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Vital Principles of Leadership and Management


Do know you what it takes to be successful leader and manager? Find out here about the key principles that ensure successful leadership and management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vital Principles of Leadership and Management

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  • A good manager will tell you that the union of
    leadership and management is absolutely vital for
    the growth and productivity of the employees of
    the company as well as the company itself. While
    these two go hand in hand, forming a perfectly
    symbiotic relationship, they are not the same
    thing. Even though leadership and management are
    complementary and can often be confused with each
    other, the difference between them must be kept
    in mind to guarantee success.

  • Whats the difference between Leadership and
  • To put it very simply, leadership can be defined
    as the ability to make people follow you and your
    rules (i.e. your way), willingly and
    enthusiastically. Leadership is all about giving
    people a new direction and making them follow the
    path of that new direction. Even though it is a
    core value of any organization, it loses its
    importance if the people following this
    leadership lack motivation to do so.

  • Management, on the other hand, involves the
    planning and organization of the team and the
    task at hand to achieve set targets and goals.
    However, it doesnt stop at just that. A good
    manager is also required to lead his team which
    is the prime reason why leadership and management
    are considered to be corresponding to each other.
    The responsibilities of a manager as a leader
  • Communicating Motivating
  • Guiding Encouraging

  • 3 Key Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Now that the difference between the two is
    crystal clear, let us move on to the top three
    crucial principles of successful leadership and
    management. Following these tips will ensure
    sustained growth, success and stability in the
    long run.

  1. An effective Management/Leadership is necessary
    at all Levels of Management to Guarantee Success
  2. Developing as well as Executing Supportive and
    Directive Practices over Time is a must for
    Quality Management/Leadership
  3. Prioritizing Ensuring stability is more
    Important than Growth

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