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Leadership& Managing People


Sir, I am doing business and doing well but the issues is I lack to ability of decision making means I have done mistakes several times so I want to know can I develop a ability to take proper decision in business or list I can take better decision many time please guide me can I get any help ? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Leadership& Managing People

Leadership and Managing People
  • Sir, I am a business man and I am running my
    business since many years but I am always worried
    about developing Leadership managing people
    some time I think I am not able to do so can
    anyone guide me please?

Leadership skills can play an important role in a
person's career
  • Leadership skills can play an important role in a
    person's career development. Technical skills and
    a degree can only get you this far. To be an
    efficient leader and help you progress your
    career, you will also need soft skills, such as
    the capability to be a good listener and

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There are numerous core leadership skills
  • There are numerous core leadership skills that
    are considered vital qualities to help you become
    a more successful leader. Whether it's taking
    plan, increasing serious thinking skills, or
    learning to inspire and empower those around you,
    you need to constantly challenge yourself to
    improve your leadership skills.
  • By proving that you have what it takes to be a
    leader, you can accelerate your career. If you
    are looking for a new job or promotion, you are
    more likely to get where you want to go if you
    have solid experience of success in leadership
    roles in your professional and personal life.

Leadership skills are considered critical traits
needed to reach the top of any professional field
  • There are many different types of leaders, but
    very few people are natural, born leaders. Most
    of us need to learn, develop and improve how to
    be a good leader. Leadership development involves
    identifying and mastering the key skills and
    characteristics necessary to become a successful
  • Key points Leadership skills are considered
    critical traits needed to reach the top of any
    professional field. In the beginning, step out of
    your comfort zone, challenge yourself to improve
    and remember the more work you do, the more you
    learn. Be a critical thinker good leaders can
    predict potential problems before they occur.
    Learn to listen and provide feedback as effective
    listening to employees and customers is necessary
    to be an effective leader. Motivate and
    positively influence others, encourage and
    strengthen them and be their support system.

Taking initiative and Don't be complacent
  • Taking initiative Most leaders will only give
    workers tasks they understand they can do. This
    is why it is important to volunteer to take on
    more responsibility as you move beyond your
    current position. Focus on learning skills that
    don't fit into your primary knowledge area.
  • Don't be complacent. Get out of your comfort zone
    and challenge yourself to improve. Remember, the
    more work you do, the more you learn. Learning
    more and taking on more responsibilities will
    ultimately help you move into a leadership role
    in your workplace. Plus, others will more easily
    accept you as a leader when that day comes,
    because you'll have established a track record of
    taking the initiative, being a learning student,
    and using that new knowledge to make

Critical thinking Good leaders
  • Critical thinking Good leaders are also aware of
    potential opportunities and take advantage of
    them for the benefit of the company and
    employees. In other words, be proactive. Don't
    wait for things to occur instead, expect them
    and help the team be prepared in case something
    goes wrong.
  • If you are a leader and an employee brings a
    problem to your attention, help them determine
    the cause and put preventative measures in place
    to ensure that it doesn't negatively impact
    employees, the company, and customers. How to
    improve your leadership skills.

Communication skills are key to being an
effective leader
  • Listen effectively Communication skills are key
    to being an effective leader, whether it's
    presenting in front of the team, creating and
    writing a business strategy, or communicating
    with employees and customers. One of the most
    vital communication skills for a leader is
    listening. Without listening skills, you are
    unable to get feedback from others and get an
    idea of ??what team members like about the
    projects they work on.
  • Encourage others A true leader should surely
    influence people. When employees or colleagues
    lose their ambitions and passions, a true leader
    can energize and motivate them. How do leaders
    motivate people? First, they know what people
    need and want.

Discipline is required to accomplish the goal
  • Discipline is required to accomplish the goal.
    Even if you have a vision or a good idea, it is
    useless without discipline. If you want to
    perform effectively, you need discipline.
    Constant learning when things change rapidly,
    it's important to constantly learn and challenge
    yourself. Study other leaders and their
    qualities, ways of doing and how they
  • While you don't have to copy another leader,
    incorporate some of their traits into your style.
    Conflict management Leaders need to know how to
    handle difficult people and resolve conflicts. If
    an employee isn't working to the best of their
    abilities and carries a negative attitude at
    work, leaders need to step forward and talk to
    that person privately.

Be a follower
  • Be a follower Leaders should learn to identify
    the value of team members, learn from them, and
    support other team members to learn from them.
    Learn things you didn't understand from someone
    who specializes in a particular area. If an
    employee has a new idea, encourage it and see
    where it goes. Be one of their biggest fans.

  • Help them get out of their comfort zone and
    believe in them you will instil confidence.
    Recognize when one of your employees takes the
    kind of initiative you took when you were just
    starting out by building your skills and honing
    your leadership skills. Good leadership skills
    are essential for career development. If you want
    to increase your leadership skills, think about
    what measures you can take to be more important.
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