developer Full Stack mobile app
Development Course As the smart phone usage, it
set to double in the next 3 years, the demand for
mobile app developers for both Android and iOS
is on the rise. If you have a fundamental
knowledge of programming languages, then a full
stack mobile app Development Course can prepare
you for a bright career in this field. This
course will cover everything starting from basic
fundamentals to variables, math operations,
loops, OOP concepts, collections,
multiprocessing, database and much more. You
will get hands on experience of developing gaming
apps and social media
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apps. You will learn how to use Cordova
application framework to build mobile
applications targeting multiple platforms with a
single codebase. You will know how to access the
native capabilities of the mobile devices using
Cordova. You will be taught about Bootstrap and
Angular JS, then you can leverage those skills
to become an expert in using Ionic framework. You
will learn how to use Ionic framework to build
elegant front end interfaces as well as implement
client and server side logic. You will know how
to write multi-browser, multi-device code to
build hybrid mobile apps.
If you wish to switch to mobile development, this
course will make you aware of the entire
lifecycle from conceptualization, prototyping,
development to the final launch. Full Stack Web
App Development Course Full stack web app
development courses are meant for people who wish
to be an expert in developing web applications.
This course will familiarize you with each layer
of the software technology including data base
technology, web server environment, network
protocols and user interface. Here you will learn
all the fundamental concepts that you need to
develop, test and deploy your own full-stack web
app from start to finish. As you learn the
theoretical concepts you will actually build a
full stack web app along with the course so that
you gain first hand working experience. You will
also learn how to include features like user
authentication and user accounts. A basic
understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript is a
prerequisite for this course.
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Full Stack Digital Marketing Course Whether you
are a business owner looking to increase traffic
to your website or an aspiring digital marketing
expert, this course will help you to master the
strategic marketing concepts and understand the
tools needed to create a brand image in the
digital world. Here you will learn about the
various aspects of digital marketing including
Search engine optimization, social media
marketing, email marketing, Facebook Marketing,
Twitter marketing, Youtube marketing,
Copywriting, WordPress, Google Analytics and
Adwords. You will learn how to develop strategies
and use these techniques to increase traffic,
generate leads and grow any type of
business. Find latest top 10 trending software
courses in India, 2017 Career as a Full stack
web developer Well, by now you must have
realized that it isnt quite easy. Becoming a
master in so many different technologies will
take a lot of time and patience. So is it worth
the efforts?
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Yes, it definitely is. Newly set up companies and
start-ups are increasingly on the lookout for
such experts who can help them achieve the same
results in a lesser budget. So rather than
having a front end, back end and database expert,
hiring one full stack developer who can do the
job of all 3 individuals prove to be cost
effective. Moreover, the full stack developer
understands the bigger picture and can provide a
seamless integration of various subsystems in the
development process. So if you learn all the
aspects of web development you surely have a
bright future ahead of you. According to the job
trends of the popular website Indeed, the no. of
job openings for full stack web developers has
increased 8 folds since 2012.
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Full Stack Developer Salary in India, USA In
India, the average salary of a full stack
developer ranges between 3.9 lakhs to 7
lakhsdepending on the number of experience in the
field. Major IT companies like Wipro, SAP, TCS,
Deloitte, and HCL hire full stack developers who
are a jack of all trades.
In USA, the average pay of a full stack developer
is 76,000. Wells Fargo, HP, Walt Disney,
Expedia are some of the major employers of full
stack developers.
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Hence a versatile full stack web developer will
have tremendous opportunities for growth, and
will never have to worry about job
security. Bottom Line Full Stack web
development is an upcoming field that will
continue to grow in the future. With ample job
openings, lucrative pay-scale and opportunities
for advancement considering a career as a full
stack developer is a wise decision. So if you
are all set to ride the information technology
wave as a full stack developer take one of the
courses in full stack development and be an
expert in the field. Various courses mentioned
above will make you an expert in front end
technologies, back end technologies and
databases. With knowledge of programming
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servers, databases, networks and hosting
environments you will know how to link the
different pieces of the puzzle to create perfect
web solutions. Just one small tip in the end- It
is not just about learning different
technologies, but also experience in working on
real projects that will help you achieve mastery
in all the areas. So the more you practice, the
sooner you will achieve success. How to Become
a Full Stack Web Developer -The detailed
Guide? Start-ups and newly set up companies
usually have limited budgets. Even big
businesses are finding ways and means to reduce
their costs to survive the cut throat
competition in the market. In such a scenario the
ability to get a work done by a single
individual instead of three can be nothing less
than a god sent a gift. A full stack developer
is a person who can handle front end, back end
and database aspects of a web development
project. So instead of hiring a front end expert,
a back end developer, and a database specialist,
companies are increasingly demanding a full
stack developer who is a jack of all trades.
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If you become a full stack developer you will
have ample job opportunities waiting for you
with open hands. Your skills set will give you an
edge to command a higher salary than other
developers. Full Stack developer Vs Software
Engineer So if you are a software engineer
ready to upgrade your skills and take on the
challenge lets first see what is the prime
difference between a software engineer and a
full web stack developer. What is it that you
need to know to stand out from the rest? A full
stack web developer is someone who has both front
end as well as backend knowledge. They are well
versed with programming languages needed for
client side development. They know how to write
back end applications and APIs that power the
website. They can work with databases, operating
systems and they can also
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handle project management activities. Basically,
they are comfortable working on all tiers of
application development. A software engineer On
the other hand, is a computer programmer who
develops software applications that run on a
computer. They write the code using a
programming language and test it rigorously to
ensure that the software runs without errors and
achieves the desired objective. They are
specialists in only one tier of the application
development. If you are a software engineer you
must have done some development courses to
expand your skill set. Lets find out how a full
stack web development course differs from other
development courses. Most development courses
focus on a particular layer of application
development. Some focus on the front end
development. In these courses, one learns
languages like HTML and CSS that deal with
the front look of the website which the user
sees and experiences. These enable the developer
to create engaging content that provides an
impressive user experience. Some other courses
deal with the back end aspects of server, applica
tion, and database. In contrast, a full stack web
development course offers a complete package of
front-end, back end and database knowledge. These
courses prepare the learners to work cross
functionally on the full stack of
technology. Full Stack Web Development
Guide Follow this guide and give wings to your
dream of becoming a full stack developer. There
are some essential technologies that you must
learn in order to call yourself a full stack
developer. Here is a quick guide to what
technologies you must learn. HTML and CSS- To
begin your career in web development you must
have the fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS.
They are the basic building blocks of web that
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you to add content and styles to your web pages.
So start your journey of becoming a full stack
developer by gaining a sound understanding of
these front end concepts. JavaScript- The fact
that JavaScript can be used both in front end and
back end development makes it very popular. It
is one of the hottest technologies in the market
where continuous innovations take place. With
new tools and frameworks getting released every
year, one needs a sound knowledge in this area.
Knowledge of JS frameworks like AngularJS and
ReactJS would help one to write long codes with
ease. A solid understanding of jQuery would be
an added advantage. Become expert in front end
web development with best web designing courses
training in Hyderabad, India. Backend
programming languages like Ruby, Python, PHP
etc. which handle application logic, user
authentication, and After gaining a strong
foothold in the front end arena next comes
backend languages data operations. Start with a
language which is easier to learn. Whatever
language you choose, just make sure you are
thorough with its nuances. You may learn NodeJS
which is based on JavaScript that you would have
already learned before reaching this
point. Database Web Storage- In order to
design and develop dynamic websites, one should
surely know how database driven websites store
and access data. Learn the benefits of relational
database management system like SQL. Understand
how to connect a backend language with a
database. Gain knowledge about web storage so
that you know how to store cookies, sessions and
cached data in the browser.
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Want to learn complete back-end web development?
Then, attend Free Demo on Web Development Course
at AWA. HTTP and REST- You must gain insights
into HTTP- that is the protocol required to
facilitate communication between the client and
server. You must also know how REST is important
to HTTP protocol and web applications. Knowledge
of Chrome DevTools and SSL certificates would be
advantageous. Additional skills set to adopt as
full stack developer are as follows. Application
Architecture- Developing complex applications
would require a deep knowledge of how the code
should be structured, how the data needs to be
structured in the database, how to separate
files, where to perform computational tasks and
where to host large media files. So a full stack
web developer surely needs a deep knowledge of
web application architecture. Version control
system- A full stack web developer needs to be
well versed with a version control system. An
understanding of GIT will help you keep track of
any changes that you make to the codebase. The
best way to begin your journey is to take up an
online course in full stack web development that
will not only help you build on your theoretical
concepts but also give you practical insights.
Let us explore some good tutorials available
online. Full Stack Developer Tutorials
www.acewebacademy.com 7660966660
Coursera One can master the skills of a full
stack web developer by joining a Specialization
course with Coursera. Through a series of
rigorous courses taught by top instructors using
a step by step approach, these courses provide a
wonderful resource for learning. Recorded video
lectures, assignments, quizzes, discussion forums
and hands on projects based on real business
challenges make Coursera a wonderful training
institute. Udacity Through its Nanodegree
programs, Udacity aims at imparting real skills
in Web development. One can get a 360 degree
view of the entire web development process,
learn about industry best practices and gain
confidence to tackle real life challenges.
Udacity has a very focused approach, it imparts
those skills that you need to gain a strong
foothold in the industry. It involves the learner
in real projects from the start and teaches by
examples. The best part about learning with
Udacity is that one develops a very good
professional network here.
www.acewebacademy.com 7660966660
Udemy A global marketplace for online learning,
Udemy also has very well constructed and
comprehensive courses in full stack web
development, that combine theory,
demonstrations, and assignments. Lynda Lynda has
an extensive library of engaging top quality
courses taught by the industry experts. The
quality and clarity of these courses are what
sets Lynda apart from other online courses. Get
hands-on Experience Remember learning about
various technologies is just one side of the
coin. Courses, books, blogs can only prepare you
till a certain level. So once you have the
foundation knowledge the next step is to put it
to practice. Create something of your own to
gain expertise. Start by building simple and
easy applications and put your front end as well
as back end skills to use. Only when you do an
actual project, will you understand the nuances
of the job. Moreover, an employer wants to see
more than just the certification courses on your
resume. They want proof that you know how to
create a tangible product. They want to see
whether you can solve their problems. A list of
projects that you have worked on will help in
winning their trust. Acquiring expertise in so
many technologies and becoming an expert in all
the layers of web development may seem like a
daunting task in the beginning. But take my
word, things get easier with time. You just need
to have an urge of learning new things. Be
persistent and dont lose focus. As you gain
experience in one technology learning the second
one becomes a lot easier. Also, the experience
will teach you how everything you learn fits in
to create the big picture.
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We wish you luck as you embark on your journey to
become a Full Stack Web Developer! Looking for a
carreer guidance in IT Training placement? Call
to book your FREE career Counselling at Ace Web
Academy 91 7660 966 660
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